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NFC-Institute of Engineering & Technology, Multan

Examination: B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Semester 1st, Mid/End Term Exam, 2018
Subject: Introduction to computing (Course Code: CS-125)
Time Allowed: 1:00 Hours Max Marks:5
Course Instructor: Zartasha Maryam Date: 1/11/2018

Instructions: Do Not copy.

Q. Question Total CL Complexit

No. Mark O y level
1 Define the following 2 CLO1 P1
1. Motherboard and its working.
2 How we can create table of content in MS word, write 2 CLO1 P1
its procedure?
3 Write down the formula of the following 3 CLO2 P1
1. AVG 2. SUM 3.Percentile