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Name recall

vital in winning polls

, Name recall remains a major consideration in

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se€n in the

to a Palace official.

winninq in the counfv,s

partial, officiat resutts of the senatoriat ra;e,

- Presidential spokesman Salvador panelo admitted from President Duterte was not enough to secrrJ i

a candidate must also be popular to a-ttract votes.



an dndorsement



masyadong kilala, kahit na in_endorse ka kuno ninai


in winning eh. The No. 1 there is name

san. -Kapag hindi ka

Kaiam€n kihta ng buboto, eh

hindi ka rin lalabas.,,he added.



waj.feqctins b po resulB

some administraton senatorial

an endorse;e;i

i" ru"f#ionirtS"n.

sinqer Freddie Aouilar-


o",tiil j"a


canoEates faited to win in the midterm elections despite

from the President. Among these senatorial a.pirunt

lvangudadahj, former Interior and Local

bovernment secretary Rahel Alunan, and

]21, trowev6r. tiu. r,"""

cornered by other administraton senatoriat b,fo U"sia

r.esult:. Th_ey are reteectionist cynthia vilal r"ir"i sp"iij Grii'iii" t#

rresoent Lhnstopher Go,

Jv_EJercr@, Maguindanao Rep. Zajid

rrght of

the 12 sloLs in the senate "Flbqi;

Taouio Citu Rep. pia Cayetano, former policechief


nngaia, ffocbs frforte'doulfmJ


nrairs rrn.ii iof"#"".

Ronald dela Rosa, reelection-ist

Marcos,. former presidentiat Adviser on

and reelectionist Sen. Aquijino pimentel III.

The other candidates not endorsed

by the

president who made

_ Top 12 are reelectionist Senatrors Grace poe ana

Nancy ginay, ;;io-;ei

- -""-'

it to the

Senators Lito Lapid and Ramon Revi a Jr. tCenarvn rGUiiiribi