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EDP/Website/Redesign/2019/112 Date: 18.01.


Office of the Accountant General (A&E) - I, Maharashtra, Pratishtha Bhavan, 101, M.K.
Road, Mumbai-400 020 (hereinafter referred to as “Office”) invites sealed quotations from reputed
agencies/firms for the Redesigning of office website ‘agmaha.cag.gov.in’

Proposals in sealed envelopes (Technical and Commercial) addressed to the “Deputy

Accountant General (Administration), Office of the Accountant General (A&E) - I, Pratishtha
Bhavan, 101, M.K. Road, Mumbai-400020” should reach latest by 17:00 hours on 08.02.2019.
Tenders received after due date and time will be rejected. Incomplete and conditional tenders will
not be accepted. The tender details may be downloaded from this office website
www.agmaha.cag.gov.in. The Competent Authority of Office reserves the right to cancel any or all
the tenders without assigning any reason and the decision of Competent Authority of this Office shall
be final and binding.

Details of Scope of work and Terms & Condition enclosed in Annexure-I and Annexure-II.

Sr. Dy. Accountant General

Office of the Accountant General (A&E)-I, Maharashtra, Mumbai-400 020

Sealed Quotations/Proposals are invited for the redesigning of the office website
‘www.agmaha.cag.gov.in / www.agmaha.nic.in’


1. The present office website ‘agmaha.cag.gov.in’ which was developed in Classic asp needs to be
redeveloped using latest open source web technologies.
2. The website must follow and comply with all the Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW)
to ensure proper standardization of all content.
3. Design, development and deployment using Open Source technology.
4. Managing data through Content Management System.
5. Least site opening time (small size images should be used)
6. Professional design
7. Search engine friendly website (Meta tags will be provided by AG Office to provide search engines)
8. The website should be supported by all the popular and latest web browsers like internet Explorer,
Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla etc.
9. Display of web pages should have mobile, Tablet compatibility.
10. Cost should be inclusive of STQC and CERT-IN Security audit to be done once before Go-live and
after 1-2 year or as required for Changes. Any additional security audit will be borne by AG Office.
11. Website must use a fluid layout that automatically adjusts the page size to monitor settings that are
1024 x 768 pixels or higher.
12. Training to be provided to AG staff for content writing and uploading on website.
13. Hosting of Updated and Upgraded website on NIC server in Cloud.
14. User administration services as part of a comprehensive Content Management System to be
integrated into the Website design.
15. Three year’s maintenance of the website with rectification of errors.
16. Ownership of all copyrights of the site and content, source code, database to be with AG Office.
17. PUSH/PULL Service and all Service delivery utilities for Entitlement functions, as envisaged by
18. The Website will be English/Hindi and the Entitlement pages in Marathi also.
19. All the webpages, hyperlinks, and other information accessible in the current website should be
available in the new website.
20. Website should be developed using the latest web technologies
21. Website should GIGW, HTTPS compliant
22. Vendor will provide necessary technical support for smooth change over to new website.
23. Vendor will co-ordinate with NIC team for all technical requirements like migrating data from Oracle
to MS-SQL/MySQL cloud server and for security audit of the new website etc.
24. Vendor will also develop an interface for uploading monthly dynamic data pertaining to Pension, GPF
and Reconciliation applications.
25. Vendor will also develop an interface for downloading data pertaining to Pension, GPF and
Reconciliation applications to client machine.
26. Data hosted on other than NIC Server in the existing website will be hosted on NIC server and vendor
will develop interface to migrate the data to NIC Server.
27. The roles of Super Administrator, Administrator and Content Management staff to be clearly defined
and specified.
28. The scope also includes migration of GPF Annual Account Statement and Online Reconciliation data
to NIC server. These data currently hosted in office in-house webserver. On migration to NIC server
the database will be MS-SQL or MySQL and may require redevelopment of front end application.
29. After being awarded this assignment the developer will carry out a detailed SRS (System Requirement
Specification) with the AG Office Mumbai, for finalizing the proposed site map and graphical layout
of the website. During this phase, the functionality of different pages will be determined, with regard
to dynamic and static aspects etc.
30. Based on the input from preceding phase, the Developer should prepare 3 sample layouts for the
website, which should be submitted to AG Office Mumbai for approval. All changes suggestion for
the layout would be done by the Developer. Further work should only be started after approval. The
website should be subsequently launched after STQC and successful security audit.

Office of the Accountant General (A&E)-I, Maharashtra, Mumbai-400 020


The Office of the Accountant General, Mumbai was established on 1st May 1858 at the Old CGO
Complex, New Marine Lines, Mumbai. Over more than 125 years, the auditing and accounting responsibilities
of the Comptroller & Auditor General of India in relation to the State of Maharashtra expanded manifold and
as of today the same are being managed by the following six offices of the Indian Audit & Accounts
Department, each headed by a separate Accountant General/ Principal Accountant General. This document
broadly outlines the scope of work for the development of a website for the Accountants General of

1.1. The website will have a CMS.
1.2. All the pages under CMS will be served over http or https only.
1.3. User authentication in CMS will be using username / password.
1.4. There will be a creator and approver for every page.
1.5. Approval of a page will result in its publication subject to any publication date, time set by the
approver so that publication can automatically occur after that date, time provided the page or the
changes thereof have been already approved.
1.6. Facility to review a page to be provided in CMS. The approver of a page will have the rights to
review. Facility to alert reviewers through email and also prompt users with pending actions like
review, approve etc. immediately after login.
1.7. The website should display the last review date based on the last date of the review or approval,
whichever is later. In other words, when a new page is created or after subsequent changes should
trigger the review event internally.
1.8. Facility to change the overall look and feel of the website for super administrator. This includes the
ability to change images for logo, banners and other images on the homepage.
1.9. Facility to create submenus on homepage and other pages.
1.10. Super Admin will have full control of all content and files in the Website.
1.11. Facility to create pages in English & Hindi. The website should be a bilingual, which supports
English as well as Hindi. Content will be provided by Accountants General of Maharashtra
1.12. Easy-to-use User Interface (UI) for creating pages with facilities to include images and upload
documents, GR’s, etc.
1.13. CMS should work in any modern browser on any operating system without requiring additional
installation of software besides the browser itself. Website should be Cross Browser & Cross
Platform compatible.
1.14. Facility to insert metadata for each page or globally, in bilingual.
1.15. A CMS user session should not interfere with normal browsing or session with the public part of the
website. The aim is to allow a user to use different tabs in the same browser to use CMS and view
the website.
1.16. Audit trail reports should be provided for the various events for which audit trail is maintained as
described in the “Security” section below.
1.17. Visitor Counter facility will be incorporated over the home page.
1.18. The Website should contain overview about Accountants General of Maharashtra
1.19. Website should contain Initiatives taken by the Accountants General of Maharashtra
1.20. Website should contain the policies made by the Accountants General of Maharashtra and should be
1.21. Accountants
D General of Maharashtra should be able to publish any public notices on the website.
1.22. Cross Pollination of the content – See Also, Related Articles, Popular Topics etc.
1.23. Customizable Feedback Form and Page Feedback Manager.
1.24. Control manager to be able to activate /inactivate website features/modules
1.25. Website should be optimized for Search Engines.
1.26. Admin users should be able to upload any kind of documents to website and should be available for
view or download to citizen.
1.27. CMS should allow the authorised user of field offices to add/delete/modify the contents of the
website without Digital Certificate or NIC-VPN connectivity.( The Methodology of CMS on website
hosted on NIC Server may be explained in scope )

2.1. This Module will contain the following data as well as its relevant photos. Admin will have the
ability to Add/Edit /Delete the content.
 Introduction
 Our History
 Operational Frameworks
 Our strength & Objectives
 Our Vision and Mission
 Organization Structure
 Any other content …can be added by user


3.1. This Module will contain the following data as well as its relevant photos. Admin will have the
ability to Add/Edit /Delete the content.
 Introduction
 Organization Structure
 Functions
 Entitlement Details
 Pension
 Accounts
 Admin
 Welfare Activities
 Sr DAO/DAO/DA Cadre
 News and Events
 Any other content …can be added by user
4.1. This Module will contain the following data as well as its relevant photos. Admin will have the ability
to Add/Edit /Delete the content.
 Introduction
 Organization Structure
 Entitlement Details
 Pension
 Accounts
 Admin
 WM-I
 Action by DDO
 Any other content …can be added by user


5.1. This Module will contain the following information. Admin will have the ability to Add/Edit /Delete
the content.
 Introduction
 Organization Structure
 Jurisdiction
 Audit Duties
 Audit Report
 Follow up of audit reports
 Impact of Audit
 Performance Reports
 Local Audit Programs
 Guidelines on Transfer and Posting of Gr.'B' & 'C' staff
 Gradation List as on 01.03.2017
 Waiting list of quarters
 Any other content …can be added by user


6.1. This Module will contain the following information. Admin will have the ability to Add/Edit /Delete
the content.
 Introduction
 Organization Structure
 Jurisdiction
 Functions
 Follow up
 Welfare & Recreational Activities
 Monthly Remuneration
 Budget & Expenditures
 Board & Committees
 Report
 Local Audit Programs
 Guidelines on Transfer and Posting of Gr. ‘B' & 'C' staff
 Any other content …can be added by user
7.1. This Module will contain the following information. Admin will have the ability to Add/Edit /Delete
the content.
 Introduction
 Organization Structure
 Jurisdiction
 Functions
 Reports
 Guidelines on Transfer and Posting of Gr. ‘B' & 'C' staff
 Any other content …can be added by user office


 Introduction
 Organization Structure
 Jurisdiction
 Functions
 Reports
 Quarterly Audit programs
 Guidelines on Transfer and Posting of Gr. ‘B' & 'C' staff
 Audit Para Observation System
 Any other content …can be added by user office


9.1. It will contain the RTI Act and Guidelines and will be downloadable by the citizen
 Vigilance
9.2. The admin will have the authority to Upload/Edit/Delete the content

10.1. The website will have facility to upload the tender documents by all the user offices using Content
Management system.

11.1. Official Address of the Accountants General of Maharashtra and other regional offices.


12.1. List of relevant Gov. of India Departments along with link to redirect to the concern website.


13.1.  Add/ Edit / Delete FAQs
 View all FAQs
 Search / Sort FAQs
 Alphabetical Search
 Change the Status (Active / Inactive)
14.1.  Privacy Policy
 Projects
 Tenders
 Disclaimer
 Site Map
 Contact Us


15.1.  The System should have one Super Administrator (AG (A&E)-I, Mumbai)
15.2.  The user should be able to change their passwords and history shall be saved in the system.
15.3.  Password shall be alphanumeric and with 6-12 digit length.
15.4.  Password shall be saved in database in encrypted form.
15.5.  The System shall have the features of forget password, change password.
15.6.  The System should have the feature to record the history of changed password, history of failed
15.7.  The System should deny access on three unsuccessful login attempts and mail shall be generated
and shall be sent to the respective system administrator and account shall be locked.

1.1. Authentication is required for using CMS.
1.2. Audit trail should be available for all successful and unsuccessful login attempts on the website with
time, IP address etc.
1.3. Audit trail should be available for creation, updation, deletion, approval and review of all content /
pages in the website.
1.4. Audit trail should be available for all administrative activities including management of users and their
1.5. Free from OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
1.6. Password policy to be implemented for all the users
1.7. CAPTCHA to be implemented for CMS login and all for all forms on the website
1.8. A Secure mechanism of changing the password in lost/forgotten scenario
1.9. Use of SSL/TLS encryption to protect the data between the server and the browser against
eavesdropping. Also, it is to be ensured that playback attacks are not possible
1.10. Detailed session management abilities - Provide for session settings such as idle or max session time-
outs, concurrent sessions and other session control settings
1.11. The Accountants General of Maharashtra will do the necessary security audit certificate through
empaneled agencies with NIC, GoM. The vendor will provide the necessary support required during
the security audit
1.12. Integration of the Service for Email and SMS. Vendor will provide the Service for integration
2.1. The website should comply with Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW)
2.2. Ensure compliance with Accessibility guidelines as per GIGW, WCAG 2.0 and W3C guidelines
2.3. The website should be built with Unicode fonts so no font downloads required in any condition
2.4. The websites should be a compatible with all 3rd Party Software
2.5. The website should be compatible with different API
2.6. Website should use https for communication

3.1. The website as well as CMS should be accessible from various modern browsers on various operating
systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and MacOS.
3.2. The website should also be compatible with devices such as Smart Phones, iPad, TAB, etc. and should
be a compatible with any OS.
3.3. The database should be Oracle 11g, MySQL, MS SQL Server or PostgreSQL. SQLite may be used for
some purposes, if needed.
3.4. The CMS and website should be developed using PHP and Drupal.
3.5. The scripting language at the client end should be JavaScript and compatibility with all major and
modern browsers must be ensured.
3.6. The snippet for Google analytics should be included in all the pages in the website whether they are
static pages or dynamic pages.

4.1. Training for managing the portal should be provided by the vendor.

5.1. Following are the required deliverables for the project.
1. User Manual
2. Source Code

Major Modules of Web application to be developed listed below :

The GPF account Holder of Government Employee in the state Government of Maharashtra will have the
provision to check the account balance and Withdrawal status using their series number (Series number is
allocated to all Govt. Employee. The authentication process should be combination of Series number, Account
Number and password. The updation of Information/data would be done through backend vendor should
provide the Familiar UI to update Information.

GPF DETAILS MODULE (For Mumbai and Nagpur A&E Offices)

Account Balance Details:
a) Initial all the User will have to register them by filling up basic details as in form in below link
b) Register User can Login using Series Number , Account Number and Password
c) User can view its GPF related details such as Opening Balance, Deposits and Withdrawals
d) Year wise details can be downloaded in PDF format by User
Final Withdraw Details:
a) Registered user can check the status of the Withdrawal
b) User can view its GPF related details such as Withdrawals
c) The detail can be downloaded in PDF format by User
CMS update provision to be provided to upload other Information in pdf format such as
1) Part Want/Full Want Schedules
2) Missing Credits
3) Unposted Credits
4) Probable retirees
5) Document required for Final refund of GPF
6) View/Download MGPF Rules, 2017
7) Download forms for New GPF No allotted
The Update Provision is to be provided Role Wise and assigned Users can updated PDF through CMS
below is the additional feature to be added:

Mobile Number Registration module

 After providing GPF Series, Account Number, Date of Birth and Mobile number user should be
registered in the system by authenticating OTP received in the mobile.

Export utility:
 An interface for downloading the mobile numbers registered, from NIC server to the local

Push SMS Service

 For providing GPF Subscription and Final Refund related SMS Alert message based on pre-defined
triggers regarding deposit/withdrawal in the GPF Accounts.
 Downloading Subscriber’s copy of GPF Final/Residual Payment authority.
 Downloading GPF Annual Account Statement, which is at present hosted on the local Web server.

Authentication parameter to be fine-tuned and mobile number/OTP will be one additional authentication

User Work Flow

Data Upload Module Flow

1. Prescribed forms and required information regarding for new GPF number allotment i.e. DOB, DOJ,
Max length of the service, DOR, Date of promotion in state Govt. Service, details of previous 5 years’
subscription, withdrawals etc. may be uploaded.
2. New number allotted list may be shown on website with monthly parameters like month and treasury.
3. Status of pending cases, Part payment cases and Returned cases may be shown on website and that
required documents for finalizing the cases may be shown on website so the early compliance can be
expected from the DDOs and subscribers.
4. Subscriber’s copy of GPF final/Residual Payment authority can be downloaded from website. In
addition to this the information like Post Office Registry Number of Authority sent to DDO and
Treasury Officer, may be displayed so the subscriber can keep e-tracking of his/her authority delivery
to concern Department/Treasury Officer.
5. In present scenario, people frequently change their mobile numbers. It is beneficial if we provide
facility to change their mobile number and feed their email id through website.
6. DDOs list may also be uploaded on website. Updating facility may be provided to DDOs for their
correct address, telephone/mobile numbers. This will help to build a database of DDO address,
Telephone numbers and email ids, so we can contact DDO directly for PW/FW/UP items/returned
7. All other related/ common information which is not shown in AG(A&E)-II, Maharashtra Nagpur
website shown in AG(A&E)-I, Maharashtra, Mumbai website under page- ‘Get your GPF Entitlement
details’ like Probable retirees, View/Download MGPF Rules, 2017 etc. may be shown.
8. A new webpage link called ‘Action by DDO’, where all expected action from DDO may be displayed.

PENSION MODULE (For Mumbai and Nagpur A&E Offices)

Pension Case status

 By Reference Number
 B y Pensioner Name/Department Name/Treasury Name
DDO wise Pension Report
 DDO wise report of Pension to be generated
 Format of the report will be shared at the time of development
 DDO wise report can be generated by any user
 Report should be generated between a date range
 The data will be uploaded in text data file format same as mentioned in GPF module

DDO wise Cases Returned but Not Received Back

DDO wise report for cases returned but not Received Back of Pension to be generated .Format of the report
will be shared at the time of development
 DDO wise report can be generated by any user using Pensioner Name / Department name / Treasury
 Report should be generated between a date range

Mobile Number Registration module

After providing Pension File ID, DOB, DOR, Mobile Number etc. user should be registered in the
system by authenticating OTP received in the mobile.
 Export utility: An interface for downloading the mobile numbers registered, from NIC server to the
local client/desktop.
 Push SMS Service
 For providing Pension related SMS based on the modalities for authentication to be worked with user.
 Downloading of Pensioner’s copy of Pension Payment Order non editable format.

ONLINE RECONCILIATION MODULE (For Mumbai and Nagpur A&E Offices)

Currently the database is in Oracle 11g and front-end in asp.net, which is hosted on in-house web server and
after development this would be migrated on to NIC cloud. Important points related to data update in
database server are as follows:

1. There are two divisions which maintains this data 1. Mumbai Division 2. Nagpur Division
2. Oracle 11g dump file is to be uploaded in application server.
3. Mumbai Division and Nagpur division uploads own respective oracle dump files
4. Mumbai dump file consists of 36 tables and total 5 crore rows approx. and Nagpur dump file consists
of 36 tables and 3 crore rows in total
5. The dump file shall replace all the table in the database deleting all existing table.
6. This update is done at the end of each month
7. This data is accessed by DDO and AG office from their respective login
The Reconciliation is to be done DDO wise for each type and DDO users can update status of
reconciliation for Error and Report of it can be generated. Each DDO can view the DDO wise data
which will be marked as compiled.

Reports in Online Reconciliation Module

 Compilation Register
 Deduction Details
 Classified Abstract - Receipt
 Consolidated Abstract - Receipt
 Transfer Entry Details – Treasury TE
 Transfer Entry Details - CTL TE
 Classified Abstract - Payment
 Consolidated Abstract - Payment
 Refund Voucher Details
 Contingency Voucher Details
 Misclassified Voucher Details OBS Details (Missing Vouchers)
 View / Edit DDO & CO Details
 Outstanding DC
 Bills Outstanding
 Utilization Certificates
 Delete wrongly reconciled vouchers
 Loan Heads Loan Heads
 Reconciliation by Controlling Officer ( program may need minor modification)
 Receipt Reconciliation
 PWD/IRD/FRD Reconciliation for AG Nagpur
Above reports are required to be generated DDO wise

1. The vendor should have sufficient experience of similar work, preferably with Government, Semi-
Government Agencies.
2. The vendor shall depute adequate number of qualified professionals for timely and smooth execution of
the project as per the time schedule given.
3. In the event of unsatisfactory performance of particular support personnel, he/she should be immediately
replaced by the vendor.
4. The vendor should give necessary undertaking to take over the entire liability of the system functioning
including functional errors arising from the change management.
5. This office reserves the right to terminate the contract in the event of unsatisfactory services provided by
the vendor or breach of any terms and conditions mentioned hereunder.
6. The vendor will at all times adhere to the IT Security and Confidentially policies of the office.
7. Password shared by the office will be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to outsiders at any
8. Modification will be carried out in the test environment and on approval from the user department it will
be applied to the production environment. The final signoff will be based on change management
successfully implemented in the production environment.
9. The warranty/support shall remain valid as per the technical specification for a minimum of three years.
10. The payment is subject to final hosting and receipt of security clearance certificate from security audit
11. Payment will be made only after satisfactory completion of work.
12. Proposals should be inclusive of all taxes and other charges, if any.
13. Co-ordination with NIC for hosting and uploading data in their server will be responsibility of the vendor.
14. The Technical and Commercial proposals to be submitted separately.
15. The commercial proposal may be prepared in the following format, suitably customized, if needed.
S.No. Description Amount (Rs.)
1 Development Cost (Cost of Development of static and dynamic web pages,
hosting and uploading of data to NIC server, Database creation, migration of
data, testing, change management, training, documentation etc. and one year
technical support)
2 Technical support for 4 years
3 2 Rounds of Security Audit of website (CERT-In)
4 Audit for GIGW compliance (STQC)
GST and other taxes, if any
Grand Total