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1. Labu Ukur

Function : Accommodating and mixing chemical solutions.

2. Tabung Reaksi

Function : Accommodating solution in small amounts.

3. Beker Gelas

Function: Accommodating chemicals or solvents in large numbers.

4. Gelas Ukur

Function: Measure the volume of solution.

5. Pipet Ukur
Function: Measure the volume of solution.
6. Penjepit Tabung Reaksi

Function: Clamp the test tube during the heating process.

7. Pipet Tetes

Function: Moving a few drops of liquid.

8. Mortar dan Alu

Function: Grind and smooth the substance.

9. Botol Semprot

Function: storing distilled water and used to wash or rinse the tools and materials.

10. Cawan Porselin

Function: Containers for reacting or changing a substance at high temperature.

11. Kawat Nikrom

Function: Identify a substance by means of a flame test.

12. Erlenmeyer

function: Storing and heating the solution and filtrate accommodate screening

13. Pembakar Spirtus

Function: Burning substance or solution heat.

14. Batang Pengaduk

Function: stirring the solution.

15. Kaca Arloji

Function: Cover beaker, weigh the material.

16. Klem Buret

Function: Holding burette used for titration.

17. Statif
Function: Enforcing funnel, burette.

18. Kertas Saring

Function: Filter the solution.

19. Rak Tabung Reaksi

Function: Place the test tube.

20. Corong
Function: Filtering chemicals