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322843(22) B.E. (Eighth Semester) Examination, » April-May 2016 cv TUoniine com (New Scheme) (CSE, If Engg. Branch) DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM. Time Allowed : Three hours Maximum Marks : 80 Minimum Pass Marks : 28 Note : Ail questions are compulsory. Part (a) is compulsory from each question. From parts (), ‘ (©) and (@). Attempt any two parts from each questions. Unit-I ‘Tactical’ refer to in decision 1. (a) What does the term support systems? 2 (b) What is knowledge management? Why is it important for decision making? Give an example how the two 32284322) Pro 1 ‘ean be integrated. (©) Deseribe general process of simulation. Why is used for decision support system. simulation (a) What are the features of an expert system? Describe the basic architecture of expert system, ‘csv Unit 2. (a) What are the stages of information assimilation (b) Define eoginition, Clarify human cognition in DSS. (¢) Deseribe the phases of decision making process. What are the implications for design of decision making support. (@) List the various communication and cultural issue. Unit 3. (a) Define requisite modeling. (b) Compare the normative and descriptive approaches to decision making, 8 (©) Explain prescriptive analysis in detail, List various scientific disciplines comprises prescriptive analytics: (@) Describe Recognition Primed Decision (I8PD). Explain the variations in RPID strategy.: 131 Unitay A. (a) Compare simulation and optimization. (8) Write shor note on : MIS @ Bs (€) Describe the significance and scope of Gpeations research in modern management. Discuss the limitations of OR, (@) Differentiate between desision analysis and strategie decision suppor. 5. (a) Define “Groupware”, () Explain Group Decision Support System (GOSS) Describe typieal GDSS configuration. can by lntelligent decision suppor (©) What do you m systems? Discuss its applications (4) Explain deliberative edemocraey and e-paricipaion ev on 32784322)