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When it comes to finding employees in the hospitality industry, what do you think
employers believe is most important great skills or a good attitude? While having
high quality skills is vital, if someone has a poor or negative attitude, there is no
doubt that they will struggle to interact with people and craft a long career in the
service sector.At the end of the day, the hospitality industry is about connecting
with people, whether that be your customers or co workers. Of course, skills and
experience can be taught and learnt, but attitude can't and this is why it is such a
critical element for employers to consider.Bank employees, flight attendants, and
customer service operators are a handful of professions that require hospitality
service to customers. The service procedure requires this. Usually they will wear
smiles, greetings and greetings to show their hospitality.Bank employees, for
example. I often wonder whether the hospitality of bank employees is limited to
service standards or is indeed a part of their character. Of course I am grateful if
in his daily life, bank officers give the same hospitality as shown in the workplace.
This means they are not hypocrites. They still show their hospitality everywhere.
This is good for trust and their self-image in the eyes of their customers.Friendly
attitude does not only make it easier for us to be accepted in relationships, but
also can show our care and concern for others. Friendly attitude can also keep us
from various prejudices and invite the trust of others in us.Near my house there
are two food stalls. The first food stalls have complete dishes ranging from
vegetables, meat , fish and snacks. The dining tables are neatly arranged in a fairly
spacious room. Customers also feel at home if they have to linger there. No
wonder the first shop is always flooded with buyers. While the second shop is
simpler. The place is not so wide and the dish is not as complete as the first stall.
The buyer is not as busy as the first one. But the important point, I like the
hospitality of the second shop.The second shop owner always tries to establish
intimacy with his customers. The waiter was smiling and did not worry about
giving thanks. Although the sale is incomplete compared to the first stall, the
hospitality of the stall owner is a distinct selling point that its competitors cannot
compete with. In the first shop, I did not find the familiarity of buyers and
customers. The service is flat. Coupled with the amazement of buyers. The extent
of the room is not proportional to the breadth of the hospitality of its servants.
That’s why hospitalize attitude is needed in the hospitality industry because we
will be dealing directly with guests and we must give a first impression that will
make guests happy and comfortable when guests stay at the hotel or are on
vacation anywhere.