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DMS Holland, preferred supplier to:

• Effective from 3 knots

• Silent electrical system
• Flexible installation options
• Very compact and therefore easy to install
• Entirely maintenance free
• Modern CAN bus system
• Retractable

Dynamic Marine Systems B.V.

Siloweg 612
5222 BM Den Bosch
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 85 201 00 95

A new generation rotor stabiliser: Rotor system 2.0
Electric roll damping system for yachts up to 30 meters at its best.
Advanced, high-end technology based on a universal law of nature: Colour Touch Screen for easy operation
the Magnus effect. Discovered and documented by Heinrich Gustav Magnus. Instead of
traditional fins, the system uses rapidly rotating cylinders which, depending on the direction Steady partnership
of rotation, generate an up or downward force.
As the market leader in roll damping stabilisers, DMS Holland only ever opts for the best qua-
Now technically perfected by DMS Holland. Equipped lity. Quality of materials used, quality in ease of use, quality of service and of course quality
with new features and innovations. The MagnusMaster Lift in the companies we work with. That is why we are always thinking long term and choose
is simply incomparable with other current systems due solutions that can withstand the test of time. Working together with these quality companies
to its technical innovation. Experience the difference is incredibly important to us because that is how we can best serve our customers.
between improvement and striving for perfection. The partners that DMS Holland works together with are listed on the reverse of this leaflet

and we are very proud that they have chosen MagnusMaster as the best choice for stabilising
• Maintenance Free your boat.
• Colour Touch Screen Magnus Effect
• Compact
• Quick and easy installation
New build and refit
• Extensive diagnostics
When a new project is getting started, MagnusMaster is the most logical choice: the benefits
• Fully CAN bus
and performance speak for themselves. Whether your boat needs 1, 2 or 4 rotors (depending
• Silent operation (full electric drive)
on the length and weight of the boat), we guarantee you comfortable trips both on national or
• High damping (also at low speed)
international waters.
• Easy to operate (park – drive)
• 3 term controller (angle- velocity-acceleration - ”less jerk”)
Thanks to its compact form, the MagnusMaster system is also ideally suited for retrofitting
• Higher momentum (better damping)
onto existing boats. A place can always be found to install the system without the need for
• High static heel (best performance in following seas)
major renovations and disruption to the engine room. With close cooperation between the
• No steering effect (even transom mount is possible)
yard and DMS Holland, the installation can be achieved within just two weeks.
• Retractable (less vulnerable)
• Retracts automatically (in neutral and reverse)

Direction of Roll
• Maximum power: 1500W per rotor
Wave Direction
• Average consumption: 1000W per rotor
• Voltage: 230V single phase AC + 24 DC
• Rotor material: carbon
207 mm • Elbow material: steel with special coating
• Axle material: stainless steel
• Emergency operation via wrench and socket

751 mm
1000 mm Wave Direction

position position

Direction of Travel

1569 mm