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Professional Experience

More than 6 years of working experience in Piping, (Oil & Gas Industries and
Refineries) construction ,Shutdown & Inspection in Saudi Arabia and India.


To be in a resolute environment working passionately by accomplishing goals and to

nurture with the company to acumen the knowledge by harnessing my talent over our

Technical Qualifications

 Graduation in Mechanical Engineering

Professional Qualification

 NDT ASNT – Level II- Radiography Testing

Penetrant Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Ultrasonic Testing

Work Experiences:

 Employer 1 : ELMEC ENGINEERS

 Project : BPCL Expansion Project and Maintenance
 Client : BPCL Kochin Refinery, Ambalamukal.
 Job Title : NDT Supervisor
 Location : India
 Duration : Aug 2015 – Oct 2017

 Employer 2 : HYUNDAI E&C

 Project : MA’ADEN Alumina Refinery Project

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 Client : MA’ADEN, Saudi Arabian Mining Company
 Job Title : QC Inspector (Piping)
 Location : Saudi Arabia
 Duration : June 2013 – July 2015

 Employer 3 : Bilfinger Neo Structo Pvt Ltd.

 Project : Jamnagar Export Refinery Project
 Client : Reliance Industries Ltd.
 Job Title : QC – PIPING Inspector
 Location : India
 Duration : Jan 2012 – May 2013

Job Responsibilities

 The responsibilities include fit-up, weld visual inspection, dimensional inspection,

and Final inspection, NDT inspection, piping inspection as per ASME B31.1,
company specification & procedures.

 Carry out Spool/Line check to verify -Dimensions, Orientation, Rolling, Flange

Ratings, and Traceability- as per Drawing.

 Checking of Relief valves and pressure safety valves for proper installation &

 Carry out line walk through, issuing punch points and ensuring that each punch
points are getting cleared.

 Perform line checking/prepare and check official test pack prior to release for hydro
testing by ensuring that all welding inspection and NDT activities affecting the quality
of welds contained in each piping spools of an isometric have been completed .

 Witness pad leak test.

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 After Pressure test Submitting test packs for final certification.

 Preparation of Test Packs individual system wise, which includes material certificates,
welding history records, NDT reports, equipment & installation and alignment report,
coating reports, hydro test reports, pneumatic test reports, pressure test reports etc.,
and getting client’s approval .

 Verification of Checklists/Test Reports for PWHT, HT, PMI, and LEAK TEST.

 Coordinating with client inspection department at various stages of fabrication

activities and getting approval.

 Coordination of various Non-Destructive Testing like thickness measurement,

radiography, dye penetrant test, Positive metal identification (PMI) and ultrasonic
testing, Hardness testing.

 Supervision of QC Inspectors & NDT Technicians for their specific job functions.

 Witness all the subcontracted tests and review the reports prior to submitting to the

 Coordination with the client inspector, sub-contractors and third party agency for all
quality related works.

 Review of PWHT Charts and Preparation of PWHT Instruction Sheets

 Ensure NDT as per standards and specification.

 Conversant with various phases of inspection as per ITP, QCP and various standards
for inspection used on projects.

 Review qualifications of Sub-Contractor's QA/QC personnel & NDT Technicians and

arrange meeting for enhancing the awareness of contractor about the QA/QC
requirements so that better quality assurance of the project

 Check fabrication, welding and assembly of all equipment at fabrication shop and
preparing inspection report.

 Supervision and inspection of welding preheat and post weld heat treatment
and NDT requirements.

 Carryout material identification and radiography film interpretation,

Ultrasonic corrosion survey, MT and inspection. Review of NDT reports and
maintain all related files and record.

 Responsibility to conduct inspection, witnessing and monitoring

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work activities in accordance with the approved Inspection Test Plan and

 Conduct PMI as per the project specification. If there is any Quality related problems,
Immediately inform to QC Engineer/ QC Manager.

 Responsible to make quality control awareness to the peoples in his assigned area.

 Identifying the non-conformances, addressing in Non-conformance report (NCR) and

resolving them with proper corrective & preventive actions.

Safety Training Attended:

 Basic Safety Induction on Site

 Permit to Work - Signatory Course.

 Confined space and work at height

Technical Skills

 AutoCAD

 MS Office

 Microsoft Project


 Associate Membership in Institution of Engineers ( India)


 Name : Mohammed Jaleel

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 Nationality : Indian

 Date of Birth : 9th July 1990

 Gender: : Male

 Marital Status : Single

 Languages Known : English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.

I am a work loving person who can be an integral part of a team and at the same time
can serve well as an Individual. I am willing to take initiatives and eager to learn new
things. Guided by strong foundations given to me by my college and previous
experiences, I am looking forward to face new challenges.

I hereby declare that the information given above is true and correct.

Mohammed Jaleel

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