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The folks at Troll Lord Games have created a veritable treasure trove of material for their Castles and

Crusades Role Playing Game, but, did you know that you can easily play all of the AD&D modules like

Using nothing but this

and a few simple conversion rules? Let’s go over them real quick.

1. Adjust Armor Class:

Make a simple adjustment to the armor class of the AD&D (1st or 2nd Edition) character or
monster by subtracting their AC from 20.

 Don’t forget that subtracting a negative is the same as adding, e.g. If Snigrot’s AC was a -
3 and you subtracted from 20 your new AC would be 23.
 Let’s use the Assassin, Snigrot Dogroot (see Figure 1) as an example. Snigrot has an
AD&D AC of 9. Since we are playing C&C we subtract 9 from 20 and his new AC is 11.

 Figure 1

2. Convert Saving Throws:

AD&D has 5 saving throws. Castles and Crusades has 6 saving throws.
Paralyzation/Poison Paralysis and Constriction (based on Str.)
Petrification/Polymorph Arcane Magic/Illusion (based on Int.)
Rod, Staff or Wand Divine Magic, Confusion, Gaze Attack Polymorph, Petrification (based on
Breath Weapon Wis.)
Spells Breath Weapon, Traps (based on Dex.)
Disease, Energy Drain, Poison (based on Con.)
Death Attack, Charm, Fear (based on Cha.)

Spells: choose the appropriate save based on the spells effect.

 The Saving throws are similar so it is a simple matter to check the list for the throw you need.
 We are still using the Human Assassin, Mr. Dogroot (see figure 1) as an example so the
Castle Keeper would want to remember that assassins automatically have Dexterity as a
primary attribute and two more should be chosen prior to combat. If Mr. Dogroot was a race
other than human he would only have two primary attributes.
 If you need a little help with this you can refer to page 168 from the Castles and Crusades
Player’s Handbook – 6th Printing. (Other printings – check the Table of Contents for “Saving

3. Adjust damage caused by traps:

 If a trap’s damage has a bonus that is more than the listed die type (e.g. 4d4+5) discard
the bonus and substitute and additional dice worth o’ damage (e.g. 4d4+5 becomes 5d4).
 If a trap’s damage has a bonus that is less than the listed die type (e.g. 4d4+3) discard the
bonus and add nothing (e.g. 4d4+3 becomes 4d4).
 If you are uncertain about the type or amount of damage caused by a specific trap you
can check the Equipment Tables in The C&C Player’s Handbook (pages 62-63) for
similar damage caused by weapons. If the trap damage is caused by a spell you can look
at the Spell Lists beginning on page 77 of the Player’s Handbook to find a comparable

4. Try to be consistent.

 Once you have worked out the rules to convert materials from older modules into your
game just make a note of any changes for future use with other modules.

Credits and Legal stuff:

I used the 6th Edition of the Castles and Crusades Player’s Handbook as my rules “source”. If you are using a different version of the game you
might have to use your book’s Table of Contents. Hint: It is in the front of the book. I found some of these “conversion tips” online and figured
out some of it on my own. If I’ve stepped on anyone’s toes I apologize. The clip “Figure 1” is from the AD&D Module N1, Against the Reptile
God by Douglas Niles and is the property of WOTC. AD&D is the property of Wizards of the Coast - I didn’t ask their permission. Castles and
Crusades is the property of Troll Lord Games - I didn’t ask their permission either. Everything on these pages that isn’t someone else’s property
is mine.
© 2015 Erik Garland