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CONTACT: Email: johnkanyi Phone number: 0703 345 916

BUSSINESS NAME: All motorcycle needs (cycle star)


My business deals with all motorcycle spare parts and selling of new and old motorbikes, thus my
business idea is to form an entrepreneurship that will identify gaps in my immediate environment and
society at large and brings together resources in an innovative way to fill this gap that is: expand the
business to cater for the big market available, to extend services related to this, of providing mechanics
repair of the motorbikes, this will make me to be independent, self reliant and create job opportunities
especially for the youths.

I. To provide all kinds of motorbike spare parts, needed by the customers.

II. To bring quality motorbikes.
III. To create job opportunities to many unemployed youths through employing them.
IV. To help people not to travel very far to look for these products.
V. To enhance economic development in my county.

i. My business provides the following products.

- High quality tyres.

- High quality motorbikes
- Tubes
- Break shoes
- Break pedals
- Engine oil
- Shock absorbers
- Cylinder heads
- Wheel bearings
- Mudguards
- Sprocket
- Gear selectors
- Shock boots
- Helmets
- Reflectors
- Regulators
- Ignition and many others.

ii My business provide the following services

i) Buying of old motorbikes and servicing them, later selling them at an affordable price.

ii) Advising my customers on better product in the market.

iii) Ensuring the business is opened early in order to be able to serve them properly without delays.

iv) Giving them after sale service by providing them with empty cartons for putting on walls of their


v) Giving correct answers asked by the customers and ensuring the promised products are delivered on

time to reduce inconveniences to my customers.

iii. What makes it unique?

I am able to work for a long period, which is, opening my business early enough before others open and
closing business at a time when my customers are fully served. In addition to this, I give room for my
customers to give feedback on the product I am selling, this helps in improving the quality of products
and services given, on the other hand I do advice my customers especially the young people the benefit of
saving and many have heeded to my advice making my business unique thus attracting more and more

3. Market characteristics and market size

Tell us about your target market.

There is a wide market of motorbikes and spare parts which has not fully been utilized. On the other hand,
Nyandarua County in Kinangop district is around 120 km from the capital city Nairobi. Many of my
target market are Boda Boda operators, motor-bikes mechanics. All these people cannot be able to travel
to and from Nairobi just to buy one product. They therefore as I also benefit by providing products and
services that they require.
Who is your target customer?

My target customer is young people and few old people.

Age- 18 years-40 years

Gender- Mostly men

Income level- Most of them are self-employed individual who earns at least 1,500/= and above per day.

Social class- Most of them are middle class citizens

Occupation- Farmers and self-employed individuals

Education- Class 8 and form four leavers.

Technology- Can be able to operate a mobile phone, radio, T.V and they have a driving license thus they

Operate motor-bikes very well.

Price preferences- They prefer products that are not very costly and not very cheap.

Industry- Their economic activities are farming (mixed farming) and trading.

The following products have major competition

- Engine oil
- Tubes
- Tyres
- Moto-bike bulbs
- Brake shoes
- Super glues

My major competitors and companies are:

a) The bike industries in my immediate environment which are bringing some motor-bike
b) No company that is competing with my business.
Through the profit I get from my business, I buy and keep heifer and bulls, later I sell them and
stock my business.

i. My father is in my management team. He was a business man for many years and he
gives me important business tips and advices.
ii. He also has one employer aged 20 years, a form 4 leaver in selling.
iii. Myself I do keep all records and financial management of my business and also
managing it. Since I personally manage my business if my management team dies or
become incapacitated, the business will still continue.
If in future I shall have 10 employees this is the organizational chart showing the
management hierarchy and who is responsible for key functions.
People responsible for key functions in an organization
1. MANAGERS: Organize and plan their departments to exceed the expectation of internal
and external customers. They work closely with other managers across the company to
promote a range of benefits, including; continuous process improvements, improving
accuracy, reduce the need to repeat work and driving up efficiency years and years.

2. SUPERVISORS: work with managers to ensure that operators apply procedures and
practices consistently. This involves using best practice to create value –added
services across the business.

3. OPERATORS: are responsible for day today operations of the business. The operation
function needs the support of services in:
 Finance
 Human resources
 Marketing
 Information Technology Operation
 Procurement operation

1. Production

I buy my products in Nairobi city at Joy land Limited where they sell motorbike spare parts. The
motorbikes I buy them from captain motorcycle Manufacturers Company limited at industrial area,

To ensure my products are of high quality where they are manufactured. For example motorbikes like
captains and tiger are on high demand in the market and are made in China for the spare parts those
manufactured in India are of high quality and are preferred more by my customers. To ensure both my
products are of high quality I get feedback from my customers.

2. Location

My business is situated in Nyandarua County, Kinangop district at Njabini location have rented a house
for business worth Ksh 5000 for rent every month, Ksh.1200 for electricity, Ksh 500 for water and
stationeries Ksh.422.

The security in the area is good as there is no high crime rate and our landlords have hired watchman. The
area is near a road which has recently being tarmacked making my business accessible to many.

In the near future I would develop good structures of mechanics and open up different branches in the
3. Personnel


- Financial management of the business.

- Managing the business
- Buying the spare parts and motorbikes
- Keeping of all the records
- Money transaction in the bank by depositing and withdrawing
- Doing research on the market situation and what is on demand in the market.
- Being dynamic in competitive world.
- Opening and closing the business
- Offering best services to my customers
- Getting feedback from my customers and acting on them if need be.

Sales man

- Helping in selling
- Managing the business when am not in.
- Cleaning the business and keeping it clean.
- Arranging the products nicely in an attractive manner.
- Putting price tags on the products
- Helping in opening and closing the business.


- Giving business advices where necessary

4. Inventory

1. Material and supplies.

These are materials that are consumed in the process of manufacturing product or in the conduct of

2. Work in process

Partially finished products or sub assemblies in the manufacturing process.

3. Finished goods

Salable finished good

4reject.damaged or obsolete

Any of the above categories that are deficient in some way and cannot be carried at full value
5. Supplies

 joy land limited - contact-0715 792 817

 captain, motorcycle manufacturers company limited - contact:+254727139666

They have great interest in supplying these products the only hindrance is that I cannot be able to afford
big supply due to financial difficulty.

6. Legal environment

 business permit
 registration of business
 medical certificate of the workers
 license
 N.S.S.F and N.H.I.F requirement
 Register with NEEMA.

7 Credit policies

Most of the time I don’t deal with credit if a customer insists so much on carrying product in credit, I ask
him for National Identity Card and something that is equivalent to what he has carried in credit e.g.
phones, DVD player, radio e.t.c. I gave an ultimate of 2 weeks on which a client risk losing things they
have garanted.


My strategy is that am going to market my products by doing roadshows,branding my products
properly, doing promotions, doing more on research on the products in the market, advertising
my products, use of flyers,posters,value additional, referral network, follow-up activities(getting
feedbacks from customers),cold calling(door to door advertisements and advertising through

My strategy is to observe the competition this helps to identify what competitors are doing well
and also where they might be vulnerable to losing market share to your company.

Another strategy is to address customer needs. It is important to align this strategy with needs of
my customers, bringing the products and services to the market that the customer has a clear
need for and provide the total package of benefit the customer is looking for.
Yes, I do require more funds in order to start up business that will generate more income and
create more job opportunities especially to the youths, this will change more lives making them
more independent, reliant and reliable citizen.

A source in the market includes:

- Opening up a motorbike garage

- Opening up small petrol station for selling oil of motorbikes



SALES march April may June July August

Spare parts 44,108 25,502 30,104 32,986 57,950 49,508
Motor cycle 89,000 89,000 89,000

TOTAL 44,108 114,502 30,104 121,986 146,.950 49,508


SALES September October November December January February march

SPARE PARTS 80,000 83,947 69,208 95,408 58,004 66,043 69,328
MOTORCYCLE 89000 89,000 178,000 89,000 89000 89,000 178,000
TOTAL 169,000 172,947 247,,208 184,408 147,004 155,043 247,328

EXPENSES March April may June July august

RENT 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000
ELECTRICITY 1,147 1,247 1,797 1,899 1,347 1,235
UTILITIES 600 600 600 600 600 600
STATIONARY 525 320 650 804 422 904

3,500 3,400 3,300 3,200 3,150 300

BANK CHARGES 302 324 315 316 324 309
TOTAL 13,824 10,891 11,662 11,819 10,793 11,048


EXPENSES September October November December January February march

RENT 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 5,000

ELECTRICITY 1,352 1,429 1,989 1,126 1,595 1,697 1,891
UTILITIES 600 600 600 600 600 600 600
STATIONARIES 1,404 891 1,199 800 1,339 1,417 1,200
LOAN INTEREST 2,900 2,800 2,700 2,600 2,500 2,400 2,300
BANK CHARGES 409 414 329 461 425 309 396
TOTAL 11,665 11,134 11,817 10,587 11,459 11,423 11,387


Sales 507,158

Cost of good sold

Opening stock 109,282

Purchases 583,142

Closing stock (338,634) 353,790


Gross profit 153,368


Rent 30,000

Electricity bill 8,672

Utilities 3,600

Stationary 3,625

Loan interest 19,500

Bank charges 1,890

Business permit 2,750 70,037




i. Fire
ii. Theft
iii. Inadequate recourses i.e. human and physical resources
iv. Poor estimation of cost
v. Competition
vi. Infatuation of prices in the market


i. Having insurance coverage of my business

ii. Having security firm to guard my business
iii. Equipping my business with fire extinguishers and having all safety measures required.
iv. Identify my competitors and ways of becoming better than them
v. Estimating the costs well to avoid loss
vi. Updating with changes in the market since business is dynamic