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Learning activity 1

Evidence: Forum “My eating habits”

1. For this evidence, you have to participate in the forum called “My eating
habits” in which you have to:

a. Describe your eating habits.

My eating habits are variable and depends on my emotional state

as well as my economics situations. I try to eat healthy keeping
sugar, salt, fat, and carbohydrates at minimum and eating normal
and balanced ration of food combining protein, salads, soup, milk
derivate, bread and others.

I recognize that in some situations I exceed healthy habits to bad

habits, as eating fast food because is cheaper or because I don’t
have time to cook.
Emotionally when I depress myself I eat a lot of sugar and fat. And
this is the reason for being a chubby.
b. Ask two questions to one of your partner’s eating habits

Do you think that Subway® offer balanced food?

What is your favorite food?

2. Your forum participation is a description of your eating habits, include:
kinds of food you eat, time you eat, your favorite food, etc. For this, keep
in mind to use: Quantifiers: some, any, much, many, a lot. Vocabulary
related to food and drinks in the following way:

First of all I don’t like spicy or sour food, I like any kind of pasta
well cooked with Italian salsa. I think I love Italian food and
because of that I try to cook it a lot.
I think I can eat all food, but there are some of them that I don’t
eat with the original recipe.
I like fruits, salads and soups even I don’t eat soups many times, I
like to eat eggs but I hate to much boiled eggs.
I eat regular meats, traditional food and fast food. I think I can eat
any kind of food most of them as the original recipe and a few of
them with modifications. I use the regular hours to eat except for
breakfast which can be early or middle in the morning.
3. Read your partner’s posts, select participation and through the button
“Responder” ask two questions to one of your partner’s eating habits. To
write the questions use the quantifiers: some / any / much / many / a lot
and the vocabulary related to food and drinks. Some examples of
questions for this evidence are:

 How much water and coffee do you drink?

 Do you prefer buffets with much variety of meats, variety of salads or
variety of something else?
 What´s your favorite meat?
 Do you like any spicy food?
 Do you eat some vegetables every week?
 Do you think that drinking a lot of water is healthy?
 Do you think that being vegan is healthy?
 Can a human being survive eat unbalanced food?
4. For answering to your partner’s question use the quantifiers: some / any /
much / many / a lot and the vocabulary related to food and drinks. Some
answer’s examples for this activity are:

 My favorite fruit is watermelon, it is delicious.

 I don’t like any vegetables in my food.

Steps to participate in the forum:

Click the Activity 1 button in the main menu. Click Evidence: Forum “My
eating habits”.
Enter to the sequence, click on Responder, then click on Enviar.
Select one of the partner’s commentaries and then express your opinion
clicking on the button Responder.
Type the subject and the content with your opinion, then click on Enviar.

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