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Assignment Template

Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS)

Location: Jember Date: 13-15 Oktober 2018 Participant’s Name:
Venue: FEB Universitas Jember Organisation/Company:
Lead Facilitator: Dr. Ali Darwin, Ak., M.Sc., CSP Ref. Report Used:

Case Study Assignment (GRI STANDARDS Report Checked and Interpretation)

Guidelines for Case Study:

1. Read through entire GRI Standards sustainability report you chosen and be familiar with reporting structure.
2. Based on the reported GRI Standards clauses, please fill up the table below appropriately with your comments and recommendations. You have to check all disclosures (general and
specific disclosures) that reported in the report you choose.
3. Your comments and recommendations are purely your interpretations of the content of the report for all of disclosure and they can be purely your thoughts on what should be the
appropriate level of visibility (applied or NOT applied), and state your comments or recommendations on the last given column in the table.
4. Do not hesitate to contact the co- facilitator if in doubt or require some information regarding the case study assignment.
5. Submit your assignment (including its GRI Standards sustainability report) on 2 November 2018 at the latest to : Amalia (projects@ncsr-id.org) with a cc to Dr. Ali Darwin, Ak., M.Sc.,
CSP (alidarwin@ncsr-id.org),
Page # GRI Standards Applicability
(where Statement Made by Reporter
No. GRI Disclosure # Disclosure title Comment / Recommendations
Statement is Company (Applied / Not Applied)