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First, choose a cue (any word or short phrase). Then present the following instr
uctions to the subconscious in either a written or an audible form. Note that th
is instruction is very comprehensive and inclusive. You are instructing your sub
conscious to do a lot of work for you each time you use a cue. Happily, your sub
conscious will do all of this, gently and instantly, from now on after only one
reading, or hearing these instructions.
“These instructions are for you, my subconscious mind. Whenever I use my cue, whic
h is ___________, or any other cues that I may later instruct you to use, you wi
ll eliminate all of the emotional roots and belief systems that are controlling
the problem or issue that I have noticed and that I intend for you to treat. Yo
u will include in each treatment everything in me or about me that has establish
ed, accepted and/or maintained this problem from the beginning of my existence u
p to this present moment. From this time forward, you will automatically treat e
verything that may ever occur in my experience that would or could cause me to t
ake that problem or issue back again.
“In every treatment that I ever do for any specific problem or issue, I am treatin
g for all problems in my mind, emotions, body and spirit that cause me to have a
ny negative experience, to be imbalanced in any of my energy systems, or to be l
imited in any way. You, my subconscious will do these treatments for every perso
n, event, situation or circumstance (that I am consciously noticing and perceivi
ng as the source of the problem or issue that I am intending to treat),whether t
hey are currently present, absent, still exist or not. Every treatment that I ev
er do will include every, directly or indirectly, contributing problem that has
occurred in my entire existence—right up to the moment that I use my cue.
"Subconscious, from now on, whenever I use any of my treatment cues, you will al
so access and thoroughly treat any and all hidden beliefs, experiences, emotions
, problems, or other information which, if they were undetected and untreated, w
ould hinder complete resolution of everything I'm intending for you to treat.
“From now on, you will always allow all hidden problems related to any problem I i
ntend to treat to be accessible for my conscious noticing, detection, and treatm
ent until they are completely resolved.
"Also, from now on, whenever I use of any of my cues for, or I simply intend to
treat an issue or problem, you will cause all of the critical, protective, and
maintenance functions and faculties of my whole being to allow treatment to be o
ptimally thorough, efficient, and effective. Subconscious, you will also cause t
hese faculties and functions to accept and integrate all treatment benefits, and
to adapt and upgrade all structures, functions, and processes of my whole being
“Each time I use my cue for a problem or issue that I have noticed you will also d
o all four of the following treatments in the most optimally effective sequence:
1)Every problem that I have ever experienced about or toward the problem or issu
e that I am treating, including people, events, situations and circumstances;
2)Everything that I am or have ever experienced as an effect of this problem or
3)Everything that has ever contributed to setting up or maintaining this problem
/issue in my experience; and,
4)All of the accumulated mental, emotional, physical and spiritual post-traumati
c stresses that I have ever experienced as a result of this problem or issue dur
ing my entire existence.
“Each treatment will include every thought, emotion, attitude, belief, imagination
, fantasy, and all related problems that are/were involved in or contributed to
the problem or issue that I am noticing and cueing you to treat.
“You will do all four of these treatments, combined and in rapid sequence, each ti
me that I notice a problem/issue and I use any one of my cues. This applies to a
ny additional new cues that I ever instruct you to use.
“During the Closing Sequence, when I think or say, ‘Forgive everyone and everything,’
and use my cue, you will eliminate all of the unforgiveness that ever experience
d toward everyone and everything involved in, or that had contributed to, any an
d all of the problems that I treated during my session.
“Likewise, when I say or think the word, ‘Stoppers,’ and I use my cue, you will treat
all of the stoppers involved in my treatment session, including any other proble
ms not on the stoppers list that may act as stoppers.
“Also, when I think or say, ‘Anger at myself,’ or ‘Mad at myself,’ and I use my cue, you w
ill eliminate all anger, judgment, criticism and any related problems that I hav
e directed toward myself for every problem that I treated during my session, whe
ther or not I was consciously aware of my anger.
“When I think or say, ‘Forgive myself,’ and I use any of my cues, you will eliminate a
ll unforgiveness I have toward myself that is involved in any of the problems th
at were just treated in this session.
“From now on, whenever I use my cue for each of these four Closing Sequence treatm
ents, you will do each treatment thoroughly and completely. In addition, if I ha
ve not treated for any of the Closing Sequence steps in any previous treatment s
essions, then you will include treatment for them as I do the Closing Sequence i
n my current session.
Also, whenever I am guiding someone for their BSFF self-treatment, you will trea
t in me any similar problems and issues they are treating that I may also have,
and all problems in me that will or could distract me from alertly and skillfull
y guiding them through their treatment process.
Now, use your selected cue, once, to confirm your intention for your subconsciou
s to do all of the treatments as instructed, from now on. It will then always do
this for you.

The Subconscious Fail-Safe System is a specific grouping of problems that someti
mes operates to maintain especially resistant or chronic patterns and recurring,
cyclical issues. In BSFF, this sequence of problems is referred to as a “Fail-Saf
e System.” When treatment progress stops, it is often due to a Fail-Safe pattern o
f problems. Only about 10 -15% of treatment issues involve some combination of t
hese twelve Fail-Safe problems, but it never involves all twelve for a given pro
blem or issue. (Usually there are about six to ten problems in a Fail-Safe.)
“Fail-Safe” is a term that is applied for many types of back-up systems that are des
igned to protect from critical incidents that would endanger life or a critical
mission, e.g., a space flight or high-level inter-governmental communication sys
tems. Protecting your new personal freedom is certainly just as important!
Fail-Safes are simply a set of problems that can be easily eliminated with BE SE
T FREE FAST treatments. Typically, only one treatment is needed for each of the
Fail-Safe problems. That is, apply the cue for each of the twelve problems that
are operating in the present Fail-Safe sequence. (However, any one of these prob
lems can occur alone with some particular treatment problem, without being part
of a Fail-Safe set.)
These problems operate in a hierarchy. Therefore, treating each of them in seque
ntial order, using the listed statements (or very similar statements) is recomme
nded. The Fail-Safe may also be indicated when a problem/issue does not seem to
be resolved after 10-15 treatments. Even if you are not sure which of these prob
lems are operating, each problem can be treated as if it is there. If you treat
it and it is not a relevant problem, nothing is changed. The existence of a Fail
-Safe system is confirmed when problems #1 and #2 are both operating. This may b
e determined by muscle testing or by using a SUDs level.
The following is the Fail-Safe sequence.
1.) I want to be free of this problem.
2.) I am willing to be free of this problem
3.) I am willing to be free of this problem from now on.
4.) I give myself permission to be free of this problem from now on.
5.) It’s okay for me to be completely free of this problem from now on.
6.) I deserve to be permanently free of this problem from now on.
7.) I am willing to give up, permanently, all the benefits of keeping t
his problem.
8.) I am willing to receive all of the positive benefits of being free of thi
9.) I willing and able to do everything necessary to ensure that I am free and
remain continually free of this problem from now on.
After treating for each of these nine problems that you detect as being operativ
e, treat the following three more global issues (i.e. the include multiple probl
ems). Always treat for #12. It always tests as being operative in every Fail-Saf
e. One or both of the other two of these statements will likely muscle-test as b
eing a problem. Treat each of these issues in one treatment. It is not necessary
to know how many problems there are.
10.) There are still one or more problems that will make me keep or take back
this problem.
11.) There is still something in me that will make me keep or take back th
12.) I am still vulnerable to taking this problem back sometime.
Be alert for these Fail-Safe sequences. They do not occur often, but when they d
o, they stop treatment progress fir that particular problem until they are treat
The possible Fail-Safe problems are each treated just like any other problem. Ho
wever, treating Fail-Safes is not required for every problem/issue. Most treatme
nt problems/issues do not involve a Fail-Safe. In many cases, there are just mul
tiple problems each requiring separate treatment. This means, simply, that repea
ted treatments are necessary until the issue is resolved. There may be numerous
problems—as many as 30 to 40—that require treatments.
Note that other problems surrounding the larger issue may require further treatm
ent, e.g., frustration about being stuck, irritation or impatience, sadness, and
, of course, anger and unforgiveness toward self.
Stoppers refer to common problems that occur in all of us and stop us from maint
aining treatment progress. They can quickly undo BSFF treatments and set us up t
o take back treated problems. Like all problems, these stoppers result from prev
ious subconscious programming. The following are stoppers that are included as p
art of the BSFF Closing Sequence at the end of each treatment session:
I am afraid that these treatments won’t work for me.
I am afraid that these treatments won’t last.
I doubt that they will work.
I doubt that they will last.€
I don’t trust myself to do things effectively in these new ways.
I doubt that I will do things effectively in these new ways.
I doubt my ability to live out these changes in my life.
I am vulnerable to taking back one or more of these problems I have just treated
I have one or more other problems that would directly or indirectly stop me from
maintaining my treatment gains.

The Closing Sequence involves four crucial treatments at the conclusion of each
treatment session. These are essential regardless of the number of problems or i
ssues that have been addressed and treated in the current session. These treatme
nts are designed to help minimize the return of the treated problems/issues. It
is extremely important always to do the Closing Sequence immediately following t
he treatment work.
Fortunately, the Closing Sequence can be easily completed with four quick treatm
ents. With practice, the entire treatment sequence can be done silently in less
than ten seconds. The Closing Sequence requires only one treatment for each of t
he four steps. As with all treatments, these four can be done either silently or
A. Treat all unforgiveness toward everyone and everything that you may have bee
n, consciously or unconsciously, holding accountable or responsible for any of t
he problems/issues that were just treated in your session--no matter how many p
roblems/issues there may have been. Just think or say, “I forgive everyone and eve
rything.” Then treat for it once.
B. Treat all of the stoppers that may be involved in this session. Think or s
“All stoppers” and treat once. (In the first session only, read the list of
stoppers.) The first time stoppers are treated, it can be helpful to test
for each
one and treat as needed. This will heighten awareness and the realization
these problems are important to treat at the end of each session.
C.Treat all anger, judgment and criticism directed toward self for all of the
problems treated in the session. Think or say, “Mad at myself” or “Angry at myself” and
treat once.
D.Treat all unforgiveness toward self for all of the problems that were treated.
Think or say, “Forgive myself,” and treat once.
This completes the total process for all BE SET FREE FAST sessions.
Follow these simple steps to claim your freedom in every area of your life.