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OIC, Regional Director
Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Dear Mr. PIOCAP:

Every person must, in the exercise of his rights and in the performance of
his duties, act with justice, give everyone his due, and observe honesty and
good faith. (Art. 19, New Civil Code of the Philippines)

On April 12, 2019, we have received a Notice of Violation from your benevolent office
regarding the alleged violations committed by Immaculate Conception Medical Center for
having no application for its ECC.

Our office relies on good faith and honesty as the Law so provides. Upon taking over the
administration, we have relied in good faith that the previous administration have had complied
with all the requisites from your office and other pertinent agencies.

It is of that same good faith and honesty that when we were informed only late last year (2018)
from the City Environment Office that there was no record of such requirement ever filed and
complied with by the hospital. When this came upon our knowledge, we immediately caused to
comply via online process all the reportorial requirements necessary for the granting of the ECC.

With all due respect, we have already commenced the filing and is now pending until the
completion of other necessary documents hereto attached as Annexes 1 to 8 respectively..

We continue to comply for the issuance of the ECC though gradually, owing to the fact that this
process is tedious and needs a thorough job to fulfil with. This is indeed the hospital’s
manifestation of its inmost acknowledgment of the rule of law and other executive policies.

Furthermore, though we acknowledged any breach committed by our predecessors in the

administration, the abovementioned reasons, efforts and pending compliance may make your
benevolent offices to consider not penalizing us, rather, to assist us in all you can do with all our
efforts that we do with the best that we can, for the issuance of ECC, in the utmost interest of our
patients and to the general welfare of the society.

It is fundamental upon our legal system, that statute hears, helps and assists before it condemns.

We do pray for your consideration. Our office is always open and cooperative for the hearing
your office asks us to attend as scheduled.

Respectfully yours,


Chief of Hospital
Immaculate Conception Medical Center
Gotham, Misamis del Sur