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Hello guys I'm nitro ...from Noob Hackers

YouTube channel so today we are going to
know about steganography and how to do
it from Termux

-------- Steganography from Termux --------

Steganography from android with the help

of Termux hide secret files in images
in hacker's way

------ Steganography from Termux --------

So, guys today we are going to know

noob hackers
about steganogrpahy and we are goint to
try from our Android with the help of
Termux application so first let me explain

What is steganogrpahy ?

Nowadays, hackers are using this method

to hide the sensitive inside image like user
passwords and databases info etc...to
migrate them from one hacker to another
hacker to hide their illegal data from FBI.
So it's just simple we can also do it from
our Android with the help of Termux app
so come on lets do it
make sure you installed Termux app from

1. Now here first select the files that

which you want to hide you need to take
any two categories like image and mp3 or
mp4 and pdf it's your wish...

2. Create a new folder in your internal

storage name that folder from any name
as you wish after that just cut and paste
that 2 files which you just selected to do

3. After pasting bothhackers
files. now compress
any one document into zip any one of

ex:- jpg, and mp4 i choosed now here i

compress video as RAR

4. After that open Termux and follow

below commands

$ pkg install cat

$ ls

$ termux -setup-storage
$ ls

$ cd /sdcard/steganography
( after sdcard select that folder in which
you just put mp4 and jpg documents as i
said in the first )

$ ls

$ cat (your image name with formate)

(your video name with formate)

noob hackers
ex :- $ cat hacker.jpg simple.mp4

$ ls

now here you can see the third documnet

has been visible in that perticilar folder
now open RAR application and open that
folder where you kept steganography
documents now open that folder and now
gere you can see the new jpg which just
steganographed from Termux. Now that
image looks really original and normal but
there's something inside that image which
no one knows else you. now it's time to
see that whats inside the image
now click on that third image and just
select EXTRACT now wait for it to extract
after extarction you cab see that secret
video which you just hided in image in
hackers way...wow now that's all for today

" if you are struggling to understand the

concept then pleae watch video"

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