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2019 FOOTBALL 101

The LNE Football Booster Club (LNEFBC) needs your help​!!

Lincoln Northeast is known for being a very unique school in Lincoln. The Rockets are known for their community support.
Others schools can only wish they had the support of their community like we do. We are a family. You are that support
that makes this all happen. The best way to provide support is by paying your Bus/Meal Fee. Installments are accepted if
this helps your family.

Many do not realize this but the district does not pay for any in town bussing. This includes to Seacrest/Beechner or other
Lincoln Public Schools. A trip to any school in town will cost us approximately $260.00 per bus. ​Bus fees this year alone
will be approximately $3,680. ​The only other option would be to drive your child yourselves and not ride as a team. This
could be at 2:30 in the afternoon when you would need to take off of work or arrange for a ride. Bus/Meal Fees alone do not
cover in-town bussing and out of town meals completely but are much needed to help in covering the cost. 10th-12th
Players’ fee is $100, with a 20% discount ($80) if paid by Booster Blastoff (8/19/19). Freshmen players’ fees are $60, with a
20% discount ($48) if paid by Booster Blastoff. ​ If you would like to visit with someone privately about other options of
paying fees, please contact Kari Wiegert at 402-429-9606 or kwiegert01@gmail.com.

● Bus/Meal Fees also help to cover some of the cost of Out of Town meal
● Out of Town bussing is provided by the District
● The LNEFBC coordinates events and fundraising activities throughout the year to help supplemental buses,
meals as well as the expenses listed below:
o Camp t-shirts/Varsity Posters
o Photographers fees/Varsity Posters/Senior Calendar Poster
o Team meals/snacks and Gatorade/Water for out of town games
o Banquet items
o Concession supplies for Freshman, Reserve and JV games
o And any other items our student/athletes need that come up spontaneously
● Fundraising events include:
o Dine out nights
o Apparel sales/including camp t-shirts,Bling Bracelets, bags, magnets and meal cards
o Concessions
o Button sales-Booster clubs receive $3 for individual photo button or $4 for 2 or more people on every
button sold-​Team Photos are Saturday August 17, 2019 at 8:00 a.m.
o Watermelon bowl/Black White Scrimmage​-​Time/Date information coming soon.​ An 8 pack of
Gatorade donation is your admittance to get into event. Players are responsible for finding
transportation to Seacrest-no bus provided. Gatorades collected are used to give to players after
all season games.


Communication is extremely important! Email, Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram are commonly used to get the word out
on most football activities. We will periodically send out emails with important information regarding upcoming events.
There is also a LNEFBC Public Calendar that is linked to the school athletic calendar.
The Football Boosters email(​You need to contact us to be added!)​ = r​ ocketbooster1941@gmail.com
Twitter​ = @FootballLNE, & @LNEfb
Facebook​ = LNE Friday Night Lights
Instagram=​LNE_Friday Night Lights
LNE Football Boosters Public Calendar=
Links to the Public Calendar can be accessed from the LNEABC home page as well as the LNE Friday
Night Lights Facebook page. On the Facebook page, just click on the blue Book Now button and it will
take you right to the calendar. Booster events and games will be posted along with descriptions. Click
on the event to get more information. We recommend you Bookmark this on your computer for easier

Another good way to stay informed is to sign up for ​NotifyMe​ on the Heartland Athletics calendar. You
can choose which sports and events you wish to be updated on. Every time there is a change, you will
receive a text and/or email. Go to ​http://www.heartlandathleticconference.org/public/genie/406/school/6/
This is a ​mandatory meeting if you have not attended one yet​! ​Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - Theatre at 6:30 PM.
This meeting is for all first time athletic parents. You must attend or your student athlete will not be allowed to play in High
School sports at Northeast. This is a one time meeting and will only need to be attended one time in your student’s high
school career.


These are major events that are held 3 times per year. One for Fall sports ​(​Monday August 19th beginning at 4:00
p.m. for booths; 4:45 p.m. Freshman welcome in North Gym; 5:00 p.m. Open House; 6:00 p.m. Fall Rally in North
Gym​)​, one for Winter sports and one for Spring sports. This is an athletic event to kick off that particular seasons sports.
All teams will have tables with information regarding their sport and representatives there to answer questions.

Mandatory tutoring for freshman will be handled on a daily basis. Additional information to be determined.

This is our lifeline to supporting our athletes. ​Please accept the invitation​ to participate in order to see what is needed
for a specific game or event. ​You must accept it for it to work!​ This is an on-line sign up sheet for team meals, snacks,
volunteers and concessions. Please, sign up for items or assistance needed.


This is an AWESOME opportunity for our athletes who may need academic assistance. Athletes with two or more failing
grades are required to attend our Athletic Study Hall each day before they report to practice. Once they have raised
grades to passing then they no longer need to attend. Grades are checked daily for students that are placed on the
academic report so their success is quickly identified.

These have all the information you will ever need to be involved in athletics at Northeast. This includes physical forms, an
Athletic Booster Club Membership form, and many other forms deemed important by the District office. The athletic office
is encouraging all families to complete all forms and physicals in a timely manner. Please complete the forms and return it
to the Northeast athletic office. ​Reminder- Physicals must be dated after ​May 1, 2019​.


It is important to recognize the difference between the Football Booster Club and the Athletic Booster Club. The Football
Booster Club supports everything mentioned above but only for football. The ABC supports larger ticket items for all
sports. Examples include equipping the new weight room, replacing scoreboards in the gyms and football field, buying
video and training room equipment. They do things like this for every sport!
The ABC pays for many major items for all Northeast athletics that are extremely expensive but necessary. Your
membership in the ABC is equally as important to support your athlete and Lincoln Northeast athletics. Membership for
the Athletic Booster Club is as low as $25 for the year. With this membership you will receive 10% off your athletic pass
and a window cling to proudly show your support. This membership can be purchased with the form located in your
packets, online at ​http://lneabc.org/support/​ or at the Booster Blast Off pep rally in August. Please, strongly consider
being an ABC member!
These range in price depending on single sport season or full year pass. Get a discount on these passes when you
become an LNE Athletic Booster member. These are good at all non-tournament games within the city limits. ​This is a
GREAT BUY especially if you have a multiple sport athlete!​ Your student will also have the opportunity to purchase
an athletic pass in late July to be placed on their ID badge. You can buy your pass at the Athletic Department Office
during office hours or at the August Booster Blastoff.


Your participation in Bus/Meal fees, memberships and volunteering in booster club events is the only thing that will make
this machine run. There is no better way to support your athlete. Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 5th at 6:00 pm in
the Pit. Enter through door #27. Please come! Everyone is welcome! If you have any questions, please contact any
Booster member.

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