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STATE OF CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION November, 2018, Dr. Caro its Superintendent Netw Haven Public Schools 54 Meadow Street New Haven, CT 06539 ear Dr irks Districts were recenty asked to provide 2017-38 and 2018-19 budgeted appropriation information in ‘order forthe Department of Education to determine whether they are meeting the 2028-19 Minimum Budget Requirement [Maf. Based on the information submitted, New Haven tcutrently in ‘noncompliance by $172,323. The noncompliance ameunt is equal to the increase In your Education Cost sharing (ECS) rant that provides supplemental funding forthe costs associated with students Aisplaced by Hurricane Maria, Attached isthe calculation used to determine New Haven’s MBR. Please indeate by January 1, 2019, you anticipate the city providing the board of education with the ‘addtional funds during this flsal year. If adaltional funds are appropriated, please notify Kevin [Chambers at 860:713.6455 Immeciately 50 your data can be updated accordingly Please note that puranttoC. S, Section 10-262, fallure to meet the 2018-19 MBR resus in @ forfeiture of Eaucaten Cost sharing (ECS) grant funds the amount equal to two times the shortfall Such forfeiture would be deducted from the distit’s 2020-21 ECS grant. Based onthe current shortfall of $272,323, the reduction tothe ECS grant would equal $548,646. The State Board of Eduction may walve Such forfeiture the town agrees o appropriate to the board of education i 2020-21 an amount In excess of the MAR that eat least equa tothe penalty. in alton, the State Board of Education may waive the forfeiture for ather good cause, Please donot hesitate to contact me at 860-713-6464 If you have any questions. sincerely, Kathy Dersey, Chit Financia Koike ce: Dianna R, Wentzel, Commissioner of Education Peter Haberand,Diector, Legal and Governmental flrs “Ton Harp, Mayor Cty of New Haven \witiam Clark, Chief Operating Officer, New Haven Public Schools Kevin Chambers, Education Consultant, Bureau of Fiscal Services Attachment Town: teem 1 2 10. a. 2 3 4 4s. 16. wy. Connectiut State Dopartment of Education 2018-29 Minimum Budget Requizement (MAR) Caleulation For k-12 Ostrcts New daven 2017-18 Origine! Budgeted Appropriation (EDOI2}: 2017-18 Final Bgeted Appropriation (€D012): 201718 Appropriation (Greater of tem 1a tem 2}: 10/2017 Free and Reduced Percentage: Maximum efficiency Cap tern 3x 5%): ‘Maximum Cap Percentage: (item 41s at least 20% then 1.59%, ese 39: ‘Maxim Resident Student Deduction (tem 3 x tem 6} Preliminary Resident Student Deduction * Resident Student Deduction (Lesser of tem 7or item 8) Designated High School Deduetion** 2018-19 Budgeted Appropriation (#0012): 2018-19 £CS Increase: Savings Realized Though Efcencles: Preliminary Effiiency Deduction (Wem 13 x 50} Efficiency Deduction (Lesser of tem 5 or tem 14): 2018-19 MR {Item 3 Rem 9- tem 10 tem 12- item 15): 2018-19 MBR Overage/Shortage item 11 - Item 16): A. Decrease of Resident Students ° 8, 20:6-17 Net Curent Expenditures $349,939,875 10/2016 Resident Students 19,345.90 Preliminary Resident Student Deduction $0 (tem 8 / ter c) x50 xiter A) $187,218,597 $187,218 597 $187,218,697 50.23% 536,003 150% $2,808,280 Fd % so $187 218,697 27323 30 30 s0 $187 491,020 sm (CHECK LIST FOR ALDERMANIC SUBMISSIONS cover Late Resolvions! Orders! Ornaness Prior Notation Form Fiscal met Salemant- Shou inca comprehensive budget Suppoting Documentation Disko E-naled Covert & Orr IN ADDITION F A GRANT: Note oft | Geant Surmary Enocutve Summary (nt onger than 6 pages without an explenaten) Date Submited: Monday, May 20,2019 Mosting Submited For: Regul Regular or Suspecsion Agenda: Regular Submited By: Michael Gormany Tile of Legislator. Budget Transfer 90-18+ ‘ORDINANCE AMENDMENT TO APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE # 1AUTHORIZING BUDGET TRANSFER #900-19-1 TRANSFERRING FUNDS FROM DEBT SERVICE ACCOUNT INTHE [AMOUNT OF TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-TWO THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE DOLLARS AND ZERO CENTS ($272,323) TO THE BOARD OF EDUCATION GENERAL OPERATING BUDGET Comments: Coordinators Signature: Conroer's Signature (it grant: Nayors Office Signature: Cal 946-7670 wih eny questions.