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Studying in Cambrigde class is challenging

When I heard the name of the National High School Plus 17 Palembang, my view was getting
to know National High School Plus 17 and family and surrounding communities in the Palembang area
and even a few other cities both in the provinces in South Sumatra and outside of course must know
National High School Plus 17 not only from academic achievements but also in non-academic activities
that have it is proven by the existence of outstanding students in competitions held at the regional / city
and even National levels. My community and family also introduced that Palembang 17 State High
School is a good place for my future. I also know a number of alumni from Palembang State Middle
School 1 who gave me a treat about this amazingly good and great school.
I made Palembang 17 Plus High School a place to gain knowledge because I am sure that in the
future there will be many positive things in this excellent environment. Besides that Palembang State
High School 17 has something that I believe is not owned by other regular schools which is in the form of
a good social environment such as moral lessons that make my character forward not only intelligent but
also independent, polite and responsible and highly committed in coaching that will I got it in school
activities later. Of course this is also inseparable from new friends and wise and intellectual teachers in
later teaching and learning activities.
I was told and immediately looked for information about kuriklum which in my opinion was a
good program to be implemented in teaching and learning activities. This program, of course, has only
been implemented for 1 year with the future prospects that students who are able to compete are no longer
only at the national level but also can compete at international level. I believe that this program is one of
the tools to create me to be able to compete at a level that has different classes in the future. Not only is it
another benefit that I will get, which is that I can enroll in more than 6000 universities in the world, the
material provided will be better than the usual class
My ideal is to make my parents proud, useful for the country and the nation and to make
Indonesia famous, in the future I want to be an Indonesian representative in another country. I strongly
agree with that opinion, because Palembang 17 State High School is one of the places and opportunities
for me to hone potential that I have not had time to develop before. With the guidance given to me at
Palembang State High School 17, I am ready to compete with other students, remembering from history
that Palembang 17 State High School is one of the schools that prints competent students who have been
recognized in the implementation of activities.
I certainly fully support the development of globalization that exists both in educational activities
now. I started from an early age so that in the future, of course I will not feel left behind by the
developments, the purpose of which is for me to print me to be a generation that is knowledgeable and
does not lag behind this rapidly evolving era. I find that the environment around me attracts me to open
insights even further to know the world that I have felt so far in only a small scope.
I believe that when I was selected to Cambridge class it was one of the big steps for me to achieve
that which I had long dreamed of getting to know the world more broadly. I believe that this is one of the
factors I get deeper knowledge in reaching my dreams. As we generally know that in order to reach our
dreams, we must fight and fight in a way to our dreams. I also get full support from my family because it
is not a big thing to be questioned towards my goal.
I hope that in the future this program will continue to run and develop in its implementation so
that the environment that is formed will progress and develop.