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The face of family consumer science classes

Jacqueline Rans leads FCCLA

On April 4, Jacqueline Rans and her students from FCCLA go to the state competiton in Waco,
Texas. Hebron High School placed in the top 5 at state and brought home two gold medals and a
silver medal. “We had so much fun at State, and I am so proud of my state award winners,” Rans

Leading the Family Consumer Science Classes, Rans takes part in teaching her Interior
Design I and II, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, Child Development, and being a sponsor for
FCCLA. In high school, she found great interest in taking Family Consumer Science Classes,
and when she went to college it all made sense for doing this as her career.
Rans graduated from Texas Woman's University, with a Bachelors of Science in Family
Studies, and she has been teaching at LISD since 2013. With teaching students at Hebron, she
wants them to learn life skills that they could use outside of school, budgeting, cooking, and
shopping for housing with her Interior Design Classes. She enjoys seeing the work ethic of
students at Hebron.
“I love the students here, they really want to try hard, and that helps me to enjoy being
with the students every day,” Rans said. “When I like being here and I am excited, it makes the
students more excited about being here.”
As a FCCLA sponsor, Rans helps students focus on the right choices and teaches life
skills through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal
communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.
“I enjoy taking students to competition because then they get to see the fruits of their
labor,” Rans said. “Not only do they do a project or study for a test, they see their results and can
get an award, and that just makes them excited to do more.”
Senior Tiffany Ong, treasurer of FCCLA, has been a part of the organization since junior
year. She felt inspired to be a leader after being in Rans’ class in sophomore year, when she
talked about what the organization stood for.
“My favorite part of FCCLA is getting to meet new people and how diverse this club is,”
Ong said. “As treasurer, I’ve also done secretary and presidential work because I am the only
senior, and I have been able take over other jobs that need to be filled.”
Sophomore Ana Pedraza is currently in Rans’ Interior Design I class. She likes being a
part of the class because it it’s fun and useful towards her life.
“I have learned how to decorate a house and look for the necessities of certain people,”
Pedraza said. “You have to think if you have elderly people or young children in your home, and
decorate and make a floor plan to that.”
Rans hope for students to gain something from her classes. Through her Family
Consumer Science Classes, she strives to instill skills students can apply to their life outside of
school as well.
“From Child Development, I hope they have an understanding there are ways to be a
good parent or caregiver,” Rans said. “From my food classes, I hope they learn how to read a
recipe, and for Interior Design I hope they learn to budget and be able to one day enjoy a home
of their own.”