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Should employers look at online profiles to cheek on or judge


Using social media to find out more about a potential job candidate is a

good idea, especially if reveals significantly important traits of the

applicant, which could sway your decision to hire them.

Before the explosion of global connectivity and social networks, you

could be a competent professional administrator in the office, but at

night you can party regardless of what your boss will say, nowadays, the

two paths cross and potential employers are on the lookout for any

discrepancies or warning signs.

I believe it is a good idea for companies to look at social media sites. A

reason for looking at employee’s social media sites is to prevent bad

situations. Companies may be placed in unwanted situations if a current

employee posts bad information about them. Their reputation could be

negatively affected by a comment made by an employee and many

employees admit to posting unethical things on social media.

On the other hand, it is necessary to be careful at the moment to post a

publication, and more when human resources start the interview looking

in your social networks, because, it is reviewed before you being hired,

to know if there is coherence between what you publish and what you

say during the interview.

In conclusion, the companies view your social networks to see if the

future employees have a good reputation, remember that for each

company, it is necessary to analyze the behavior of the employee to be


Songs with violent lyrics make people more violent and should

be banned

Music has been important for humanity for many centuries, besides, it

has motivated the young and old, and always has been food for the soul.

Music has the power to change people, change the way they think and

behave. It has had such an impact in my life that my hobbies keep

changing daily, according to how I feel on a particular day. I talk about

the lyrics, this creates millions of sensations, because what we hear

influences our attitude.

I agree that music defines you, but it’s necessary to be clear that every

human being has an essence and has to be self-aware so as not to allow

the emotions to mix with violent lyrics. Besides, music does not create

violent people, they first made a decision, and then fed what they want,

additionally, I do not think that music with violent lyrics should be

banned, because everyone decides what kind of music to listen to.

The lyrics of each song are derived from the feelings of those who were

inspired to write them, therefore, the music have the power to transmit
something that was planned. In some occasions, the lyrics come from

some real story, that inspires other people to change.

In conclusion, you must be careful with what you listen to. Because of,

what you listen feed your soul, and the lyrics of each song has a

different story that can influence in your life.

Maria Paula Rodriguez

Would you describe the creation of lithium batteries (such as

Powerwall), electric cars, combined with rooftop solar as good

business opportunities in today’s world? Why?

Developing to renewable energy sources is one of the main bets of

companies, and batteries are the workhorse technology that injects life

into gadgets we can’t live without, playing a great role in homes

Day by day, the need to preserve the environment is evident, therefore,

many companies are investing in the management of renewable energy

sources, towards many points of use and production, like rooftop solar in

homes or the creation of lithium batteries. Renewable energies are the

business of the present and the future, which is why I support the

application of products such as lithium batteries, electric cars, combined

with solar rooftop as a good business opportunity, as a potential

investors, we should think about the utilities of the company, but also,

helps to make the most of the resources of the environment or reduce

environment impacts

A company that has bet on this business is Tesla, for made lithium

batteries, better known as Powerwall, which can store the excess energy

generated during the day and make it available when needed. As their

name indicates, they are connected to the wall of a house, which

minimizes the dependence on the electric power network. It is also

integrated with the solar rooftop, to convert solar energy into electricity,

because the collected energy is stored and is available at all times,

allowing a home hose converted into its own supply network, to be

autonomous or independent from the grid.

Tesla plans to use rooftop solar panels fitted with Tesla’s batteries to

allow customers to use that stored energy to, say, charge their electric

car overnight, in this way, they manage to establish a reputation as a

company that chooses to seek the sustainability and gain a market

share. Tesla released its patents in an unprecedented move to advance

electric vehicles as an opportunity, is a leading example in the market,

which creates a huge advantage over the competition.

In conclusion, a company that opts to develop its products in the

business environment of sustainability, is a company that is ensuring the

future of the environment and itself, an example of this is Tesla with its

products to re-use the energy from of the sun.

Maria Paula Rodriguez / Valentina Bolaños

First paragraph of an essay

Are you completely sure that EXITO is a common enterprise? In

Colombia, EXITO is one of the leading businesses in the market, due to

its variety of products. We, as a board of directors, present three key

suggestions, where we explain the reasons why EXITO is a suitable

supermarket and why you should be our stakeholder. The main objective

is to turn EXITO into a competent company in the face of climate

change, so first of all, an internal analysis of vulnerability, in an

unpredictable world and how we started our own operations, due to

EXITO is a company of years; continuing with the order, we will present

the knowledge and management of the supply chain, because it is a

company that since 1949 bears a historic mark in the development of its

supply chain; finally, addressing climate change, which is the root

problem of all, at this point, EXITO is a sustainable company, and its

main objective is to remain one of the market leaders and promote

climate change.

Maria Paula Rodriguez.