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Field Trip

AGLS 6502 Tropical Zoo and Wildlife Production and Management

VETM 2212 Animal Production III

Each student would be expected to do an individual hand

written response to the Questions.
It should be handed up as soon as possible so that it can be
corrected and returned to you for your review.

Welcome Statement
Dear Classes, the Weekend Field Trip will be to the following locations:
(1) Saturday 9th February 2019
5:30 am
The University Field Station (UFS) [Milking and Milking Management of Dairy Cows,
Intensive Dairy Housing, Intensive Small Ruminant Housing [Sheep and Goats], the
Rearing of a Neo-tropical animal species the Agouti [Dasyprocta leporina],
The Sugarcane Feeds Centre (SFC) [Intensive Housing of Ruminants, Pigs, Rabbits
and Ducks, Aquaculture integrated with Small Ruminants, Abattoirs, Bio Gas Digestors,
Forages, Composting, Integrated Agriculture, Neo-tropical Animals]

(2) Saturday 16th January 2019

8:30 am
The Emperor Valley Zoo


You would be expected to make observations and take notes. I would like you to observe
all that is taking place. I would also like you to carefully observe the following and make
some brief notes:

-The Housing and Physical Environment and Engineering designs as it relates to the
production of Milk Production and Milking and Milking Management, Calves,
Sheep, Goats, Chickens, Pigs and Agouti[Animal Environment Interaction]
- The Feeding Systems Employed
- Other Relevant Information as they relate to
a) The Preconditions for Domestication and Intensive Systems of Animal Production
b) The Housing and Environmental Management as they relate to Feeding and

Field Trip Questions AGLS 6502 and VETM 2212 Semester II 2019 Page 1
-Questions to be answered-

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Questions to be answered by ALL students from VETM 2212 and AGLS


1] What is the Milking Process with Dairy Cattle or Milking Animals?


2] What is the Milking Routine/Procedure with Dairy Cattle or Milking


3] What is Body Condition Scoring in Dairy Cattle and Mammals?


5] How could Body Condition Scoring be used with Non-domestic


6] What are the six (6) Factors “Affecting Animal Production”?


7] What is colostrum?

8] What are the roles or functions of colostrum?


9] What is Poly Culture in a Fish Pond?


10] What is Integrated Agriculture?

Field Trip Questions AGLS 6502 and VETM 2212 Semester II 2019 Page 2

11] Give an example of Integrated Agriculture?


12] What is the Steve Bennett Rule for Small Ruminant Production in
the Humid Tropics?

13] How would you apply this rule to the Housing Design for an
Intensive Small Ruminant Production Unit?

14] List the “Common” and “Scientific” names of five (5) animal species
that you saw on the Field Trip.

15] What are the roles of Ruminants to Humanity?


16] What are the Present and Future Roles and Functions of Zoos?

17] Why is the importance of the Kitchen in the Zoo?


18] List the Components of a Zoo Exhibit?


19] Select any Exhibit at the Emperor Valley Zoo and do an objective
commentary of the exhibit.

20] What do you think is/are the primary role/roles of the EVZ, giving
reasons for your answer?

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