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The seminar report has been prepared to cover the most important aspects of telemedicine. Various
branches of telemedicine are covered over here like IOT , Machine learning ,cloud computing , fog
computing ,security and privacy concerns and finally future and research gaps are discussed.

As we know that IOT is a new era of internet. Physical and digital worlds can be intergrated by using
IOT. IOT also plays important role in the field of telemedicine for delivery of health services. Various
devices can be connected thorugh internet by IOT. Few of them are smart home based telemedicine
serives ,smart wheelchair , GPS postioing applications for the patient of heart disesases ,mobile
medicine , real time health monitoring of a patient after discharge ,helping alzimer patients in their
day to day life ,body sensors etc. however security is always a prime concern in IOT.

IOT in telemedicine:

1. An internet of things based health prescription 1.This paper purposes a model for IOT-based
assistant and its security. health prescription assistant .by the help of this
model patient can follow the doctors properly.
2.A policy enforcement framework for iot 1. An iot based flexiable policy enforcement is
applications in smart health. defined. This framework is able to face security
and privacy threats in dynamic large scale and
heterogeneous smart health.
2. future work :an adhoc prototype should be
deployed in order to test the preserve robustness
in smart health distributed enviourments.
Proper mechanism for enabling policies should
be deployed.

3. current research on internet of things 1. This paper deals with security failures . various
trends tools simulators in domain of security.
2. future work deals with developing absolute iot
threat modelling . A zero trust algorithm should
algorithm should also purposed in order to avoid
unknown cyber attackes on iot.
4. internet of things security and forensics: 1.this paper deals with security concerns to the iot
challenges and opportunities. nodes which collect private information.
Identifying the malicious activities is most
important aspect.
5.internet of things security 1. this paper deals with security issues and
scalability issuses
6. taxonomy and analysis of security protocols 1.this paper deals with security concerns such as
for iot. key management user and device authencation,
access control, privacy preservation and identity
2.Future work: a resource constraintned iot
enviourment there is a need of lightweight and
privacy preserving techinques are required.
The iot devices which are using Idemix systems
needs a machine to machine authorization
7. Security, privacy and trust of different layers in 1.
(IoTs) framework