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Unit 7, 8 and 9 Test Name _______________________________________

1 Listen and tick ( ) the boxes. CD5

1 Which house is Tina going to stay in? 4 What was the town like?


2 Which hotel did Rita choose? 5 Which holiday destination does Olivia prefer?


3 What was the castle like? 6 How does Tim spend his holidays?


2 Listen and complete. CD5


Camping trip
Name of campsite: Green Spring

Date of trip: __________________________

Number of children per tent: __________________________

Cost of trip: __________________________

Date of return: __________________________

Teacher’s name: __________________________

3 Read and write Right, Wrong or Doesn’t say.

The most popular food in the UK now isn’t fish and chips – it’s curry.
A lot of Indian people came to live in Britain during the twentieth century. Many of them opened
restaurants, which gave Britons the opportunity to try their food. When people try new food, they
are introduced to a new culture as well. Lots of different types of curries are served in British
restaurants because people came from different parts of India. The cooking in the north of India
is less hot and spicy, and this is ideal for people who don’t like food with too much spice in it.

Total: /10

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Unit 7, 8 and 9 Test Name _______________________________________

1 The favourite food of British people used to be fish and chips. Right

2 The people who arrived from India all came from the same region. ________________________

3 British people didn’t like Indian food when they first tried it. ________________________

4 Eating curries helped British people find out about Indian culture. ________________________

5 The food in the south of India is hotter than in the north. ________________________

6 People who don’t like very spicy food can’t eat Indian food. ________________________

4 Read, choose and write the words.

with of after up off up of out to

We’re looking forward (1) _____________ the treasure hunt. Each group will set (2) _____________

with a map early in the morning. We have two days to find the treasure, so we need to take
tents and food. And we mustn’t run out (3) _____________ water. I hope Jamie knows how to put
up a tent – I don’t! But I’m good at geography so I’ll look (4) _____________ the map and make
sure we don’t lose it. We must remember to put (5) _____________ the fire and do (6) _____________
our tents before we go to sleep. We don’t want any animals visiting us in the night!

5 Write sentences using the present simple passive.

1 sugar / use / in cakes Sugar is used in cakes.

2 peanuts / eat / as a snack _________________________________________________________________________________

3 salt / not add / to baby food ______________________________________________________________________________

4 the biscuits / pack / in boxes ______________________________________________________________________________

5 Burns Night / celebrate / in Scotland ____________________________________________________________________

6 cards / not send / at Halloween _________________________________________________________________________

Total: /15
6 Read and write a reply (25–30 words).
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Unit 7, 8 and 9 Test Name _______________________________________

From: Alex

What have you done today so far? I haven’t
done anything. Why not come round to my
house? We’ll have a picnic in the garden. ______________________________________________________
I hope it won’t rain!

7 Read and choose True or False.

1 The director is someone who has to learn lines. True / False

2 The cast walk around the stage during the play. True / False

3 The show is advertised so that people will come to watch it. True / False

4 The lighting designer has to mend the costumes. True / False

5 The person who designs the programmes sits backstage. True / False

6 The play starts when the curtain goes up. True / False

8 Read, choose and write the words.

1 It’s the role of the designer to ________________
have (have / has / had) the costumes and props made.

2 The designer also needs to have the scenery ________________ (paint / painted / to paint).

3 If the script doesn’t work, the director ________________ (have / has / had) it changed.

4 It isn’t the job of the sound engineer to ________________ (choose / chose / chosen) the actors.

5 Some actors are nervous ________________ (of / at / about) forgetting their lines.

6 The director is very proud ________________ (in / of / for) the cast when everything goes well.

Total: /15

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Unit 7, 8 and 9 Test Name _______________________________________

7 Answer.
1 Look at Picture 1. Is it a rural or an urban scene? 1
How do you know?

2 Describe a mountainous region.

3 Have you ever tried a dangerous sport?

4 Look at Picture 2. Describe it.

5 Where will you go on holiday this year?
What will the weather be like?

8 Describe five differences between the two pictures.

Total: /10

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Unit 7, 8 and 9 Test Name _______________________________________

Total: /10
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