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Goal Setting: Profession Before Age 30

I want to see myself at the age of 30 as a sales executive at BMW Malaysia.

That is where I would like to be in 8 years. My goal is very specific

I am finishing my degree in another one and half year. I want to graduate with
minimum CGPA of 3.40. This is to ensure that I will have higher chances in the
industry. This target is attainable based on my current CGPA.

Right after I finished my degree, I wish to look for my first job. I planned to
start my career as a Sales Assistant in one of a car dealership. I need to look for
experience in order to have a better resume to apply for a job in BMW Malaysia. I
have put a timebound for minimum 2 years and maximum of 4 years before I apply
for a job in BMW Malaysia. I need to have a strong portfolio and solid experience
because BMW is a multinational and reputable company.

After I managed to build a strong portfolio and have a solid experience, I will
go for the application for the position of Sales Executive in BMW Malaysia. I am very
interested in sales is because I find myself enjoying interaction with customers and
potential customers as well. I also find myself good at persuading and influencing
people. Back then, when I finished my diploma I took a break for about a year and I
worked as a Sales Assistant in a footwear retail named Skechers and that was where I
discovered my interest in sales. Why BMW? This is very personal to me. Since I was
kid, I have a very intense passion towards cars and I grew up with BMW as one of my
favourite and dream cars. I have incorporated my skills, interest and my passion to
become a goal that I want to achieve. That is why I think it is achievable.

There will be obstacles for every journey, and I have identified few obstacles
that I might be facing. Especially on my post-graduation phase. It is on looking for my
first job. I acknowledged that at this moment it is quite hard to fund a suitable job. I
have prepared myself for this and I do not mind to go for a job that has no relation to
my field. I will make use of that as an opportunity for me to strengthen my skills and
to diversify my knowledge. This is also a chance for me to make my personal
portfolio better. Obstacles are always there, it is important to develop plan and
adjustment will not do harm because the best plans are often adjusted many, many
times before the end result is reached.
S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting Technique


 Define exactly the goal that we want to achieve. Be more details about it. The
more detail we know our goal, the higher the chance will be for us to achieve it.
As I have set my goal to be a Sales Executive in BMW Malaysia, it is specific
because I detailed my position and also the company that I want to work with.


 Measurable goals mean that you identify exactly what it is you will see, hear
and feel when you reach your goal. This is important so that we know the
progress of ourselves. As what I have planned, it is a measurable goal to work
in BMW Malaysia because that is what I have been dreaming of.


 Having an attainable goal mean investigating whether the goal really is

acceptable to you. You weigh the effort, time and other costs your goal will
take against the profits and the other obligations and priorities you have in life.
In my goal, I have identified my skills and interests that it is acceptable to me


 Setting a goal that is relevant to you. You know yourself better. You know
whether your personality suits the goal you have been setting or not. And
before I set my goal, I know that I have an intense passion towards cars and
that is why I set BMW Malaysia as a goal.

 Time is money! Make a tentative plan of everything you do. Everybody knows
that deadlines are what makes most people switch to action. So install
deadlines, for yourself and your team, and go after them. Keep the timeline
realistic and flexible, that way you can keep morale high
Ziglar Goal Setting Technique

Ziglar goal setting technique is somewhat similar to the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting
technique. There are 7 steps of Ziglar goal setting technique

#1 State The Goal

 It is important to state the goal clearly so that we know what exactly we want to
achieve. When we know exactly our goal, it is completely easier for us to plan
the journey in order to achieve the goal

#2 Set The Dateline

 A lack of a deadline can make you put off really trying to complete the goal. I
understand that there can be a lot of fear associated with attempting to try and
failing, but as extreme failure and success, there’s much to be said about failure
leading to ultimate success. Add a deadline to your goal to enhance the clarity
even further.

#3 Identify The Obstacles

 By pointing out the things that are in the way of a goal, we can figure out ways
to overcome them. This is not the path of least resistance people, this is where
the effort and plans are being put into play. We have goals because they are
worthwhile, not because they’re easy

#4 Identify the People, Groups, and Organizations that Can Assist

 Make a list of the people, groups and organizations that can help you in your
quest. If you can’t identify more than just a couple, do a little bit of research.
Your goal is worth the amount of time you put into it. In searching for job, I
have identified few groups and organizations such as job agents and few
websites that can help me in looking for the job.

#5 List the Benefits of Achieving the Goal

 List as many benefits as you can think of to setting and making this goal
happen. This can helps in increasing your morale and spirit to achieve your

#6 List the Skills You Need to Acquire to Attain the Goal

 Our ability to take on these goals is directly related to what we can do to make
it easier and more achievable on our parts. And for me, I have list the skills that
I need to be a Sales Executive in BMW Malaysia.

#7 Develop a Plan

 As all the steps have been discussed, this is the last step where we integrate all
the steps above and make a plan guided by the steps and related to the goal that
we want to achieve.