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Save trees use e-Question Paper Go green DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT vsw a ‘0 Sixth Semester B.E. Degree Examination, Dec.2016/Jan.20) Heat and Mass Transfer time: 3 hs Max. Macks i o i Note: 1. Anewer any FIVE full queston, sete sateat 190 qucsdons from ech pare i 2 Unt of HAT data hendhook perm 1a. aplenty te ncaa of onduton, cones owas. ‘marty ced th lcm om in Cartesian condtiee nay ©. The wall of a house in a cold region consists, ss, an outer brick work 20cm thick, an inner wooden panel 1.4em thick and fe layer made of an insulating material Oem thick. The inside and outs f the composite wall are 28°C and -12°C respectively. The thermal c: jek and wood are 0.7Wim/K and 0.18 Wimk respectively. If the layef 0.023W/mK, find i) The heat loss pe coefficient. (9 Marks) ‘distgution and heat flow through a fin of uniform (0 Marks 0 6mm), 12mm long are provided on the surface of a ry 2W of energy generated. The temperature at the ed 85°C, when the surrounding is at 35°C. Given Determine the number of fins required to carry out the Joss from the end ofthe fin. (10 Marks) 2° a. Obtain an expression for tempera 38 stantaneous heat transfer and total heat transfer using lumped heat fate heat transfer from a body to the surroundings.. 10 Marks) b Anal Fighting 6 kg and initially at a temperature of 420°C is suddenly °C. The convective heat transfer coefficient is 45W/n* K. Estimate 00 the sphere to 120°C, Also find the total heat flow from the sphere ‘when it cools from 300°C wo 120°C. (For Aluminum, p = 2700 k/m’, 2. any reveling of ene, appl rl andoreqotns wren cp 28 3, Important No 1. On cmpati yoar avers cmpuloriy diagonal erie oh exsnng lk pgs. KR 200m). wom) 4 Using dimer ea analysis show that for free convection heat transfer Nu = B Gr' Pr’ with ty ‘iomens) oN ia pat don high and 6m wide is maintained at 60°C and expose to amoaperc ai 10°C. Calculate the heat transfer from both sides of the plate. For air at 35C, take 027Wim K , y= 16.5 * 10° ms, Pr = 0.7. (1 Marks) 1of2 BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative Save trees use e-Question Paper Go green DOWNLOAD THIS FREE AT 101 5 a Explain the significance of {) Reynolds number ii) Prandtl number if) Grashoff number iv) Stan v)_ Nusselt number oars) Water ows at «velocity of Tyna staght ube of GOmm Jamel be tug surfer temperature is maintained at 70°C and the flowing water is temperature of 15°C to an outlet temperature of 45°C. Taking water at the mean bulk temperate of 30°C as p = 995.7ke/m NGgF 4.194 kivkg K, K = 0.61718 Wim K., y= 0.805 * 10 mls and Pr = 5.42, cvefficient from the tube surfice to the water ji) the heat wfsterre fil) the length of the tube. (10 Marks) 6 a Derive the expression for LMTD for a parallel ik hea ager. List out the assumptions made, (10 Marks) Saturated steam at 140°C is condensing on the outer Magace le pass heat exchanger. ‘The overall heat transfer coefficient is 1500W/m® K. ine the surface area of the heat °C. Also determine the rate ‘of condensation of steam in kg/h. Assume the lateH@jgat offteam to be 2145 kg. ‘10 Marks) 7a With a neat sketch, explain the different ol boiling, (0 Marks) Define Mass transfer coefficient. (OS Marks) ©. State Fick's law of diffusion. Wha (0S Marks) 8 9, Explain i) Stefan ~ Bolteman 1) )) Wein's displacement law ii) Radiation shield iv) Radiosity vy (0 Marks) Two large parallel plates 3 ‘sof 0.3 and 0.6 are maintained at a temperature 0f 900°C and 250°. A 1 Gh heving an emissivity of 0.05 on both sides is placed between the wo plat 1) Heat transfer wit 4) Heat transfer wil iil) Percentage 4) Temperature of co mares) ~ 20f2 BRANCHES | ALL SEMESTERS | NOTES | QUESTON PAPERS | LAB MANUALS A Viuresource Go Green initiative