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#142) Imperial Titan Weapons: rules for SM

#143) Stompers! for SM

#143) Alaitoc vs Blood Angels: SM battle report
#143) Imperial Guard Colour Schemes for SM
#144) Assault! new rules for SM
#144) Epic Forces: new rules and data cards for SM
#144) Space Marine: Titan data cards
#147) Avatar & War Walker: rules for SM
#147) Eldar Craftworld Colour Schemes for SM
#148) Daemons, Renegades: for SM
#149) Epic Ork Vehicles: rules for SM
#150) Epic Ork Vehicles: rules for SM
#151) Mekboyz And Squats: new vehicles for SM
#154) The Battle for Golgotha: SM report, Ork vs Squat
#156) Chaos at Kadavah: SM report, Blood Angel Marines vs Chaos
#158) Blackmane, Njal & Ulrik in SM
#159) Daemon Engines of Tzeentch: for SM
#160) The Assault on Barbarius: SM report, Imperial Guard vs Eldar
#161) Gargants: in SM
#164) Daemon Engines of Khorne: for SM
#164) Banelord, Chaos Titan of Khorne: for SM
#165) Imperial Stormblade: new vehicle for SM
#168) Bloodbath on Centius Prime: battle report, Chaos vs Ork
#170) Squat Cyclops: new vehicle
#170) Epic Eldar Armies
#171) Chaos Armies: a look at chaos armies & tactics
#172) Fire & Blood: 5 new scenarios
#173) SM Questions & Answers
#175) SM Questions & Answers 2
#177) Know your Foe: a look at the different armies in SM
178) Into the Maelstrom: a look at Titan Legions, the new EPIC Game
#178) The Titan Legions: background and history
#179) Titan Legions: a look at the available EPIC models
#179) Inferno: battle report, Imperium vs Orks
#180) Fists of Death: arming your Titans and how to use them
#181) Imperator: a look at the Imperator Titan and how to use them
#181) Razorbacks: a new vehicle for the Imperium
#182) Waaagh Da Orks!: tips on using Mega-Gargants
#182) Knight Households: rules for two new households
#183) EPIC Hive War: a look at the Tyranid army for EPIC
#184) Abomination!: Imperials vs. Tyranids battle report
#185) Chimera Assault!: a look at three Chimera variants in EPIC
#186) Eldar Revenant Scout Titans: rules for using this new Eldar Titan in EPIC
#187) Imperial Air Power: rules and army cards for Imperial flyers in EPIC
#188) Plague Engines of Nurgle: rules and army cards for War Machines of Nurgle in EPIC
#188) Stomp An' Smash: battle report TL vs. Orkz
#189) Irresistable Onslaught: tips on using Tyranid Bio-Titans in EPIC
#189) Slaanesh Demon Knights: rules and army cards for Knights and Scout Titans in EPIC
#191) Ordinatus: rules for using the vehicles of the Centurio Ordinatus in your EPIC army
#192) Death From Above: tactics for flyers in EPIC
#192) Breakout!: battle report, Chaos vs. Eldar
#193) Unsung Heroes: tactics for infantry in EPIC
#194) Abominatus, Despoiler of Worlds: Adrain Woods' Khornate Imperator Titan
#194) Tyranid Assault: Tactics for use with your Tyranid Swarm
#195) Ancient Writings: a scenario building article for EPIC
#196) Mission Briefing: new mission-oriented objective counters for EPIC
#197) Reign of Fire!: battle report - Blood Angels vs. Orkz
#198) Honour and Glory: rules for using Veteran Units in EPIC
#206) EPIC 40,000 Preview: a look at the host of new minis for EPIC 40K
#207) EPIC 40,000 Preview: a look at the new rules system fo EPIC 40K
#208) EPIC is Here: a more in-depth look at the EPIC 40K game system
#208) Art Attack!: a look at John Blanche's artwork for EPIC 40K
#208) Gogard's Last Stand: battle report - Orkz vs. Imperial Fists
#209) Ready for Battle: guide to building effective Space Marine Detachments for EPIC
#209) For The Emperor: a look at the forces available to an Imperial Commander in EPIC
#209) Modelling Workshop: a guide to making modular terrain for EPIC
#210) Supreme Warriors: rules for using Ravenwing, Space Wolves, White Scars, & Death Company in
#210) The Emperor's Tarot: rules for using these Imperium Only Fate Cards for EPIC 40K
#211) WAAAGH! 'Ere Come Da Orkz: a look at the new Ork minis for EPIC 40K
#211) Green Tide Rising: Battle report - Orkz vs. Imperials
#212) Green is Mean: a look at the Ork armies of the studio staff
#214) Attack of the Tyranids: tips & tactics for the Tyranid army for EPIC 40K
#214) Path of the Eldar: a look at the Eldar for EPIC 40K
#214) The Hand of Fate: rules for using the new Race Specific Fate Cards in EPIC 40K
#214) Air Superiority: tips & tactics for using flyers in EPIC 40K
#215) Chambers of the Horned Rat: a look at a campaign system for EPIC 40K
#215) Are You Experienced?: An experience system for use with the campaign system
#215) The Eternal Crusade: a look at a campaign between Eldar, Imperial Guard & Tyranids for EPIC 40K
#216) The Imperial Guard: a look at the forces of the IG in EPIC
#216) The Scourging of Lammas: battle report - Eldar vs. IG
#216) How to Paint Tanks: painting guide for your EPIC IG army
#217) Tactica Imperialis: a look at the forces that make up the Army of the Imperium
#218) The Coming of the Great Devourer: 3 historical scenarios for `Nids in EPIC
#222) Green is Meaner: tips on using clan specific detachments for Orkz in EPIC
#223) Blood Reavers: a look at the Chaos boxed army for EPIC and Daemon Engines
#224) Lords of Battle: titan tactics for EPIC