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Project Overview

Villa Aquatica will be strategically located at Boat Station 2 at Mangayad, Malay, Aklan thus offering the finest views on
the beach with its beachfront convenience. The trip to the 300000 sq. ft. hotel won’t be a hassle for it is only three
kilometers from Godofredo P. Ramos airport.
The four-story hotel will have a total of 64 rooms each having its own jacuzzi, refrigerator and television.
Apart from the substantial rooms, world-class amenities will also welcome the guests.Villa Aquatica will have a function
hall that can accommodate up to 400 guests, an outdoor restaurant, an Olympic sized swimming pool, a view deck, a
chapel, a lobby and a garden.
A number of job opportunities will be given to locals for Villa Aquatica will be hiring local citizens whilst degree-holders
and professionals will be hired for the other jobs. Before the soft opening, the employees will undergo training for two
A total of Php. 230 000 start-up budget is needed for Villa Aquatica.

II. Statement of the Problems

1. Villa Aquatica will tap the services of the locals

 The locals know the place well and speak the local dialect, they can be utilized as tourist guide.
 The minimum wage in the area is only Php. 323.50 as of January 2019. Although the Department of Labor and
Employment (DOLE) called for a wage hike of Php. 41.50 in Western Visayas, still this minimum wage is far
below compared with that of the National Capital Region.
2. Limited number of luxurious getaways in Boracay
 Five-star hotels in the area can command a high price and can only charge as low as around Php. 7000.
 Because of high electricity rate in the place, the establishments there charge their customers so much in order to
recover from enormous operating expenses.
 Villa Aquatica can afford to offer inexpensive room rates as low as Php. 2500 because it uses the state-of-the-art
solar panels as a source of its electricity power.
3. Decrease in the Tourists in Boracay
 There was a rumor going around that the number of tourists allowed to visit Boracay will be limited.
 More strict rules and regulations shall be implemented in granting permits and license in the place because of the
mismanagement of Boracay in the past.
 Reports from the Department of Tourism show the drop by half in the number of tourists.
 Other tourist spots in the country took advantage of the Boracay closure last year and boost their market ability.
 With the affordable low rates and first class amenities that it offers, Villa Aquatica can attract tourists

III. Goals and Objectives

1. To attract local applicants to work with Villa Aquatica

 It will give the employees and initial minimum daily wage of Php. 365
 The establishment shall also give its employees fringe benefits, such as free quarters, subsidized uniform,
six (6) day work per week, overtime pay, SSS coverage, Philhealth, employees compensation, etc.
2. Although Villa Aquatica is a 5-star hotel, it offers the following affordable room rates:
 Single- Php 2500
 Double- Php 3500
 Family- Php 5500
 Deluxe Family- Php 7000
a. Special amenities for guests
 Swimming pool
 Jacuzzi hot tubs
 Massage parlor
 Television Set and Refrigerator in every room
b. Other amenities
 Function Hall
 Outdoor Restaurant
3. Hotel guest shall feel a once in a life-time experience with Villa Aquatica
 The beachfront view deck can be enjoyed while the guests are resting in their rooms
 Restaurant guests can delight in the outdoor restaurant overlooking the seas
 You can enjoy the mild music or the lively band in the hotel’s lounge
 Hotel guests shall experience comfort and luxurious life during their stay in the place

IV. Methods
1. Settlement of budget with the investors
2. Planning of the hotel’s design and floor plan
3. Construction of a resort and hotel
4. Recruitment of staff
5. Training program for employees
6. Soft opening with selected guests
7. Evaluation on the soft opening
8. Improvements
9. Opening of Villa Aquatica to the public

V. Budget
The proposed start-up budget plan is as follows:
1.Evaluation- Php 7,000
2.Advertising Promotions- Php 5,000
3.Contingency Fund- Php 8,000
4.Resort Coordinators- Php 10,000
5.Rental- Php 20,000
6.Graphic Adviser-Php 80,000
7.Board of Directors-Php 80,000
8.Resort Facilitators-Php 50,000
9.Supplies for Services-Php 40,000
10.Sponsored Tours-Php 10,000

VI. Timetable

Month 1
A. Advertising for Staff positions
B. Meeting with board of directors
C. Accumulation of Contingency fund

Month 2
A. Interview of staffs and Resort Managers
B. Finalizing the location of the resort

Month 3
A. Meeting for tours and services
B. Continuation of Hiring

Months 4-6
A. Soft Opening for selected visitors only
B. Applying of requests from the visitors

Months 7-12
A. Conducting of Regular formative Evaluation
B. Final Evaluation at the end of twelfth month

VII. Staff/Administration
1. Board Of Directors
a. Adopting strategies, business plans and budgets
b. Approving interim reports, year-end financial statements and annual reports
c. Setting instructions, policies and guidelines
2. Manager
a. Management of hotel staff, business management,
b. Upkeep and sanitary standards of hotel facilities, guest satisfaction and customer service.
c. Marketing management, sales management, and revenue management
d. Financial accounting, purchasing
3. Concierge
a. Assist guest by performing various tasks
b. Restaurant reservation, booking hotels
c. Arranging for services and coordinating porter service

4. Maintenance
a. Repairs all areas in the hotel

5. Housekeeper
a. Cleans room one by one
b. Performs a variety of cleaning activities such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and polishing

6. Waiter/Waitress
a. Providing excellent wait service to ensure satisfaction
b. Taking customer orders and delivering food and beverages
c. Making menu recommendations
d. answering questions and sharing additional information with restaurant patrons

7. Executive Chef
a. Make periodic and regular inspections of units to observe quality of food preparation and service
b. Coordinate all training activities for kitchen, bakery, butcher shop and other production and service employees
c. Responsible for all culinary activities for the restaurant

VIII. Evaluation Plan

An evaluation committee will supervise the process. The following is to be done during or after the soft opening.
The evaluation will focus on the guest reviews.
Thus, the evaluation committee should have members with expertise on the following:
1. Technical analysis
2. Financial assessment
3. Probity
4. Legal issues

Apart from analyzing the guest reviews, the team is also in-charge of the following:
1. maintaining and promoting probity in the procurement process
2. evaluating the offers in accordance with the agreed conditions for participation
3. evaluation criteria and methodology
4. documenting the evaluation process
5. preparing an evaluation report
6. seeking approval to proceed with a contract with the preferred supplier
7. debriefing unsuccessful supplier(s).