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01 250 mL volumetric flask, dilute to volume, and mix thoroughly; or

AOAC Official Method 920.175 weigh 50 g test portion and dilute with H2O to 100 g. If insoluble
Preparation of Test Sample material remains, mix uniformly by shaking before taking aliquots
First Action 1920 by volume or by weight for determinations.
Final Action
(a) Solids (sugars, etc.).—Grind, if necessary, and mix to (c) Liquids (molasses, syrups, etc.).—Mix materials thoroughly.
uniformity. Thoroughly mix raw sugars with spatula in minimum If crystals of sugar are present, dissolve them by heating gently
time. Break up any lumps either on glass plate with glass or iron (avoiding loss of H2O by evaporation), or by weighing whole mass,
rolling pin, or in large, clean, dry mortar, with pestle. then adding H2O, heating until completely dissolved, and after
(b) Semisolids (massecuites, etc.).—Weigh 50 g test portion, cooling, reweighing. Calculate all results to weight of original
dissolve crystals of sugar in minimum volume of H2O, wash into substance.