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DESCRIPTION ‘A Celestial Hurricanum isa single model ‘The magical orery mounted upon the battle altar can be used to unleash a ‘erifying Storm of Shemtek upon the enemy, a8 wel as acting a a focus for ‘magical energy tothe benefit of ne wizards. The Hurticanur is pled into battle by two Warhorses that stamp at the enemy with their Stee-shod Hoaves, tnd manned by Acolytes that protect their charge using Arcane Tools as improvised weapons. CELESTIAL BATTLEMAGE Some Celestial Hurricanums ate tended by Celestial Buttlemagee, These gain the Battlemage' Sta attack ABILITIES Locus of Azyr: Add 1 o casting rolls for Coutsctark Ancan Wizanns from your army within 10" of any Celestial Hurricanume inthe hero phase a, CELESTIAL HURRICANUM WARSCROLL LF DEE tents of Battle. Storm of Stemtsk. 1s 7 | 10" ‘sete - — is } © Rose a Portents of Battle: Celestial Huricanems leak magical power, and nearby coldiers marching beside them often report seing. visions ofthe imminent future. With such knowledge they are able to predict the actions ofthe foe and land ther blows with uncanny accuracy. You ean add Ito the hit role of any OnbeR units fom your army within range of any Celestial Hurricanum's Portents of Battle ability when they attack; the range of this ability is shown in the ‘Damage Table above ‘Storm of Shemtek: A Celestial Hurricanum can summon a magical storm tohatter the foe. Each time you make a Storm of Shemtek atack, select a target ‘unit that visible and in range, then roll a dice to see what kind of fury 6 unleashed from the heavens 1.3 Iceshard Tempest. The target sulere a srortal wound 4.5 Lightning Steike. The D3 mortal wound: get sutlers 6 Meteor Strike, The target suffers DS mortal wounds NST Range Aad TOR Wound Storm of Shetek er) eee "MELEE WEAPONS “Range Attacks To Hit To Wound Rend Battlemage’s Stal arma iar pee, coe ered SS. MAGIC A Battemage tending a Celestial Hurricanam can atempt to cast one spell, in each of your hero phases, and attempt tovunbind one spell in each enemy hero phase, He knows the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Comet of Casandora spell, ‘COMET OF CASANDORA Reaching out tothe heavens, the wizard