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Power Electronics, Electrical Engineering Design Capture Cadence Allegro/Concept, Altium

nhildick@alumni.stanford.edu Programming Matlab, C, Verilog

EDUCATION Selected Coursework

Stanford University - Power Electronics: EE153, EE254 (Rivas)
- Analog IC Circuit Design: EE114, EE214B (Murmann) Outstanding Peer Review [Apple]

Electrical Engineering, BS D2-converter Project [EE254]
2017, June - Digital Design: EE108 (verilog)
Folded Cascade Project [EE214B]
- Computer Science: CS106A, CS106B, CS107
- Signal Processing: EE102A
- Mathematics: EE103 (Linear Algebra), CME102 (Differential Equations), CME100 (Vector
Calculus), EE178 (Probability)

CURRENT POSITION Apple Power Engineer

Apple - Power engineer for high-profile, high-production custom silicon SoC project
Power Engineer - Carried design of high-power bus converters from functional requirements to power
2017 to 2019 architecture, detailed analysis, schematic capture, placement and layout with PCB team
July - July - Defined >1k OTP values for custom PMIC, inductor selection, vendor communications
- Collaborated with Apple SEG on PI simulations of on-die regulation, relative power
sequencing timing of the 29x rails; thermal team for design appropriate cooling solutions;
mechanical team for keepout and cold plate design; EMC team for certification
- Employed FEA modeling of current plane density to iteratively drive plane fanout
- Developed and owned register values of bus converters—worked on-site with ICT team at
SMT house to implement automated flashing at post-SMT bed-of-nails station
- Developed and executed detailed test plan of bus regulators and core-rails, employing
excellent quality of techniques per Apple SiVal—under custom RDMA and virus loading
- Delivered exemplary smooth bringup under intense time pressure, company-wide scrutiny
- Support of lifetime of product including component sourcing issues during relatively high-
quantity builds (5k), detailed FA investigations, support of Rel waterfall testing
- Realization of high-current power prioritizer PCB for regenerative, safety-critical loads
- Extensive characterization including self-designed automated regression testing
- Exhaustive, high-profile benchmarking of competitor system from test scoping and safety
review to instrumentation, field + facility testing and scripting extracting insights from very
large time-series datasets
- Developed Matlab-based capability to auto-pull a system-level design from a database,
recursively crawl through the power tree, selectively roll-up use-case specific power
numbers and present rich, user explorable, context-dependent views of power
consumption on different timescales
- Currently working on Class-D amplifier for high-voltage, non-audio application
Apple Apple Intern
Hardware Intern - Lead for expansive, high power 48V power distribution hardware investigation of eFuse
2016 March – September implementations with arc detection, mechanical fuse emulation and telemetry
- Drove effort from architecture and requirement definition to 100+ page of schematic,
associated peer reviews, placement and layout with PCB engineer and fabrication
- Performed detailed SPICE simulations to ensure SOA compliance (e.g. switching locus
during startup into highly capacitive loads at elevated ambient); FEA thermal simulations
- Heavy collaboration with large set of cross-functional teams (e.g. Mechanical, PCB, DFM,
Interconnect, Thermal, Rel, DFMEA, Architecture, System Integration)


Renovo Motors - DRI for the design and system integration of a 18kW (850V) fast charge system for the
Intern Renovo Coupe EV (series combination of OTS power modules)
2015 June – - 4,650+ lines of firmware for the charging system in C for ARM-based 32-bit MCU including
September interfacing with low-level SPI and CAN libraries, implementing vendor DBC

Electric Go-Kart Electric Go-Kart Team Member

Team Member - iPhone controlled electric go-kart displayed at the Bay Area Maker Faire (5/2014)
2014 February – - DRI for design of 60W monolithic switching power regulator (LM2678SD-12) PCB with H-
November bridge IC (L298P); Arduino shield form-factor, personally etched and assembled PCB