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Is SEO no longer exist in future?

There is a lot of thought process going these days about SEO. SEO has actually been in practice,
for the past 27 years. With the years passing, many people are claiming that SEO is dead, some
with a doubt-Is SEO no longer exist in future? while others have been claiming SEO is the
most important aspect of digital marketing. seeing the way in which SEO has evolved may also
help your strategic search approach and improve your search results. So, what happened with
SEO, what is happening, what is going to happen let’s take a quick look.

How SEO was operated in earlier days:

During the early days of search engines, many webmasters identified ways to get high ranks
by artificial and manipulation of search engines, which is called as ‘black hat’ techniques. At
that time search algorithms were quite clear and it was not so difficult to cheat the search
engines to give high ranks to pages which did not really deserve it. But later search engines
became strong by using specific algorithms, and started penalising to stop spam websites from
being manipulated. However, still many websites use black hat techniques and occasionally
succeed to get high ranks, some of those techniques are key word stuffing, link farm, hidden
text, cloaking etc.

How SEO is being applied in present days:

So, what’s next? due to the increased algorithms by Google, marketing strategies have changed
in recent years in order to adapt these new versions. For suppose, what Iam trying to do here
is, this article was planned to be interesting and engaging so that this article will be shared and
discussed. In short words, if people find it interesting, they will come to you. at the end of the
day, SEO has been shifted from “keyword focus” to “topic focus”.
So, in order to make topic more interesting and rank higher webmasters are using some tools
like Keyword Selection, Key word density, Key word distribution, Content optimisation, Link
optimisation so that these tools will increase the probability of ranking higher. These days,
Google aims to reward marketing plans that permit websites to be more engaging and valuable
by creating value for the user relatively than developing marketing plans to try and trick them.
So, seeing all the usage of SEO, it will never die. But it would be risky to assume Search
Engines will remain in this state. They have to evolve in order to stay alive in future. So, that
will finally bring us to future.
How SEO may be utilized in future:
This is what people find quite interesting about what will happen to SEO in future and so
many questions pop ups -Is SEO no longer exist in future
Today, technology goes much quicker than humans, we can say that future is happening much
sooner than what we expect. so, it is very hard to talk about the future of any technology,
particularly in the world of computers. However, we can infer from the present development
of a technology, like search engines, to find out the most likely way of its future path. There
are people who are saying there is no need of optimisation any more.
Well, think in this way now a days we are disturbed by adds everywhere. so, people are moving
to premium versions where there will be no adds at all who knows in future what if we need to
pay for online platforms what if we have to pay in order not to get those disturbing adds. In
that situation people will move to premium and will be no ads and think what will rule
marketing world it’s definitely the optimisation technique you use. At that everyone will move
to optimisation.
Voice search is emerging like anything and people tends to use voice search rather than text
search. When you think about having an Alexa, we will ask Alexa what we want, suppose if
you ask Alexa-Is SEO no longer exists in future? then it will give me one answer, it will give
me the best answer. You got to figure out how you can optimize for voice search. You got to
think about how you can continuously optimize and make things easy for search engines, and
then that way, a Google Home or Alexa can give your number one, or your rank zero query,
So, SEO have to concentrate on finding keywords that people will use while having

The technology of search mediums and algorithms are teaching themselves depending on our
behaviour. So, for the question-Is SEO no longer exists in future? Our opinion is SEO is not
going to sink down. It is the activity we use to promote our business. It takes time,
determination, creativity and in the end, we will get what we want. The search engines, your
clients and you may have diverse goals and interests, but eventually everyone is served best
when all of your goals are aligned with each other, and that is the future we should be looking