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The stories behind the most
innovative, impactful and inspirational
civil engineering practices
6 Overview

How the NCE100 Companies
of the Year were chosen

8 Staff feedback
Staff feedback was key to
0% 100% NCE100 award winner choices

57% 11 NCE100
Very Satisfied Top10
The 10 best NCE100
companies in 2018

20 Trending 20
The top 20 up and coming
civil engineering firms

22 Trending 20

FJD Consulting stood out
among the up and comers
25 NCE100
The 15 greatest stories of 2017

56 NCE100
22 16 listing
The NCE100
Companies of the Year

58 NCE100
The 45 judges who
assessed the NCE100 firms

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 3

As Europe’s leading consultancy for future communities
and cities, Sweco is delighted to be ranked by the NCE
as the 6th civil engineering company in the UK and proud
to be the recipient of its Low Carbon Leader Award.

info@sweco.co.uk | 0113 262 0000 | www.sweco.co.uk

Welcome to the NCE100 Gold Book. Inside we are
recognising some fantastic civil engineering businesses. The
companies inside are the most innovative, impactful and
inspirational companies operating in the infrastructure sector
We know this because the NCE100 is the most rigorous
and robustly-judged business recognition scheme in civil
To achieve recognition here, firms have had to present
their achievements to a panel of 45 judges representing the
industry’s leading clients, owner/operators stakeholder groups
and change bodies.
But not only that, they had to allow us to conduct a
comprehensive survey of their staff. We are grateful to the
almost 8,000 engineers who responded and provided us with
their invaluable insight.
These firms also had to answer some key questions designed
to eliminate any company that is not meeting the NCE100
criteria of driving our industry forward by doing the right
things, in the right way, to deliver outcomes that benefit

Recognition comes in three ways.
We have 15 award categories: five recognise firms innovating
The NCE100 is in project initiation, design, delivery and operation; five more
the most rigorous recognise firms who are making an impact with industry-
change initiatives; and five more recognise firms who serve as
and robustly-judged inspiration to us all by delivering outcomes for society.
We also give special recognition to the role of the smaller
business recognition scheme firms in our industry; the firms often incubating the best
ideas but who do not always have the marketing clout to get
in civil engineering their voices heard. We recognise these firms through our
Trending20 – our pick of the small firms with the best stories
to tell.
But we begin with the top 10 – the firms who, according
to the NCE100 judges, their staff and their data, really
are standing out – and our ultimate winner, the NCE100
Company of the Year.
I hope you find our Gold Book informative.

Mark Hansford
Editor, New Civil Engineer

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 5

the cream
of the crop

The NCE100 showcases truly Tideway chairman Sir Neville patents in the process?
outstanding civil engineering practices, Simms, Crossrail chief executive Perhaps this is not surprising given
consultants and contractors, big KEY FACTS Simon Wright, Highways England that 52 of the 100 have a budget
and small. We were looking for the smart motorways programme director for research and development and
companies who, in 2018, have got the 24 Shaun Pidcock, Cabinet Office innovation.
most inspiring stories to tell. Stories of construction director David Hancock, And on the subject of managing
innovation, of changing our industry
Number of Innovate UK innovation lead Sarah risk, so important in the post-Carillion
for the better, and of making the world staff employed Eager, Heathrow Airport chief world, 72 of the 100 had a risk register
a better place through their projects. by FJD people officer Paula Stannett and and a strategy for managing it.
The winners of the NCE100 Infrastructure & Projects Authority When it comes to business culture,
Companies of the Year 2018 were Consulting senior advisor Keith Waller. it is good to see, for example, that 70
revealed on 23 May at an awards The stories they picked out as of the NCE100 firms have a formal
ceremony at the Troxy, London. The £1.5M to outstanding are told in the awards inclusion policy but a shame that
winners celebrated with 650 guests section of this Gold Book. only 25 are signed up to Women Into
from the UK’s leading civil engineering £1.7M Alongside the judging, data supplied Science and Engineering’s 10 Steps to
firms and their peers from across the FJD’s annual to us by these companies about how Gender Equality – just one more than
industry’s top companies. turnover they operate was used to help us last year.
We recognised the leading firms formulate our top 10. More positively, 60 of the 100 have
in 15 specific areas of excellence This data was quite revealing and formal initiatives in ensure that staff
before revealing the top 10 NCE100 shows the extent to which the civil are not overstressed or over-tired.
Companies of the Year. engineering industry is driving forward. The key sense-check question
Each category had a trio of judges For example, when it comes to tech around collaboration was whether a
hand-picked for their specific expertise excellence and innovation, would you firm had BS11000 certification – and
in the skillset being judged. have guessed that the 100 companies just 22 do.
Judges this year included Transport collectively brought 932 innovations Similarly, on low carbon, the key
for London commissioner Mike Brown, to market this year, securing 32 question was whether a firm reported

6 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

The NCE100 would not

be possible without our
sponsors and supporters.
Thanks to:

Platinum Sponsors
Royal HaskoningDHV

Gold Sponsor

Silver Sponsor
Black & Veatch

Global Engineering Congress
Hewson Consulting
Engineers Stantec
WSP Group

On staff Nations Sustainable Development Arcadis takes Opus as Gold Medal Winners.
Goals and had set targets to help to the stage Interestingly, but perhaps
feedback achieve them. after claiming unsurprisingly, smaller firms would

alone, smaller firms There was then one final piece of the
NCE100 assessment jigsaw and it is
top spot claim nine of the top 10 spots if the
NCE100 assessment was based on
would have filled the most important.
Worth half the marks when it comes
staff feedback alone. Top of the pile
this year – by some distance – would
out 16 of the top to building our top 10, it is the results
of a comprehensive staff survey. We
have been MJ Rooney Construction,
followed by Floodline Consulting,
20 spots, with only are massively grateful to the almost
8,000 who filled in our survey, the
London Bridge Associates, Waterco,
Anthony D Bates Partnership and
Costain, Mace and findings of which come next. Project Centre.
The NCE100 Company of the Year The highest-rated big firm was Arup,
Arcadis joining Arup this year was Dutch-owned Arcadis. coming in at number 7 in the staff
As well as wowing our judges and feedback rankings.
claiming the Smart Operator gong On staff feedback alone, smaller
and being highly commended for firms would have filled out 16 of the
its carbon footprint – and just 29 do. diversity leadership and making the top 20 spots, with only Costain, Mace
When it comes to talent shortlist for innovation in project and Arcadis joining Arup.
development, 67 of the 100 have an management and excellence in climate This staff input, sitting alongside the
approved ICE training agreement. resilience, it was only a few points views of the judges and the analysis of
And finally, what about providing behind Arup in staff scores too. the company data, makes the NCE100
inspiration by seeking to make the It means in three years of NCE100 the most comprehensive assessment
world a better place? Well, it really there have been three different of civil engineering firms going. These
would be good if a few more than winners of the NCE100 Company of 100 are the companies that have been
22 said they supported the United the Year, with Arcadis joining Arup and making the biggest stir in 2018.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 7

View from Satisfaction D

the coal face


83% YES

17% NO

39% YES

61% NO
Civil engineers remain a happily hefty 87% of those responding were
employed bunch, with 83% of the professionally qualified or working
7,640 who responded to the NCE100 KEY FACTS towards qualification with the appro-
questionnaire agreeing with the priate professional body.
statement that their company is 71% But only 23% of them said they
“great” and that they have “no desire” actively participated in the work of
to work anywhere else. That is quite an Percentage of their professional bodies by sitting on
endorsement. NCE100 firm committees or panels. And there is no IN THE LAST YEAR MY WORK
So what is it about the 100 great excuse for them not to – of the HAS CAUSED ME UNPLEASANT
companies in the NCE100 that makes
staff satisfied 23%, 92% said their firm was happy LEVELS OF STRESS
them such great places to work? with their sal- for them to do this in work time.
ary and other
Driving innovation
14% YES

Talent development benefits A hearty 84% said they were satisfied 86% NO
Complaints to New Civil Engineer with their firm’s investment in
about the salaries paid to civil engi- 83% innovation, research and development
neers have dropped off in recent years and 86% were happy with the way
and the NCE100 survey perhaps ex-
Percentage of their firm encourages them to
plains why. A big majority of respond- NCE100 firm innovate and push technical and
staff saying

ents, 80%, said they were happy with technological boundaries.
the structured career development that their MY FIRM REWARDS ME FOR
and training provided by their firm. company is WORKING WITH SCHOOLS
Similarly, 78% said they were satisfied
with the pace their career is developing
“great” 77% said they AND COLLEGES
at and 71% were happy with their salary
and other benefits.
were aware
24% YES

76% NO

Valuing technical excellence

of initiatives in their
Post-Grenfell there has been a
re-awakening of the way employers
firm to help them
value technical expertise. An over- understand the value
whelming 93% said they were happy
with the way their firm values this. A of reducing carbon
8 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

83% said they Going broader than schools, 76%

on Dashboard were satisfied

said they were happy with the way
their firm promotes the profession
to the wider media but only 24% said
with their firm’s lead- they had been supported by their firms
in doing promotional or media work
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ership in exploring themselves.
where technology can Working collaboratively
take the industry Collaboration is an industry
buzzword. But how many people
0% 100% are really collaborating; working in
57% an environment with longer-term
Very Satisfied But again, it seems those who take interaction based on a shared mission
an active role are in the minority: and goals, with shared decision-makers
just 24% of respondents said they and resources?
personally participated in industry Looking internally, 61% said they
research or innovation groups. were working like that, with 18% going
Yet, again, their firms seem happy further and saying they were working
to support such activities, as only 8% in a fully integrated environment with
93% of those who get involved in research a fully integrated programme, co-
Satisfied and innovation forums have to do so in located teams with combined planning
their own time. and funding.
Looking externally and how people
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE PACE Technology leadership work with others in other organisations
YOUR CAREER IS DEVELOPING? There is much focus right now on the in the supply chain, just 51% said they
skillsets that will be required by civil were working genuinely collaboratively
0% 100% engineering firms in the future. Here, and just 15% said they were working in
30% there is trust in the businesses, with an integrated team.
When working collaboratively, 35%
Very Satisfied 76% saying they felt their firm was
developing and recruiting people with said they were aware of doing so within
the right skills to drive their company a formal framework such as BS11000.
Going further, 83% said they were Reducing carbon
satisfied with their firm’s leadership Awareness of the role of civil engineers
in exploring where technology can in mitigating climate change through
take the industry and 77% said their their work is a major concern right
78% firm’s digital strategy has had a positive now. This year New Civil Engineer has
Satisfied impact on the way they work. reported how major infrastructure
But slightly worryingly, just 45% funders are challenging the profession
said they considered themselves to be about what it is doing to tackle the
working at BIM Level 2 – the digital issue.
HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR skills level that the government has set It seems that employers are
FIRMS APPROACH TO ACHIEVING THE for all its projects. responding. In the NCE100 survey,
UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS? 83% said their firm is encouraging
Building future skills them to consider the carbon
0% 100% implications of their work and 77% said
There is satisfaction with the way
NCE100 firms engage with schools they were aware of initiatives in their
Very Satisfied and colleges: 72% are happy with this. firm to help them understand the value
Yet most are happy to leave it others of reducing carbon. Of them 58%
to actually do it. Just 29% said they have actively participated in such an
personally work with schools and initiative.
colleges, and of them just 31% are Overall 63% said they considered
trained as science, technology and their firm to be a leader in the drive to
maths (STEM) ambassadors or similar. reduce carbon use in infrastructure.

55% It is perhaps understandable to see why

– of those who work with schools, just
That’s a lot of leaders.

Satisfied 24% said their firm offered some kind Developing sustainably
of reward for this work. The ICE’s code of professional conduct

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 9

81% of

employees rated their

firm as good when it
comes to openness to
employing women and
treating them fairly

says that all members shall show “due

regard” for the environment and for
the sustainable management of natural
It is arguable whether this statement
is tough enough for modern times, Smaller companies flood the NCE100 top 10s for Tech Excellence, Business Culture
when so many people worldwide and World View when firms are judged solely by their staff. This makes the achievements
live without access to clean water, of Costain and Arup all the more remarkable. But notwithstanding that, these are clearly
sanitation, affordable energy, efficient firms that are making their staff feel secure, valued and engaged.
transport systems or even safe shelter.
The United Nations’ Sustainable
been set to improve the lives of those 01 MJ Rooney Construction 01 Floodline Consulting 01 MJ Rooney Construction
without those basic human needs. The 02 Anthony D Bates 02 MJ Rooney Construction 02 Floodline Consulting
ICE says civil engineers are in a unique 03 Floodline Consulting 03 London Bridge Associates 03 Project Centre
and privileged position to help the 04 London Bridge Associates 04 Project Centre 04 Stuart Michael
world achieve them. 05 Waldeck Consulting 05 Costain 05 Arup
NCE100 company staff clearly 06 Wentworth House 06 Waterco Consultants 06 London Bridge
agree, with 90% of respondents saying 07 Design ID Consulting 07 Westlakes Engineering 07 Waterco Consultants
their companies will play an important 08 Whitby Wood 08 Anthony D Bates 08 Dr Sauer & Partners
role in achieving the UNSDGs. 09 Waterco Consultants 09 Davies Maguire 09 Whitby Wood
But just 55% are happy with their 10 Costain 10 Alun Griffiths 10 Westlakes Engineering
company’s approach to date, and a
only tiny minority, 13% , would say
they are “very satisfied”. levels of stress definitely are and 14% Diversity
of respondents say they have regularly When it comes to gender equality 91%
Health and wellbeing KEY FACTS suffered unpleasant levels of stress in of NCE100 employees rated their firm
Much attention today is directed the last year. Overall, 15% said they as good when it comes to openness to
towards mental health and wellbeing 13% have had to seek help for stress. But employing women and treating them
and NCE100 firms seem to be taking encouragingly of those, 86% said their fairly, with 76% going so far as to say it
note. Percentage of company supported them through it. was very good.
Three quarters – 76% – of NCE100 respondents This sentiment falls in other diversity
company staff feel their firm is who were “very Safety and zero harm areas.
concerned with their physical health And what of physical health and When it comes to employing and
and mental wellbeing, with 81% feeling satisfied” wit safety? Remembering that the fairly treating ethnic minorities,
that they have enough time to do their h their firm’s NCE100 comprises contractors as 86% said their firm was good. For
jobs and 85% saying they are happy well as consultants it is good to see people of a mature age, 83% ;
with their work-life balances. approach to that only 6% of respondents say they for people of minority religions, 80%;
But 64% say they regularly work tackling the are sometimes encouraged to cut for those returning from a career
more than 37.5 hours a week and 48% UNSDGs corners because of time constraints break, 74%; for LGBT people, 69%;
say that in the last year their work has and that less than 1% say they do this for those with hearing, sight, mobility
caused them stress. regularly. or learning impairments, 63%; and
Stress, the experts say, is not Less than 3% say they sometimes for those with mental health concerns,
necessarily a bad thing. But unpleasant feel they are put at unnecessary risk. just 57%.

10 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
Top 10
Making the NCE100 top 10 is a remarkable
achievement. These are firms ranked highest
by clients, peers and their own staff
Top 10

01 Arcadis

Main: Arcadis worked with

Network Rail on the London
The average London commuter is vital as we move forward in our digital
Bridge station redesign
used to the highs and lows of public transformation. We’re not just talking
KEY FACTS Below: Manchester Airport
transport: from getting a seat on on a business to business basis, but
transformation programme is
trains that arrive every 30 seconds to business to consumer.”
another Arcadis project
queuing for 15 minutes just to reach 200 It is this conversational approach
the platform. which helped the consultant win top
Number of
However smooth or difficult that place at the NCE100 this year.
journey is, Arcadis has used it as a Arcadis Engagement has been crucial to
starting point to get transport users partners the firm as it emerges from a period Winner
to think about how their city works. of transition and rebranding. Arcadis
NCE100 Company
In a move virtually unknown for an can trace its roots back almost 300
engineering consultancy, it launched years but, in the UK, it was only in of the Year
a consumer advertising campaign on 2015 – following the 2011 merger with —
London Underground and in mainline EC Harris and the 2014 acquisition
stations, asking travellers questions like of Hyder Consulting – that the Winner
“Is London progressive enough for the companies came together under a Smart Operator
future of travel?” single Arcadis brand.

It is all part of the conversation “In the UK, you had organisations
the firm wants to have with clients which operated totally differently High Commendation
and end-users about how it can help – a partnership with EC Harris and Diversity Champion
improve quality of life – a driver which shareholders at Hyder,” says Pike.
the consultancy says is fundamental to “There were two different business —
what it does. models, different types of people – Shor tlisted
“Working for clients like Network management consultants, engineers
Innovation in Project
Rail and Highways England, we don’t and designers. The challenge was
necessarily have that connection with how to create a leadership team that Management,
the end-user; there are several other fosters collaboration.” Excellence in Climate
layers they go through,” says UK rail Combining these businesses gave
director Chris Pike. “By stimulating Arcadis its four main capabilities: design Resilience
conversation, we start to create and engineering, programme and project
connections with end-users. This is management, cost and commercial

12 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
it maintains 25%. The approach uses
data analytics to pre-empt technical
failures, reducing them by up to 64%.
Arcadis is a Limited Liability
Partnership (LLP) which comprises
over 200 leaders who are essentially
shareholders with a stake in the
success of the company.
There are also employee forums
and working groups for areas including
equal opportunities, LGBT+, mental

health, as well as cultural groups
encompassing elements like religious
diversity. Feedback from a staff survey
We don’t stop. was a key part of scoring for NCE100.
“That engagement helps people feel
We want to they don’t just come here to work, but
are part of an organisation which values
develop and develop them for their contribution,” says Pike.
At the NCE100 awards Arcadis
quickly received a high commendation in the
Diversity Champion category, with its
faith-inclusive campaign and refugee
traineeships of particular note.
services and business advisory. The firm’s recent projects include
“These elements are focused around redesigning London Bridge Station for
the full spectrum of how you deliver Network Rail, technical advisory to
projects and blend those capabilities Highways England on Lower Thames
to provide a service that goes beyond Crossing, designing 80km of the High
engineering,” says Pike. Speed 2 Phase 1 route and programme
Arcadis is currently working as management for Manchester Airport’s
Systems Integration Delivery Partner Transformation Programme.
for Network Rail’s digital railway Arcadis is currently looking to
programme, managing the roll-out of help Birmingham prepare for the
digital signalling on the rail network. Commonwealth Games in 2022 by
“The project is about introducing a using data analytics, bots and building
system which is part infrastructure, and interactive dashboarding to quickly
part transformation and part and clearly build a picture of hotel
digital. Bringing that to life provision in the city. It will mean that
requires a very different skill set to better decisions can be made about
designing bridges or new sections of how to meet demand.
railway,” explains Pike. “It is about Pike says that digital transformation
people transformation, systems is key for the firm’s future, both in
transformation and new process, the UK and globally. “Transformation
tailoring infrastructure to take a doesn’t happen overnight. You do the
system which exists, but needs to be stuff people expect you to do and
adapted to a highly variable operational incrementally improve, but at the same
railway environment. Just applying time you take your clients on a journey
pure engineering doesn’t work. You of discovery. Digital transformation is
need to enable groups – designers, all about collaboration,” says Pike.
contractors, infrastructure managers, Pike says that Arcadis is, naturally,
operators and end-users – to optimise delighted to have won the NCE100.
such a system.” “We had a strategy to get in the
Innovation and thinking through top three and someone said to me
the full asset life achieved a second afterwards ‘you’ve overperformed.
NCE100 success: Arcadis won Smart What are you going to do next year?’.”
Operator for its work delivering So what is Arcadis going to do next
performance-based maintenance on year? “We don’t stop,” says Pike. “We
the Dutch railway system, of which want to develop and develop quickly.”

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 13
Top 10

02 Arup “
Together we
help our clients
solve their most
complex challenges



The new Queensferry Crossing opened

under budget and on time, but when
Arup was appointed the scheme was
unaffordable and its timeline extremely
ambitious. With its client and JV
partner Jacobs, it challenged the
project brief, streamlined the bridge
design and halved the scheme budget
range from £3.2bn to £4.2bn down to
£1.7bn to £2.3bn to make the project
a reality.
On High Speed 2, Arup’s unique role
as environmental overview consultant
was to secure wide stakeholder
acceptance for this controversial
scheme. It combined visual and
acoustic data to simulate the passenger
experience and accurately model the
route context during construction and
operation. This smoothed progress
of the hybrid bills: Phase 1 passed on
schedule; it submitted Phase 2a on Arup helped in communities.
time; and Phase 2b is on track. to halve the Three mega-projects; three prime
Queensferry Shortlisted
Working in collaboration with examples of how 13,000-strong Arup
Welsh Water since 2015, Arup has Crossing’s Innovation in continues to inspire, innovate and have
developed a pioneering resilience budget and get Project Initiation, impact.
strategy that will deliver improved the project off Innovation in Design, Established in 1946, it remains
water supply protection and create a the drawing an independent firm of designers,
board Diversity Leadership,
resilient water grid system to safeguard Excellence in Water planners, engineers, consultants
the 1.2M people who are at risk and technical specialists, working
should an existing water treatment across every aspect of today’s built
works fail. Arup drew on its global environment.
experience of resilience planning to “Together we help our clients solve
identify customer-specific target areas their most complex challenges,” it says.
such as affordability, customers in The company earns 60% of its
vulnerable circumstances and working turnover outside the UK.

14 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
03 Jacobs Mental Health Champions (PMHCs),
enabling early intervention for staff
who may have symptoms.
Its team of PMHCs covers over 26
countries, includes 1,000-plus staff,
Jacobs is now a 74,000-strong and continues to grow.
behemoth but is still able to The company has grown rapidly
demonstrate great value for clients and through acquisition, latterly CH2M
retain the loyalty of its staff. and Aquenta, and is globally
This loyalty is driven by initiatives headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It
such as its Sustainability+ programme is now of the world’s largest and
that empowers staff to drive savings most diverse providers of full-
from a low carbon agenda. spectrum technical, professional and
Reducing the footprint of its own construction services for industrial,
Jacobs runs
initiatives and those of its clients saved commercial and government client
an award
54.2M.t of CO2 for clients in 2016 – a Highly Commended winning metal organisations globally.
five-fold saving increase in two years. Excellence in Transport The CH2M acquisition has opened
health support
Meanwhile health, safety and new markets for the firm, particularly in
— programme for
wellbeing remain core to Jacobs’ DNA water and the environment. The prime
Shortlisted staff
– it is not just something we do, it example is in London where CH2M
says, but who we are at work, home, Health and Wellbeing (now Jacobs) and the Environment
and in the community. Its BeyondZero Champion, Low Carbon Agency formed Thames Estuary Asset
culture (recently celebrating its 10th Leader, Smart Operator, Management 2100 (TEAM2100).
Anniversary) and award-winning As lead delivery partner, it manages
Mental Health Matters initiative
Excellence in Water the inspection, refurbishment and
continue to drive progress and inspire. replacement of tidal flood defence
The latter delivers an extensive assets along the estuary, protecting
support network, including Positive 1.3M people and £275bn of property.

04 Mace relieve congestion and help to connect

communities in the East of England.
Mace was appointed project
manager in 2012 to lead an integrated
team through the planning, design and
Mace started life in London in 1990 as construction of the upgraded road. The
a construction manager targeting the project won planning consent in 2016
commercial property sector, but now it and is due to open in 2020.
is so much more. It was the first time Highways
It is now a 4,800-strong England has used the collaborative
international consultancy and development partner approach and
construction company, founded the project has set a benchmark for
and built on exceptional people, a the speed and efficiency of developing
commitment to service excellence and schemes of this scale.
a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit. Mace led Mace’s view was that a single
Mace works internationally on the A14 team, with shared goals and shared
Winner Cambridge to
transport infrastructure programmes, objectives, would deliver the scheme
from aviation to highways and rail. It Construction Huntingdon cheaper, faster and more efficiently.
aims to work as the delivery partner Innovation Champion from planning
Through a process of challenge and
for major infrastructure providers such — review Mace reduced the time from
as Highways England and Transport through options consultation to submission of
for London, helping to ensure some Shortlisted construction DCO by two years and the cost by
of the most complex programmes in Low Carbon Leader, over £100M.
the world are managed and delivered Mace is also leading the charge on
Excellence in Transport carbon, in November 2017 becoming
The A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon the first UK construction company
Improvement Scheme is a £1.5bn to sign up to RE100 and committing
upgrade project, involving a total to procuring all of its power from
of 294km of new lanes, which will renewables by 2022.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 15
Top 10

05 Ramboll “
We as an
industry have
got to do something
quite transformational
to help decision
makers invest wisely



Just one of Ramboll’s many digital

innovations is its gantry generation
system, an automated design and
modelling tool. It represents a step
change in gantry design. Design now
takes hours not weeks with costs falling
by 60% on a scheme by scheme basis hundred or more, says Riley. consultancy challenge: how to add real
over the life of Highways England’s The core of it is Ramboll’s digital value to clients.
current programme. toolkit, effectively a suite of apps, “We as an industry have got to do
Ramboll has now taken these tailorable to individual clients that something quite transformational to
principles, knowledge and lessons allow designs to be developed in near help decision makers invest wisely
to widen the application and adopt real-time, allowing optioneering with in infrastructure, and that’s about
it in the design of other structures, real numbers involved. affordability and productivity,” he
including culverts and bridges. Riley: Helping Masterplans can be developed and says.
“For clients it is about helping clients go structures manipulated in ways that “We know we can knock lumps
them go further with design, faster further with show clients how far projects can be off the capital cost of infrastructure
so they can make valuable decisions design, faster pushed to maximise returns through through digital design and offsite
earlier,” explains UK managing director increased floor plates or better, faster assembly. It’s just about creating the
Mathew Riley. Riley’s UK operation is delivery. evidence,” he asserts.
now 1,300 strong and leading the way Once into the real detailed design, Ramboll is also broadening its
across the 13,000-strong Ramboll components (such as gantries) can be disciplinary capability by using its
group when it comes to digital design. designed and sent digitally to an offsite digital design expertise as the lever,
“We are a pioneer in the industry manufacturer in moments. with rail a good example.
against those client needs,” he It is all part of that crucial Ramboll is, of course, Danish owned
asserts. “We have had 60 or 70 client and Denmark is a world leader in
conversations that we wouldn’t have ERTMS (digital signalling). So Ramboll
had two years ago because of our has teamed up with Dutch-owned
technical capability,” he adds. Winner Arcadis (with the Dutch also pushing
It is a very clear strategy and a very Excellence in Transport ahead in digital rail) and they have
clear direction of travel. Previously, — jointly bid to be Network Rail’s digital
this was developing in pockets. Now railway delivery partner. They won.
our innovation process is organised Shortlisted “So we have gone from nowhere
through a dedicated team, the Design Innovation to the top table. And that is only the
challenge now is how we operationalise Diversity Champion start,” says Riley. It all adds up to a
this innovation so two years from growth plan that will likely take it to
now we could be talking a couple of 2,000 in the UK in next few years.

16 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
06 Sweco UK
ever design-stage rating for an office
development (98.5%).
Briefed by Michael Bloomberg
to “push the boundaries of
sustainable design”, its “what if”
Sweco UK is an 800-strong approach ensured no idea was off the
engineering, environment and design table. Drawing on international best
consultancy which combines a multi- practice and through a process of
disciplinary approach and international optimisation, its innovations will deliver
expertise to deliver sustainable water savings of 73% and energy
solutions. savings of 35% compared with an
Sustainability is central to Sweco’s typical office.
culture. It has backed-up public
commitments to reduce infrastructure
carbon with decisive action.
From the preemptive
implementation of PAS2080 and EA Winner
climate change regulations on major Low Carbon Leader
projects, to innovative approaches to
encouraging behavioural change across

the supply chain, it is leading in this Highly Commended
crucial area. Excellence in Design
It is the NCE100 Low Carbon Innovation
leader and there is no better of —
its carbon reduction and broader
sustainable construction drive than its
Bloomberg HQ: Pushing the
work on Bloomberg’s new European boundaries of sustainable design Excellence in
HQ. It achieved Breeam’s highest Alternative Energy

07 Mott MacDonald
United States and the UK.
Now 16,000-strong Mott
MacDonald is the UK’s largest
employee-owned engineering,
management and development
The 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, consultancy.
New Zealand, hit water and wastewater It describes itself as human in
infrastructure every bit as hard as outlook, independent of mind,
buildings. connected and confident. Opening
Mott MacDonald’s Moata opportunities and delivering outcomes
monitoring, modelling and analytics that improve people’s lives is its
tool had been fitted to systems to mantra.
monitor performance and inform
It enabled the consultant to pinpoint
damage and restore service rapidly. Winner
Six years on, Moata is even smarter
and being used internationally for Innovation in Project
identifying network problems and Initiation
visualising solutions on transport as —
well as water infrastructure.
In a market waking up to the Shortlisted
potential of smart infrastructure, there Smart Operator, Diversity
are few asset performance optimisation
tools available, and fewer still with long
Champion, Low Carbon
track records. Leadership, Excellence in
Moata has been in use and in The Moata monitoring tool Alternative Energy
development for a decade, with clients tracks performance
now looking to invest in Singapore, the

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 17
Top 10 Firms

Costain has
08 Costain a sharp
focus on talent and
is especially focused
on ensuring the
development and
retention of high
potential female

Costain says its purpose is to improve Costain has development action plans for high
people’s lives by deploying technology- a focus on potential female employees, which
based engineering solutions to meet developing Shortlisted outline training, mentoring and
urgent national needs across the UK’s and retaining Innovation in Project managed job rotations.
energy, water and transportation high potential Further, it has launched a support
infrastructures. female em Initiation, Talent network which will ensure women are
The emphasis on technology Champion aware of options to make careers with
is strategic. Costain has invested Costain more compatible with their
significantly to ensure it has the personal lives. Each Costain executive
capability to integrate and deliver be shared and innovation developed. board member is personally mentoring
smart infrastructure, and is delivering These scientists remain involved during an ELP or SLP member, which includes
significant customer savings using project delivery, working closely with at least three high-potential female
technology. At the early stage of project teams and customers to push Costain employees.
any project, its data science and the boundaries of research to ensure a In the last year, 40% of women on
technology experts bring together data pipeline of innovation. the strategic leadership programme
in a standard environment. Costain, now 4,000-strong, also has have been promoted to more senior
This allows disciplines from a sharp focus on talent and is especially positions, and one is currently being
estimating to planning to use a focused on ensuring the development supported by Costain to complete a
common data set, reducing the time and retention of high potential female full time MBA at the London School of
needed and allowing best practice to employees. It has developed over 50 Business.

18 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
09 WSP
for revenue and infrastructure
investment. Local authorities can use
the opportunity to provide growth and
jobs, already linked to existing public
transport hubs.
WSP has grown rapidly through WSP has ongoing experience
acquisition since its reverse takeover of with overbuild. At Principal Place in
Canadian firm Genivar, picking up Opus London, it is unlocking the potential
and Mouchel in the last two years. It now of a 50-storey residential tower and
employs 36,000 worldwide. 60,000m2 of office space which would
But it remains predominantly a have been impossible without building
technical consultancy. Its roots are in over railway tracks at Liverpool Street
commercial property and it has blended Station.
those skills with transportation.
Today WSP is a leader in designing
valuable property assets above
challenging railway environments, Shortlisted
delivering enhanced public realm,
transport connectivity and sustainable Excellence in Design
city densification. Its recent study, Innovation, Diversity
“Out of Thin Air”, demonstrates
the potential for 250,000 homes
Champion, Excellence
in London by building over rail lines, in Urban Living,
satisfying housing needs for five years. Excellence in Transport
This approach would create safe,
vibrant communities with greater WSP’s roots are in
public transport mobility. It offers commercial property
owners of railway land opportunities

10 Black & Veatch

The scheme design comprises 27km
of 6.3m diameter tunnel and 14 large
diameter storage shafts.
The project is an example of Black
& Veatch’s ability to leverage global
It is estimated that 20% of the world’s technical excellence.
population served by community Led from the United States, the
systems drinks potable water through UK-based design team includes
systems designed, constructed or hydraulics and modelling specialists
supported by Black & Veatch. who have developed and implemented
The consultant says it leverages global a number of innovations to optimise
expertise to develop pioneering, the hydraulic design.
award-winning solutions.
It is designing the City of Toronto
Wet Weather Flow Tunnel Scheme;
an interception/storage/conveyance Highly Commended
system that will improve water quality
in Lake Ontario and delist Toronto as Leader in Collaboration
an “Area of Concern” in the Great —
Lakes area. Shortlisted
The scheme covers an area of
270km2 and will benefit 1.3M people Smart Operator, Health
by reducing the volume and frequency and Wellbeing Leader,
of combined sewage outfall discharges
and urban
Excellence in Water
run-off from 45 outfalls to no more
than one spill per year, thus achieving Black & Veatch is designing a
considerable environmental, amenity flood alleviation tunnel for Toronto
and bio-diversity benefits.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 19
Trending 20


FJD Consulting has been crowned sulting was able to save £2M.
NCE100 Trending 20 Champion. The first and most eye-catching
The Birmingham-based company phase of the project was completed re- TRENDING 20
won the award after receiving top cently. It involves installing the bridge
marks from each member of the New to carry the heritage railway over the
l Anthony Bates
Civil Engineer editorial team. Midland Main Line.
FJD Consulting becomes the inau- All 20 companies will help shape l Awcock Ward Partnership
gural winner of the award, established New Civil Engineer’s SME profiles and l Bryden Wood
to recognise smaller firms with 200 or other articles in 2018 and 2019. l Caley Water
fewer staff. l Civic Engineers
We are reminded all the time that

l Clarkebond (UK)
the most innovative, creative and inspi-
l Davies Maguire
rational firms are often the small ones
but, lacking the corporate firepower of
the big firms can struggle to get their
We are l Design ID Consulting
l Design2e
story told. reminded l Dr Sauer & Partners
The Trending20 recognises the small l Edenvale Young Associates
firms with the big stories to tell. all the time that the l FJD Consulting
Nominations for the award were
whittled down to 20 last month, from most innovative, l Floodline Consulting
l Hewson Consulting
an initial longlist of around 40 eligible
companies. creative and inspira- Engineers
FJD Consulting won the award for
its work to reunite two sections of the
tional firms are often l London Bridge Associates
l Plandescil
Great Central Railway in Loughbor-
ough to create a continuous 30km
the small ones but, l Taylor & Boyd
long heritage railway (see p30). lacking the firepower l Waterco Consultants
l Webb Yates Engineers
By introducing innovative “flat-
packed” bridges to maximise value, can struggle to get l Westlakes Engineering
as well as sourcing redundant bridges
from other railway projects, FJD Con- their story told
20 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Wentworth House Partnership, part of Keltbray

Group, is an award-winning engineering design
consultancy, which specialises in the safe,
effective and imaginative design of temporary Wentworth House Partnership
St Andrew’s House, Portsmouth Road
and permanent works and geotechnics.
Esher, Surrey KT10 9TA
From facilitating construction of the Shard to preserving T 020 7643 1050
heritage at the Bodleian Library, Wentworth House F 020 7643 1001
Partnership has successfully delivered some of the most
E director@wentworth-house.co.uk
technically advanced and innovative design ideas for
leading construction projects across the UK. www.wentworth-house.co.uk
Trending 20


The team leading Birmingham-based the new roof of Temple Meads Station.
rail engineering firm FJD Consulting This contract was pulled with virtually
has set out an ambitious business KEY FACTS no warning.
strategy. “The contractor was just mobilising
It plans to expand into roads, 24 on site, we had probably about
airports and geotechnical engineering, £100,000 of work to start and they
and bring in virtual reality as a core
Number of got a phone call one morning saying it
business offering. At the same time staff employed has been pulled and it has gone,” says Birse Rail, which was subsequently
it is gearing up for the mass of tender by FJD director Simon Moon. taken over by Balfour Beatty.
opportunities generated by Network Moon, a design engineer who Although they went their separate
Rail’s next investment period, CP6, Consulting joined Atkins from university, runs ways professionally, they stayed in
and High Speed 2 (HS2). And all that FJD Consulting with his business touch. The two started FJD Consulting
is on top of just being crowned New £1.5M to partner Mark Jenner, a construction in 2012, and just a few months later
Civil Engineer’s Trending 20 champion, engineer, who runs sister construction Birse’s core design team joined them,
the award to the top small firm in the £1.7M management firm FJD Construction. bringing in a stream of contracts. This
NCE100. FJD’s annual The two first met when working at was helped by Network Rail having,

With this optimism and excitement, turnover at the time, an enhanced spending
it comes as a surprise when the programme, meaning it had to spend a
company’s executives reveal that they certain amount in a certain timeframe.
have just had their toughest year yet. We thought “We knew the quality of work we
The 24 strong firm estimates could deliver. We had proven capability
rail cutbacks including transport as our own of delivering it in our historical past.
secretary Chris Grayling’s decision to
curtail the Great Western Main Line business we can We thought as our own business we can
deliver that work a lot cheaper than big
electrification programme lost it up
to £1M in anticipated revenue. This
deliver that work a consultancies because the overheads
were cheaper,” says Jenner.
included around £600,000 worth
of work lined up for the scrapped
lot cheaper than big The firm, which has an annual
turnover between £1.5M and £1.7M,
electrification of the Cardiff to
Swansea route, and electrification into
consultancies because had experienced year-on-year growth
until now.
Bath. FJD had even opened an office our overheads were “Last year we went backwards in
in Bristol off the back of a £100,000 terms of turnover as a result [of the
deal to do temporary works design for cheaper cutbacks],” says Jenner. “We took a

22 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

We’ve got the
new control
period starting in eight
or nine months and
already seeing tender
opportunities around
the regions

perceived to be quite high,” says Moon.

The project that caught the
NCE100 judges’ eye, gaining it the
Trending 20 Champion status, was
on the Great Central Railway in
Loughborough, Leicestershire.
The Great Central Railway is a
charity and needed two sections of
the line to be reunited as a part of its
“Closing the Gap” Project. It involved
rejuvenating a 400m section of
redundant track and infrastructure to
provide a continuous 29km length of
heritage railway.
The donor-funded project was being
undertaken on a tight budget, which
called for innovation.
“We had quite a blank canvas and
view to retain all our team. It was an Simon Moon FJD Consulting is starting work with were able to think less like mainline
uncertain time, but we knew long term (left) and an archaeologist at Curzon Street in engineers and more like practising
the business is sound, the market was Mark Jenner Birmingham, whose work entails an civil engineers and try and find some
good and it was sustainable, and it interface between the HS2 site and pretty neat solutions, which weren’t
meant us doing a lot more in terms of the West Coast Main Line. FJD will do possession dependant, which is pretty
getting other work in.” some assessment works and temporary much the mindset whenever we do any
“There’s one individual in particular works design. It has also been working work,” says Moon.
we employ and I know the skills they with the National College for High By using BIM Level 2 the team
possess are very difficult to find in the Speed Rail (NCHSR) to develop was able to create a digital picture of
market,” adds Moon. “Had that one apprenticeships – the only SME to get the design, which the charity could
person gone, a lot of our core capability so involved. then use to bring in donations. Design
goes, when work comes in again.” FJD’s ethos has not changed over innovations included using “flat
And thankfully the work is starting the years: it aims to offer a good packed” bridges to maximise value. The
to pick up again, with early HS2 deals product at a decent rate. With market team also sourced redundant bridges
and CP6 tender opportunities starting changes, including bigger consultancies from other railway projects, with
to come through. expanding and more becoming ambitious Network Rail’s Reading Remodelling
Like many small and medium sized about the work they go after, the duo is Project providing two steel bridges,
enterprises (SMEs), FJD Consulting optimistic about the future, particularly saving the project approximately £2M.
is keen to work on HS2 and its for its Bristol office. Other engineering challenges
headquarters in Birmingham are ideally “We’ve got the new control period included the development of
placed in Birmingham, but Moon starting in eight or nine months and reinforced earth solutions to make
believes that most contracts will not already seeing tender opportunities embankment slopes narrower so the
trickle down until there are boots on around the regions. Bristol and the charity did not have to buy land or
the ground. He adds that already the South West has historically seen divert utilities.
big contractors “have taken a massive underinvestment. The spend in that “We brought modern thinking to
grab of it.” area just to make simple upgrades is solve the problem,” says Moon.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 23

New Civil Engineer

C O N TA C T F R A N C I S B A R H A M 020 F R A N C I S.B A R H A M @E M A P.C O M
The most innovative, impactful and
inspirational civil engineering practices
recognised and rewarded
Tech Excellence
Innovation in Project Initiation

Winner: Mott MacDonald

Motts work
kick starts
road project

The mammoth Norwich Northern
Distributor Road (NDR) is much
TEAM For funding agencies, it shows
where investment will do most good,
needed to improve safety and journey
times in this part of East Anglia, but
exemplifies justifying release of capital and
enabling informed discussion. It can
attempts to get it built had repeatedly 40,000 our belief in looking also be used to identify problems and
failed the Department for Transport’s Number solutions for local businesses
cost-benefit test. at problems from new and people.
Mott MacDonald re-examined of jobs the Mott MacDonald says: “TEAM
the proposal in its entirety and in new road is angles and finding exemplifies our belief in looking at
its individual components using its
Transparent Economic Assessment expected to value that others fail problems from new angles and finding
value that others fail to spot.”
Model – or TEAM tool.
By doing so the consultant identified to spot The NCE100 judges said: “In a
category with fantastic innovation
social and economic benefits that showcasing excellence in digital,
would add £1bn of value, helping the engineering and economic
scheme gain approval for phased helped make the case for funding approaches, the judges considered
development. after conventional appraisals failed. the winner’s innovation in assessing
With a prioritised programme It combines local socioeconomic impacts and outcomes across
of works, the scheme got underway data with insight into the knock-on schemes of all types has national
in 2016. benefits of a project, such as access significance.”
The local council said the road to employment, health, recreation They hailed the tool’s identification
project would help accelerate local and education facilities; improved of the total benefits of a scheme as
growth and act as a catalyst to deliver environmental and amenity value; “welcome” and “long overdue”.
40,000 new jobs, 37,000 new homes creation of affordable housing; and
and a 50% increase in knowledge- land value uplift. l Judges were Crossrail BIM
based business. The tool can help unlock specialist Tahir Ahmad, Enterprise
The Norwich NDR is one of many government funding, enabling councils M3 chairman Geoff French and
infrastructure and regeneration to progress projects of local strategic Infrastructure and Projects Authority
projects where the TEAM has importance. senior advisor Keith Waller.

26 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

innovation in
assessing impacts
and outcomes across
schemes of all
types has national


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D Co sta in advanced pipe and cable detection equipment

Ca m p b el lRei t h Delivered a range of services to mobilise enabling the client to negotiations with the
Developed a methodology to treat investment in strategically important vendor with an accurate assessment of the site.
geotechnical hazards at the site of the 2,500- road schemes for Highways England including
home Kilwood Vale scheme near Gatwick the £192M A556 improvement project. Peter Brett Assoc ia tes
airport. CampbellReith used a process of The firm has also worked with the British Played a pivotal role in initiating Junction 25
surcharge and forensic inspection to assess gas Standards Institution on Smart Cities and Nexus, a strategic employment scheme in
risk and avoid the need for some protection the Internet of Things. Taunton. Peter Brett presented at a profile
measures. raising event, setting out plans for unlocking
De signID and delivering the scheme and receiving press
FINALISTS Developed an innovative piled raft foundation coverage. West Somerset Council said the
Ar u p solution to deal with challenging ground consultant “brought experience, dedication
The consultant was part of the joint conditions on the site of a 16-storey residential and enthusiasm to the entire process”.
venture that designed and managed the tower in Salford Quays. The raft slab used was
construction of the Queensferry Crossing significantly shallower than the pre-tender Projec t Centre  ​
across the Firth of Forth in Edinburgh for scheme, reducing the amount of breaking-out Identified opportunities for a scheme in
Transport Scotland. Arup project of existing foundations required. Crouch End that met all the requirements
manager Mike Glover led the for Transport for London’s healthy streets
development of the technical and Gl anville Consu lta nts criteria. The firm then wrote the funding
funding case for the Queensferry Produced a site investigation scoping submission for the scheme, which set out to
Crossing, securing support by reducing the document for a brownfield site in Oxfordshire. improve cyclist and pedestrian conditions
budget from a minimum of £3.2bn to a Detailed assessment of below-ground services and make it a greener, healthier and more
maximum of £2.3bn. included utility record searches and use of attractive public space.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 27
Tech Excellence
Design Innovator

Winner: Edenvale Young Associates

Software aids
Sri Lanka flood

Bristol-based Edenvale Young aims the Green & Ampt infiltration model.
to provide a cutting edge service to Edenvale Young created bespoke
clients in a range of environmental KEY FACT software for assessing flood damage
sectors including maritime, coastal and within the country. Hydraulic
fluvial engineering. 3,200km2 modelling was initially validated for Sri
The consultant says it develops, tests Lankan catchments using measured
and uses next generation hydraulic Size Sri Lanka rainfall and flow data for the Kelani
modelling software. catchments Ganga basin upstream of Colombo.
It claims to have pioneered the used in the The use of catchment scale
development of direct rainfall modelling and new software
techniques and soil infiltration hydraulic TUFDamages had a significant positive
procedures that represent a step modelling impact and increased the reliability of
change in hydrological analysis. the business case for the optioneering.
Edenvale Young was commissioned work The techniques used for this project
to lead the hydrological and hydraulic were the culmination of a decade of
modelling aspects of a World Bank research and development undertaken

project for six river basins in Sri Lanka. by Edenvale Young.
Work included providing the first The judges said: “They have taken
detailed flood mapping to inform the off-the-shelf software, applied their
national risk register; assessing the They have passion and inventive skills, then given
impact of climate change; evaluating
economic damage caused by flooding; taken off- it out for industry use. With low cost
they can make a huge impact and
and testing flood alleviation measures.
The consultant created a new
the-shelf software, can save lives in countries where it is
needed most.”
hydrological modelling approach using
direct rainfall data for catchments up
applied their passion ● Judges were consultant Lewis
to 3,200km2.
The firm also developed new ways of
and inventive skills, Blackwell, BIM Academy chair
John Lorimer, BDP chair of civil
translating soil texture data gathered then given it out for and structural engineering Michelle
by the Soil Science Society of Sri McDowell and Network Rail civil
Lanka into the parameters required for industry use design group programme manager

28 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Almost a third
of Edenvale
Young’s income was
eligible for research
and development tax
credits, confirming its
innovative approach


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D Ar up that incorporates analysis software,

Swec o U K As environmental overview consultant 3D visualisation and 40 years of experience
Sweco’s collaborative thinking and through all phases of High Speed 2, to slash timescales and costs on smart
scenario-modelling was used on Bloomberg’s Arup has developed immersive visualisation motorway projects. Design costs are
new European HQ in the City of London. tools to reassure people about the impacts of expected to fall by more than 50%, with the
This achieved a record 98.5% Breeam the mega-project. It combined firm saying it now spends “hours rather than
rating at design stage. visual and acoustic data to simulate the weeks” on a job.
The consultant’s “what-if” approach passenger experience and accurately
ensured no idea was off the table. Its model the route context during construction WSP
innovations will deliver water savings of 73% and operation. At 220m high, the 62-storey Newfoundland
and energy savings of 35% compared with development at Canary Wharf will be one
a typical office. A vacuum drainage system Dr Sa u er & Pa rtners of the UK’s tallest residential buildings and
combined with water harvesting will save The consultant worked with London straddles Jubilee Line tunnels. A diagrid
25M.l of water each year. Underground and Dragados on the structure is being used to limit weight and size,
Bank Station Capacity Upgrade, during while a tuned slosh damper will absorb vibration
FINALISTS which primary and secondary tunnel energy. WSP increased the stability of the
AKTII linings were used in combination. This building, maximised the floorplate, and cut 15
The consultant has developed software significantly reduced excavation and concrete weeks from the construction schedule.
and design techniques which helped it volumes minimising dust, increasing breakout
add 11 storeys to the South Bank Tower times, reducing noise and vibration and meant W YG
in London. Digital wind tunnels, that fewer resources were used. WYG created a virtual reality model of the
advanced analysis techniques, fabric and ground 500ha site for relocation of five post-primary
investigations and latent capacity mapping tools Ramb oll schools in Northern Ireland. This allowed the
allowed the firm to forensically assess the Its gantry generation system is a constantly client and other stakeholders to experience the
existing building. evolving automated design and modelling tool facilities before construction began.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 29
Tech Excellence
Construction Innovator

Winner: Mace

factory speeds
tower projects

Mace’s Jump Factory was devised in for the workers, it minimises noise and
response to the UK Government’s dust for the surrounding environment,
challenging Construction 2025 targets KEY FACT we can’t be rained off and the factory
for 50% faster delivery, 50% lower is rated up to a force 12 gale,” says
emissions and 33% lower costs. 15 weeks Mace project engineer James Rushton.
Mace gave the system its UK debut “Once we’ve jumped, the process
on a dual-tower residential project in Time it took starts again. We lay the rebar, pour
London. East Village Building No 8 to build a 30 the slab, then we start putting in twin
involves creating structures which are storey tower walls, standing columns then we come
30 and 26 storeys high. in with the bathroom pods and heating,
Using the system, Mace was able to ventilation and air conditioning units.
construct an entire floor – including 40 hours Everything is modularised so it all
walls, columns, bathroom pods, utility comes fully fitted.”
cupboards, risers and cladding – in Time it took to Jamie Dredge, development

under 40 hours. build and fit
To ensure speedy fit-out, the firm out one floor
developed a production line with a set
sequence of 13 trades following one They had a
another. The Jump Factory used on
East Village contained four 15t cranes. real money-
It was an enclosed temporary structure
erected around the outside of the top where-their-mouth-is
of the building structure and jacked
up using hydraulics as each floor was
attitude, the factory
Mace says the jump factory has
is challenging the
a water and wind-proof working status quo and the
environment, minimising health and
safety risks and preventing the weather delivery of buildings
affecting the construction programme.
“You get repeated quality, it’s safer for the future
30 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

FINALISTS Kier Va n Elle

Davi e s Ma gu ire A £1.4m resurfacing project A piling system designed from
Its buttress proposal helped on the M6 was completed in scratch based on screw pile
a contractor successfully one night. Kier and Aggregate technology, and an attachment
bid for a central London Industries developed an inline developed to enable its efficient
commercial project that was paving technique called Hot installation, were used on a
originally tendered as a cross- on Hot that involved using two project to stabilise a sinking
site propped scheme. Its 20 pavers to provide compaction, railway line. The system brought
separate buttresses supported interlocking asphalt without the installation time down to
200m of piled retaining walls separation of layers. three minutes per pile.
and allowed excavation that did
not require additional propping. Rob ert Bird Grou p Wentw orth Hou s e
A top-down construction Pa rtnership
Int e r se r ve Constru c tion sequence allowed early Design of a temporary
An innovative 8m wide paving release of the tower core for a steelwork façade restraint
machine allowed completion 40-storey commercial tower system for a 50m by 13m
of a road resurfacing job scheme. The core was built building frontage cut the
close to Stansted Airport in from plunge columns at upper construction programme by
three weekends rather than basement level with the pile cap two weeks. Steel tonnage
five, reducing the impact on cast later and core walls infilled required to retain the facade
travellers. A centre joint was as construction progressed. Six was reduced by a quarter after
eliminated in 4km of road, months were shaved from the thorough research into wind
prolonging the road’s life baseline programme. loading on façades.

manager at East Village Building This has made a great difference

No 8 client Qatari Diar says: “Mace to productivity during the delivery
has developed a unique, innovative phase and has made a significant
approach to maximising offsite pre- improvement to the programme.”
manufacture and assembly such that The NCE100 judges were impressed
it has been able to deliver 30 storeys with Mace’s ability to bring the supply
over 15 weeks on two towers at our chain with it on what they described as
East Village project. a “very complicated journey”.
“This approach has significantly “They had a real money-where-
reduced the number of deliveries and their-mouth-is attitude,” added the
the amount of waste generated, has judges. “The factory is challenging the
driven faster and safer production, status quo and the delivery of buildings
delivered exceptional quality and has for the future.” They said that Jump

optimised the delivery process. Factory was an “outstanding example”
of innovation to replace traditional
construction methods and significantly
This has improve productivity through “factory
thinking”. They were impressed
made a with Mace’s willingness to invest in
innovation and take a chance on a live
great difference to project. They hailed the company’s
productivity during invitation to the rest of the industry to
learn from its experiences.
the delivery phase and l Judges were EDF Energy Hinkley
has made a significant Point C innovation manager Maggie
Brown, Network Rail head of risk and
improvement to the value management Kevin Shelton and
New Civil Engineer technical reporter
programme Katherine Smale.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 31
Tech Excellence
Innovation in Project Management

Winner: Kier

costs slashed

Kier is contracted to deliver repair and Efficiency Programme’s 2014 minister for efficiency Chloe Smith
improvement works on roads across Supply Chain Collaboration Toolkit and said: “Project Horizon is the way the
Surrey. Its partnership with the county KEY FACT as a trial project case study for industry should, in the future, be
council, dubbed Project Horizon, the Government Construction Strategy. working together.”
has been widely hailed as exemplary 200 Savings beyond the targeted 15% Kier has adopted a collaborative
collaborative working. are shared between the council, Kier, approach with other local authority
The framework, recently extended Number Aggregate Industries and Marshall clients and water companies.
to run until 2021, has reduced time- of Surrey Surfacing under the arrangement. The judges hailed the level of
to-site by an average of four weeks schemes Surrey County Council made innovation in the Project Horizon
per commission; slashed costs by 16% contract savings of up to a fifth, arrangement, which they said was
through deeper integration of the supply completed enabling almost £20M to be reinvested demonstrated by the wide range
chain; and improved whole life values, by Kier in its assets, effectively increasing its of approaches and “significant
including giving a 10-year warranty for road maintenance budget. improvement in outcomes”.
material and pavement design. without The improvement plan resulted in They praised technical innovation
Kier’s work in Surrey has supported reportable works on the worst 500km of Surrey’s in recycling and sustainable
a number of apprentices. The firm has safety roads and more than 1,200 schemes.  approaches to waste management.
completed 200 schemes without a Surrey County Council cabinet “Reduced time, more efficient
reportable safety incident. incident delivery, cutting out the waste, no

Initial workshops were run before man marking – these are all easy to
the start of the programme of works, say but difficult to put into practice
to determine the type of collaborative
environment desired. Surrey County in a consistent way,” said the judges.
“This team has demonstrated that
Individuals used a scoring system to
identify what they considered to be
Council made it is possible with its focus
on the fundamentals, and innovative
critical elements of the relationship,
so there was a common understanding
contract savings of practices where appropriate, leading
to significant value improvements.”
of areas where teams were working up to a fifth, enabling
effectively together, and those where ● Judges were Crossrail programme
development was needed. almost £20M to be director Simon Wright and Major
Project Horizon was used as a case Projects Association executive
study in the Highways Maintenance reinvested in its assets director Denise Bower.

32 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Almost a third
of Edenvale
Young’s income was
eligible for research
and development
tax credits, saying
this confirmed its
innovative approach


FINALISTS of tunnels and more than 35km of Op u s Interna tiona l upgrade. The water client
Arc a d i s street and road rearrangements. Consu lta nts  described the technology as “a
As programme manager for the The plan featured a communication Uses its own project management step ahead of where some
£1bn, 45-project Manchester and coordination protocol to ensure accreditation framework on a job of the others are within the
Airport transformation scheme information and decision-making was to inspect stations and canopies marketplace
the consultant used its own data properly shared among all teams. on Network Rail’s London North at the moment”.
governance framework. Arcadis West Route. Opus says the system
procured data from stakeholders L o n do n Br i dge recognises each project’s complexity Web b Ya tes Eng i n eers
and integrated it with project, Asso ci at e s  and highlights competencies required Provided a range of services to
cost and asset management plans, Added the Quality Plus element for effective management. It allows a the Gatwick Retail Churn scheme,
reducing waste and increasing to its web-based information focus on assigning a project manager part of a series
efficiency. The firm is scaling management system to provide with specialist project delivery skills, of works to transform the
up the platform it developed for seamless online production and behaviours and expertise, over skills airport’s North Terminal.
the airport scheme and creating quality data entry at the work and experience in the technical Used collaboration and clear
a strategic level product called face. Bespoke inspection and discipline. communication to produce
City Analytics to help city regions test plan check sheets include efficient, coordinated work
manage their growth. logical screen layouts and digital R P S Grou p  in a live airside environment.
pin-code signatures for engineers, Launched a specific business Phasing and methodology of
IDOM inspectors and others to approve stream focusing on bringing the construction were key drivers,
Created a detailed design and information. Complete handover benefits of virtual reality to its while the firm took time to gain
project management plan for Line records can be submitted clients. The firm has run an understanding of the terminal
3 of the Riyadh Metro in Saudi eliminating the need for multiple a pilot model for Northern Ireland building.
Arabia. This includes preliminary and engineers to check, file and Water, applying virtual reality
detailed design of 20 stations, two recreate records. to a BIM model for the client’s
depots, 25.8km of viaducts, 11km Ballycastle plant

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 33
Tech Excellence
Smart Operator

Winner: Arcadis


Arcadis is a 40% shareholder in a the assets, including their use and

special purpose maintenance company performance. This made it possible
created to proactively look after KEY FACT to predict which assets would require
almost a quarter of the intensely used maintenance first.
Dutch railway network. 15,000km It meant a transition from relying
ProRail, which manages the on technical case experts to working
Amount of
network, wanted its supply chain to in a data-driven environment during
help accelerate innovative approaches Dutch rail the decision making process. As a result,
to maintenance. Through its key network annual maintenance costs on the section
role in the AssetRail special purpose of the Dutch network Arcadis is working
company, Arcadis is partly responsible for which on have been slashed by more than a
for deploying a performance-based AssetRail is third this decade, with technical failures
approach to almost 1,500km of railway. down almost two thirds.
ProRail created a working model AssetRail chief executive Jorn
which makes suppliers accountable for Pruntel said: “For the concept of
maintenance. To do this Arcadis must performance-based maintenance we
define what work is required and when are applying on the Dutch railway
to ensure it achieves performance and network, the innovative approaches
safety outcomes. Network condition in data analytics and predictive
is measured by clearly defined maintenance Arcadis has brought us
indicators and incentives to create an have been key to our success.”
environment of continuous innovation, Judges said: “We felt that
optimisation and ownership. Arcadis demonstrated a very clear
Arcadis has used sophisticated asset strategy moving from descriptive to
and information management, data prescriptive maintenance, showing a
analytics, predictive maintenance, robust methodology for continuous
solution planning and performance improvement and creating strong,
optimisation. It combines asset demonstrable benefits in cost
knowledge and technical insight with efficiency, reliability and safety.”
the generation, management and wise
use of data. l Judges were London Underground
Connecting different sets of profession head for tunnels Keith
data using quantitative modelling Bowers, IBM digital lead for industrial
provided insight into the underlying products Chris Gage, and HS2 Ltd head
relationships and dependencies of of management systems Jon Kerbey.

34 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D earthquake shattered the New Zealand

R P S Grou p city in 2011. Today, Moata is even smarter
Working closely with client Scotia Gas and is being used internationally for
Networks and partner ULC Pipeline identifying network problems and visualising
Robotics (US), RPS devised project criteria solutions for transport as well as water
and designs for integrated robotic repairs infrastructure. The system collects and
to gas supply networks. The project allows analyses data to provide insight into a
robots to work inside live gas pipelines to complex system.
monitor supply efficiency and pipeline
condition as well as to repair mechanical Op u s Interna tiona l Con s u l t ant s
joints and seals. This Ofgem-approved Created a smart monitoring sensor to
innovation is now ready to be installed in observe structural movements to better
networks across UK. It presents a significant inform infrastructure maintenance
saving to clients and end-users through and replacement decisions. The sensor
delivery of a cost and time-effective repairs sends real-time data to mobile phones. It
solution with minimal disruption and damage is credited with allowing bridges to stay
and a reduction in carbon emissions. open after the earthquake in New Zealand
in 2016, and removing the need for costly
FINALISTS but unnecessary works on the country’s
Bla c k & Vea tc h Rakaia Bridge. The system has been hailed
Developed a lean reliability centred by client bodies for is provision of bridge
maintenance programme covering all of performance evidence.
Yorkshire Water’s assets. The Workstream
69 programme covers 285 sites. Central Roya l Ha skoningDHV
to its effectiveness is a system known Dutch drinking water company Vitens has
as Failure Modes Effects and Criticality implemented Royal Haskoning’s Aquasuite
Analysis. Accuracy of analysis is improved smart water solution to ensure a reliable
using mobile technology to capture live supply of high quality drinking water to
asset survey findings and upload them to a 5.5M people. Aquasuite OPIR
database. Reactive maintenance is down by software optimises the production,
almost a third, helping to reduce customer transport and distribution of drinking water
bills and lower the impact of repair work on by applying big data analysis and machine
more than 2M households. learning algorithms, fully integrating
and automating the total water
Ja c ob s system. Vitens water production director
To protect London and the Thames Estuary Doeke Schippers said: “A stable
from tidal flooding, CH2M – now owned control of our entire production and

by Jacobs – formed Thames Estuary Asset distribution capacity is crucial for Vitens.
Management 2100 with the Environment OPIR is an important tool for this, and we
Agency. Jacobs uses tools such as expect to roll it out across our entire
Arcadis customised web-based viewer The Estuary service area.”
Eye, which contains in excess of 100
demonstrated layers of map, to manage the inspection, Wa ld ec k Consu lting

a very clear refurbishment and replacement of tidal

flood defence assets along the estuary. As
Waldeck delivered its Digital Reality
Capture solution for a major logistics client
strategy moving such it uses innovation to protect more than
1M people and £275bn of property.
to capture, tag and categorise existing
assets. Data is captured, synchronised and
from descriptive Mott Ma cDona ld
processed using the consultancy’s own
software. Data can be screened to produce
to prescriptive Its Moata monitoring, modelling and
analytics tool enabled damage to water and
high resolution imagery and files that can be
merged into building information modelling
maintenance wastewater networks in Christchurch to applications. Defects and risks are made
be quickly located and repaired when the visible using warning triangles.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 35
Business Culture
Low Carbon Leader

Winner: Sweco

Driving a low
carbon agenda
in Scotland

Engineers have a crucial role to play in Sweco also applied the 2017 Using a detailed traffic model output
combating climate change. As well as Environmental Impact Assessment analysis, the consultant demonstrated
helping people mitigate the effects of KEY FACT Regulations to the Renfrewshire the potential for an immediate
global warming, the sector should be project ahead of time, ensuring reduction in tail pipe emissions.
actively driving a low carbon agenda. £130M its climate change adaptation and Its Carbon Conversations initiative
This category set out to recognise the resilience measures were considered. improves carbon literacy and teaches
firms who are empowering their staff Value of The firm incorporated carbon as a participants how to create carbon
to make a difference in this area. Renfrewshire factor in the procurement process, reduction action plans of their own.
Leeds-headquartered consultant Council’s City clearly communicating to the supply Renfrewshire Council project
Sweco UK says sustainability is central chain the importance and value of manager Norman Yardley said:
to its culture. “We have backed-up Deal reduced emissions. “Sweco’s proposals and continual
public commitments to reduce It established a carbon accounting focus on carbon aspects in all areas
infrastructure carbon with decisive process during the specimen design have been instrumental in developing
action,” says the firm. stage and shared this feedback with all projects with this important topic front
It has driven a range of measures design teams. A carbon database was and centre”.
to reduce carbon emissions as lead also developed. Judges hailed “clear evidence of

consultant on infrastructure projects strong leadership throughout the
that form part of Renfrewshire organisation”. They praised the way
Council’s £130M City Deal. Sweco engaged, collaborated with and
Sweco implemented Publicly They have aligned various parties in the fight
Available Specification 2080 in
Renfrewshire several months before taken off- to reduce carbon. The judges were
impressed by the level of detail of
its formal introduction. This is the first
standard for managing carbon from
the-shelf software, carbon and cost calculations.

Sweco helped draft the standard,
applied their passion l Judges were Environment
Agency cost and carbon manager
which was launched in 2016 by the and inventive skills, Ian Corder, Royal Haskoning strategy
Construction Leadership Council’s director Jaap Flikweert and Anglian
Green Construction Board to set out then given it out for Water’s executive director Chris
the principles and components of a Newsome and head of carbon and
carbon management system. industry use energy David Riley.

36 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Sweco’s inc
proposals and for
continual focus on dev
carbon aspects in cre
all areas have been thi
instrumental inn


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D Jackson Civil Engineering nine months and reduced carbon emissions by

Th o r nt o n To m a se t t i Led a successful trial of a new type of 80% on sites.
Thornton Tomasetti’s Embodied concrete on part of the Woodbridge flood
Carbon Project involved more than risk management scheme in Suffolk, reducing Taylor & Boyd
five years of measuring the embodied carbon emissions by 66% from the original Last year set an ambitious target to become a
carbon in its structural engineering design. This cemfree concrete, which is 95% leader in Ireland in timber structures with their
projects. ground granulated blast-furnace slag, was used lower carbon footprint. The firm recruited a
The New York headquartered company, to infill a 265m section of floodwall. structural engineering graduate student to
which has four offices in the UK, co-ordinate knowledge gathering and the
undertook research to further understand Jacob s promotion of its work in this area. It also
the issue. The firm has reduced Its established Sustainability Plus programme established a partnership with University of
embodied carbon in its projects by identifies savings as early as the feasibility and Ireland Galway, a leading centre for timber
40% through its recent initiative. preliminary design phases of civils projects. engineering research.
It serves as an innovation database, tracking
FINALISTS practices and ideas to create value for clients. Wa lters
Des i gn 2 e Carbon savings were up five-fold from 2014 to The firm’s Pennant Walters renewable energy
Reduced floor slab thickness, core wall 54.2M.t in 2016. division delivers energy to South Wales
size and concrete use by around through wind and solar farms, saving nearly
a third each during the tender process Mac e 100,000t of carbon emissions every year,
for Birmingham’s Left Bank apartment The firm’s utilities, sustainability and more than offsetting the 60,000t of carbon
blocks. Overall the carbon footprint was construction teams collaborated to create emitted by Walters’ heavy plant fleet of more
slashed by 30% by a design approach the Energy Hub, a forecasting and purchasing than 600. The firm also ensures its vehicles
that used multiple software platforms, strategy to help Mace procure 100% of its have modern and fuel efficient technologies,
two internal design teams and a series of energy from sustainable sources by 2022. and sends all its plant operators on efficiency
group and cross group reviews. Energy Hub saved more than £1M in its first training to understand how to save fuel.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 37
Business Culture
Talent Champion

Winner: Breheny Engineering

boosted by
staff training

Suffolk-based Breheny Civil in house resources and professional

Engineering aims to directly employ all reviewers. Additional courses such
of its staff on all its projects. KEY FACT as the Institute of Leadership &
This requires robust training and Management Level 3 option further
development policies to ensure it 49 develop skills and ensure succession
employs and retains professional, of staff.
competent people. Number of ICE membership development
More than 10% of the firm’s staff EngTech officer Louisa Rix said: “In the last
are professionally qualified. four years, Breheny has supported
Breheny runs an ICE-approved
qualified staff over 50 staff through its professional
training scheme that develops employed by qualifications, the vast majority
engineering technicians along with Breheny Civil becoming EngTech MICE.
incorporated and chartered engineers. “This commitment to developing
It says the scheme is fully supported Engineering staff has come from all levels from
and funded, allowing staff to use work the directors and senior management
time to research and train. Three to site staff and their office-based
professional reviewers from different colleagues.”

parts of the business manage and run The judges said the presenters had
the programme. an authentic, committed approach to
The firm has 49 EngTech qualified talent development in a challenging
professionals who have progressed part of the sector. “There was evidence They have
through its training scheme. It says this
puts the firm in the top 10 companies
of true collaboration with universities
and local government to create a taken off-
in the UK ranked on volume of staff
with this qualification.
training centre,” added the judges.
“They provided excellent feedback
the-shelf software,
With up to 100 projects in
construction at any one time, Breheny
from a range of sources.” applied their passion
requires a raft of capable, self- l The judges were Environment and inventive skills,
sufficient engineers to give it flexibility Agency senior skills advisor Jonathan
in who it deploys. It says its staff Chapman, Employers Network then given it out
gain improved confidence and career for Equality & Inclusion member
prospects from its training system. engagement manager Peter Hall, and for industry use
The decade-old training programme Heathrow Airport HR director Paula
has rapidly expanded recently with Stannett.

38 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Awcock Ward for two science teachers in a increased by 26% since the
Partnership Nepalese school, supporting launch of the academy.
A quarter of its workforce underprivileged children in The firm has been awarded
is apprentices, and every Surrey to study STEM subjects Investors in People Gold
apprentice it has taken on at university or committing Standard.
has ended up with a to Women Intro Science and
permanent role. Engineering (WISE) initiatives Dougall Baillie
Graduates and technicians to foster diversity and talent. Associates
are provided with coaching Staff regularly visit schools to
and mentoring skills. A Costain describe the role of the civil
monthly leadership training Costain is especially engineer to young people. It
programme focuses on topics focused on ensuring the recently represented the ICE
including dealing with development and retention at a careers fair for school
conflict and empowering of high potential female leavers. The firm is working
teams. Professional employees, and has created to meet all nine targets
development is also supported 50 development action plans in the Scottish Business
when workers are at college, on to achieve this, outlining Pledge include investment in
the firm’s own ICE-approved training, mentoring and youth and having a balanced
training scheme and via other managed job rotations. workforce as well as promoting
routes. It has launched a support workforce engagement and
network to ensure women having a responsible payment
BWB Group are aware of opportunities structure.
A bespoke three-tiered to make their careers more
academy programme allows compatible with their Westlakes
BWB Group to mould personal lives. Four in 10 Engineering
raw talent into “complete women on the strategic All of its employees had
professionals”. leadership programme in the access to training last year.
Open to everyone, and last 12 months have been Collectively they had more
attended by more than 100 promoted to more senior than 2,800 hours of training.
people, the bronze-silver-gold positions, while one is being Westlakes’ investment
programme is instrumental supported to complete a in employee training and
in developing strong full-time masters in business development has increased
leadership capabilities, broad administration. 162% over 12 months. It
industry perspectives and relaunched its graduate
general business know-how. Curtins development programme
It is also good for intra- ICE-accredited Curtins which now includes bi-annual
company networking. BWB Academy allows graduates graduate training days,
credits the academy with to grow technically, bringing together graduates
transforming the business from professionally and from institutions including
a regional player into a “fast- commercially through a the ICE and the Institution of
growing multi-award winning structured four-year Structural Engineers.
consultancy”. training programme. It Principal engineer Nicola
provides bespoke Killip said: “Westlakes
CGL professional and managerial are currently funding and
All staff and managers are learning and knowledge supporting me through an
contractually committed to sharing opportunities. 18-month apprenticeship
train and be trained. Training Currently 92 graduates to gain a level 5 diploma in
uptake is 85% across the are enrolled and will attend leadership and management.
company and is monitored 15 core module training This will be a significant step
monthly by the executive sessions. The number of towards my personal goal of
team. CGL Outreach looks to chartered memberships gaining chartered manager
foster talent whether paying within the company has status.”

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 39
Business Culture
Diversity Champion

Winner: CGL

effort is the
key to balance

CGL has been working closely with CLG has continued to support the “For many young people, seeing is
Royal Academy of Engineering’s DILG and the firm’s engineers were believing,” he wrote.
diversity and inclusion leadership group early participants in the Academy’s “They respond well to practical
(DILG). inclusive cultures project in 2017. examples which show the diverse and
CGL was used by the Academy This centred on a survey to increase rewarding careers that are in reach
in 2015 as a case study for diversity understanding of the culture of through studying STEM subjects at
initiatives. The firm shared details engineering, the extent to which it was school. This is especially important
of its practices with the DILG and inclusive and the measures it could for young women, who may assume
made itself available for studies of its take to make it more so. engineering is not a career for them,
culture and methods to help influence The company has signed up to the due to outdated perceptions.”
employment practices across the industry-led Ten Steps initiative run by Judges hailed CGL as “a small firm
industry. gender balance campaign Women into punching way above its weight” on
The case study says a range of Science and Engineering (WISE). gender diversity and showing “robust
flexible initiatives were implemented A CGL-supported publication, “The external benchmarking”.
by the firm, with male and female Female Face of Civil Engineering”, “While achieving an almost perfect
senior role models working flexibly was endorsed by WISE as well as the gender balance it has also ensured
and a remote desktop system enabling Women’s Engineering Society and the male employees equally feel valued and
home working. ICE. included,” they said.
Development activities were It was published in print and online The judges praised the company’s
tailored to individuals’ needs as a focal point for the company’s “exceptional amount of outreach for
and aspirations. A system was efforts to encourage young women STEM subjects” including its “highly
developed to enable employees’ into the industry. As well as setting out innovative use of technology to engage
use online courses to help them civils-based career options for school with young people”.
work towards chartered manager students, the guide highlights case
status. Training was monitored studies of women who had progressed l Judges were Network Rail
to consider diversity trends and in the sector. diversity and inclusion manager
employees were encouraged to be ICE head of education and Kevin Bowsher, Women’s
ambassadors for science, technology, inspiration John Laverty said in the Engineering Society president
engineering and maths (STEM) publication that the institution was Benita Mehra and New Civil Engineer
subjects. “delighted” to support it. associate editor Emily Ashwell.

40 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

The judges
the company’s
exceptional amount
of outreach for STEM


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D BDP of the Chartered Institution of Highways

Arc ad is Identified that its gender pay gap was driven & Transportation’s Diversity and Inclusion
Arcadis worked hard to ensure it was by fewer women being employed at senior Charter and the firm sponsored Croydon
faith-inclusive, with a campaign including levels and asked staff what action how to Pridefest in 2017, the theme of which
posters celebrating days of importance to address the imbalance. Several actions were celebrated 50 years of LGBT equality.
different faiths; guidance to managers on the instigated as a result including unconscious
requirements of the calendar for different bias training and career mentors for female Ra m b ol l
religions; and efforts to link faith with staff. Gender pay gap is already down. Changed its approach to focus on mind-
excellent construction projects. The firm has sets and behaviours rather than strategy
offered refugee traineeships and boosted its Mott Ma cDon a l d and actions; and to broaden its diversity
employee survey ‘valuing diversity’ score from Publishes goals on its website focusing on programme to encompass all minorities.
3.03 in 2015 to 3.18 in 2017. recruitment, retention and progression of
staff by disability, gender, gender identity, W SP
FINALISTS race and sexual orientation. Tracks employee Created a five-point action plan to attain
Aru p demographics, analyses recruitment trends a balance of talented people. Research,
Set out to make a step change in graduate and captures feedback through employee open conversations with staff and a
recruitment as part of an underlying goal engagement surveys. confidential assistance programme helped
to boost gender equality. Worked closely it to proactively identify issues and solve
with educators, recruiters and managers Proje c t Ce nt re them. A gender balance action group was
to eliminate bias and encourage female Mobilised an all-female team to deliver formed. Unconscious bias training has been
applicants. A new applicant tracking system design proposals to Tower Hamlets council for undertaken by 25% of the business and
flags up decreases in the diversity of Harley Grove in east London, working closely targets have been set to increase this further.
applicants at any stage, to inform changes to with the pupils of Central Foundation Girls The proportion of women within the firm’s
the recruitment process. School. Project Centre is a founder member graduate and apprentice intake has increased.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 41
Business Culture
Leader in Collaboration

Winner: Curtins

get practical

The Curtins Academy was launched fostering close collaborations between approached by the university’s civil
by consultant Curtins in 2014 and academic departments, the estates engineering department to support a
provides a platform to train and KEY FACT team and designers. wider research project.
develop graduate engineers over a This ensured the new facility University of Leeds senior
four-year period. The firm collaborates £500M considered how the latest sustainable teaching fellow David Richardson said:
with universities developing technologies could add value. One “Throughout its time on the university
undergraduates and working with them Value of student was encouraged to attend and framework, Curtins has been supporting
on campus improvement projects. University engage in design team meetings while undergraduates within the department.
Curtins was appointed to the of Leeds still at the university. Senior members of its team have given up
University of Leeds’ four-year The student joined the Curtins their time to review student project work,
£500M consultants framework. It consultants Academy in 2016 and has continued providing students with great exposure to
has introduced several initiatives to framework to work on the Innovation Centre the private sector.”
provide students with advice and the as the project progressed onto The judges praised Curtins for its
opportunity to see how their studies site. Meanwhile Curtins has been “refreshing” approach, and for “truly
relate to the industry. contributing to the next generation and

These include an industrial our industry”.
mentors scheme run with the ICE, an “This approach has provided Curtins
Engineering You’re Hired initiative, a with a great opportunity to tap into
Steer mentoring group and continuing The judges talented resource and the judges felt its
professional development events.
The consultant involved students felt its model model of collaborating with universities
was a brilliant example to be replicated
in structural design processes for new
facilities on their campus from design
of collaborating with throughout the industry.”

to construction.
On the Innovation Centre for
universities was a l Judges were Innovate UK innovation
lead for smart infrastructure Sarah
the university, it supported student brilliant example to be Eager; Heathrow Airport project
Kiera Mudd in her final-year project management director Joanne Ellman
researching dynamic façades. replicated throughout Brown; and Association for Consultancy
The firm dovetailed this research & Engineering chief operating officer
with the project’s feasibility study, the industry” Anil Iyer.

42 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

members of its
team have given up
their time to review
student project work,
providing students
with great exposure to
the private sector


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D the broader design team on site and working Wa terc o Consu lta nts
Bl a c k & Vea t c h with trust specialists and hospital staff. The Deciding that a timesheet system
The firm is ahead of programme and beating firm set up shared-learning workshops and provided little value to its clients and
efficiency, safety and customer targets on a continuous improvement groups. damaged collaboration, innovation and
£450M programme of works it is delivering morale, the consultant decided to change
with Amey for Scottish Water. Black & Veatch Hyd roc k its approach. Now project programme and
says this performance has been enabled by Launched best practice guide “Building team outcomes are managed by setting
strong collaboration, itself promoted by Performance Engineering” five years ago to out a clear plan at the outset, providing
implementing joint goals and processes. Profit encourage collaboration between engineering timely progress statements and understanding
and loss is split 50:50 within the joint venture; disciplines and within project teams. BPE the importance of third party input and the
a team charter was written to align behaviours. advises on energy performance; acoustics; air impact on project delivery.
quality; waste management; daylight; sunlight
FINALISTS and wind analysis; fire engineering; and IT Web b Ya tes Engineers
Ca p i t a Pro p er t y & Infr ast ruct ure infrastructure. It was fundamental to helping Brought together architecture and
Formed a joint venture with Ineco to secure and Linkcity submit its planning application for a engineering in a transdisciplinary practice
deliver consultancy work the two companies high-rise residential scheme in Bristol last year. called Interrobang. Webb Yates says this has
felt they may not have won independently. allowed it to go “beyond collaboration” and
The partnership has worked collaboratively on Tho ma s Consu lting favour transdisciplinary over multidisciplinary
several London Underground projects and on Took a partnership approach with client Queen processes. The first project run fully using
High Speed 2 and elsewhere. Elizabeth School in Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, this new approach was Gatwick Retail Churn,
on a project to create an ambitious multi-sport where it factored information exchange into
Cl a r keb o n d ( U K) facility. Thomas Consulting worked on a time- the programme and held regular clash check
Led the use of building information modelling charge basis with open book accounting. The workshops. On completion the team will hand
on the £19M Bridgwater Community Hospital structural engineering fees were under 0.5% of over an as-built building information modelling
scheme in Somerset. This involved co-locating the total project cost. model to the airport.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 43
Business Culture
Leader in Health & Wellbeing

Winner: Jacobs

culture gives
Jacobs an edge

Jacobs says health, safety and business, as well as in its “staff and mental health and wellbeing; reduce
wellbeing are a core part of its DNA: family”. It delivers an extensive support stigma associated with mental
“It’s not just something we do, but who KEY FACT network, including more than 1,000 illness; intervene where a person is
we are at work, home and community”. positive mental health champions experiencing a mental health crisis; and
The engineering giant, which 1,000+ (PMHCs) across 26 countries, promote recovery.
acquired competitor CH2M just enabling early intervention for staff Last October, Jacobs launched a
before Christmas, aims to have a Number who may be suffering symptoms of survey in conjunction with mental
healthy, focused workforce with of positive poor mental health. health charity Mind to celebrate the
improved cohesion and productivity to “We enjoy unprecedented staff work undertaken to promote and
enhance project performance.
mental health engagement in this initiative, and support positive mental health.
Its BeyondZero programme aims champions client/supply chain interest,” says The NCE100 judges said Jacobs
to prevent all accidents. Jacobs says Jacobs has in Jacobs. “PMHC training was developed “worked out a new initiative that will
it makes safety a value rather than an internally and is based on international create a safer and healthier work
initiative, removing visible targets or 26 countries best practice. We have supporting place for tens of thousands of workers
messages and replacing them with a initiatives in place encouraging physical around the world”. They praised
culture of care. wellbeing, including sporting and significantly increased awareness,
“Operations and safety are seamless; healthy eating promotions.” understanding and engagement with
no safety meetings, no committees, The PMHCs promote positive mental health issues both within the

no separate points on agendas for organisation and with suppliers.
safety, and line management is “Overcoming initial reluctance,
truly accountable for safety,” says a
document about the programme. We enjoy the team has created an exemplar
programme,” they said. “Great
The firm says it “is an organisation
that does not investigate the causes for
unprecedented evidence of impact.”

an accident; however, it investigates

the causes that caused the causes of
staff engagement in l Judges were Tideway asset
management director Roger Bailey;
the accident”. this initiative, and Civil Engineering Contractors
From this culture came Jacobs’ Association chief executive Alasdair
Mental Health Matters initiative. client/supply chain Reisner; and Highwire Height Safety
This promotes positive mental Engineers finance director and chief
health and wellbeing across the interest engineer Elizabeth Rickard.

44 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

worked out a
new initiative that
will create a safer
and healthier work
place for tens of
thousands of workers
around the world


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D recognises staff working outside their Hy d roc k

Alu n Grif f ith s (Contractors) usual role. Staff are eligible for free gym The Hydrock Advantage scheme is a
Alun Griffiths is signed up to the membership. commitment to tangible support to encourage
government’s Disability Confident wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Features
Committed employer scheme, and is Bl ack & Ve a t c h include an annual healthy living bonus to
represented on the ICE fairness, inclusion A behavioural safety programme has cut help staff invest in healthy lifestyles; a 24/7
and respect committee. Since 2017, it has accidents fourfold in 10 years. Black & wellbeing support line and team days-out.
worked closely with Time to Change Wales Veatch implemented one of the sector’s One client said the firm had “created a very
to help end the stigma around mental health first wellbeing programmes in 2011 and special culture”.
and encourage its staff to speak up about has recorded year-on-year falls in sickness
problems. A scheme trialled on its sites has and stress-related illness. Train journeys Int e r se r ve Con st r u c t i on
resulted more than 100 people receiving are replacing driving for many high mileage Developed a fatigue monitoring tool for
training in recognising mental illness workers. Thames Water awarded Black employees on Highways England projects.
symptoms and in how to get help and support. & Veatch 91% in its wellbeing maturity Launched in 2017, it monitors and reviews
The scheme will be rolled out to all staff in assessment. fatigue levels and takes action if necessary.
Br y de n Wood Te c h n ol og y Wa t e rc o Con su l t a nt s
FINALISTS Forumlated a wellbeing team of staff to create Made a conscious effort to actively improve
Awc oc k Ward Partnershi p new ways of responding to feedback from staff health and wellbeing. Initiatives included
Supports its staff through a partnership their colleagues. Initiatives include weekly lunch time workshops; access to free and
ethos creating a culture of support and meditation sessions, focusing on identifying confidential counselling; mindfulness
encouragement. It holds monthly stress and how to manage the effects. Staff presentations; exercise events and dragon
one-on-one sessions, regular social events say they are less stressed and comment that boat racing. The firm has recorded lower
and training sessions as well as weekends they are more aware of the impact of stress absentee rates. It has also increased the
at home and abroad. A star award is on personal wellbeing. Retention, engagement number of staff commuting to work by foot or
voted by colleagues each month and and attendance have all improved. bike and saved 1,000 driving hours last year.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 45
World View
Excellence in Transport

Winner: Ramboll

drives Ramboll

Ramboll says its mission is to create Ramboll said it oversaw “incredible

sustainable societies that allow people stakeholder engagement”. The
and nature to flourish. “Ultimately KEY FACT project included opening derelict and
we judge project success by how well land-locked sites; clearing centuries
communities are served,” it says. £600M of contamination; and developing a
As such it worked with train sustainable transport strategy for all
passengers to design station forecourts Value of road users.
and involved metro stakeholders Mersey “We considered user benefits
in open continuous engagement beyond travel time savings,” says
to ensure “clever” design was also
Gateway the firm. “By combining skills
relevant to those using it. project encompassing strategic and local
Ramboll was a key technical transport planning, urban regeneration
consultant on the £600M Mersey and structural design, we re-shaped
Gateway scheme, working on the huge dialogue to focus on how the project
project in the tiny borough of Halton would work for all.”
from inception to completion. It has been calculated that the
The cable-stayed bridge includes bridge will help create more than
three towers of between 80m and 4,000 jobs and contribute in excess

125m in height, a design chosen to
minimise environmental impact.
The bridge carries six lanes of
traffic for 1km across the Mersey, They have taken
and is accompanied by 9km of road
improvements that ultimately connect off-the-shelf
the M56 with Liverpool, reducing
pressure on the congested Silver
software, applied their
Jubilee Bridge.
Halton Borough Council leader
passion and inventive
Rob Pohill said the scheme would not skills, then given it out
have happened without Ramboll’s
“continuing support”. for industry use
46 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
economic investment

of £60M to the economy each year. outstanding example of a long-term

Contaminated land was remediated collaborative relationship that has
and pedestrian, cyclist and public KEY FACT delivered a significant transport
transport access improved. project unlocking original and local
The Mersey Gateway is already £60M development opportunities while
acting as a catalyst for regeneration remaining sensitive to environmental
and economic investment, according Contribution and community constraints”.
to the Halton Borough Council. “The of Mersey They described the close long term
drivers who collectively make 27M collaboration with the client borough
trips every year have quicker, easier
Gateway and other relationships as “impressive”
and more reliable journeys in Halton,” Bridge to and said this was “particularly vital”
said Pohill. local economy given the challenges of the scheme.
One letter to the “Warrington
Guardian” said that using the crossing l Judges were Transport for London
daily has slashed the author’s commute commissioner Mike Brown, High
from almost three hours to under Speed 2 technical director Andrew
one. “What a transformation to my McNaughton and Highways England
journey,” they wrote. smart motorways programme manager
The judges said the bridge was “an Shaun Pidcock.


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D and associated utility diversions. to Huntingdon improvement

Jaco bs The firm sees “huge potential” scheme, involving a total of
Jacobs played a key role on the for using it with parent CAF’s 294 km of new lanes, which
recently opened Queensferry catenary-free traction solution. will relieve congestion and
Crossing near Edinburgh. As help to connect communities
part of a joint venture with Cu rtins in the East of England. It
Arup, the firm supported Cranfield University appointed involved delivering one of the
Transport Scotland for more Curtins to join its Multi-User UK’s largest infrastructure
than a decade from earliest Environment for Autonomous development consent order
option and Bill development Vehicle Innovation design applications in just 13 months.
through feasibility and on to co- team. A mile of shared surface
location with Transport Scotland roadway and pedestrian access Pa tric k Pa rson s
as an integrated project was created through the Patrick Parsons says the
management team. centre of the campus for use Pont Briwet Transportation
The project’s final outturn by fully autonomous vehicles, Improvement in north-west
cost of £1.35bn was substantially pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and Wales, was “a prime example
less than originally estimated. buses. of how we deliver transport
Many project savings were infrastructure that has a positive
redirected to the community, Ja c kson Civil Engineering outcome for society”.
while intelligent transport Jackson, Atkins and Navtech
systems reduced road successfully piloted a stationary WSP
construction, cabling design vehicle detection radar system Transforming London Bridge
will allow strand replacement on all-lane-running sections of station involved a complex
without closures and wind- the M25 for Connect Plus and staging process identified by
shielding measures will mitigate Highways England. This system WSP to minimise the impact
weather closures. could dramatically improve on 120,000 daily commuters.
safety for road users, traffic Platforms and arches built in
FINALISTS officers, incident support units the early 19th Century were
BWB Grou p and emergency services. demolished before the station
BWB’s Traject ultra-thin pre- was reconstructed. The work was
cast track bed system uses a Ma c e described by Network Rail as
shallow construction concept Mace was project manager of “carrying out open heart surgery
to minimise excavation depth the £1.5bn A14 Cambridge while running a marathon”.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 47
Excellence in Urban Living

Winner: Civic Engineers

Public realm
upgrade boost
for town centre

Civic Engineers says it ensures A series of innovative road layouts Crucially, footfall through the town
interconnectivity between its and shared spaces was designed to centre was increased as a result of the
structures and related public realm. KEY FACT change driver mentality and increase improvement work.
“We transform streets so people, not access for cyclists and pedestrians. Trafford Council leader Sean Anstee
cars, are at their heart,” says the firm, 90 Narrowing roads to reduce traffic said in 2016: “One of our key focuses
which has offices in London, Glasgow, speed as well as removal of lights was has been to reduce and reverse the
Leeds and Manchester. Number of aimed at improving the experience for number of vacant business premises in
Altrincham, Greater Manchester, jobs resulting pedestrians and motorists. these areas. Not only are we achieving
had one of the highest business In March 2017, vacancy rates this but we have bucked the trend
from the
premises vacancy rates in the country. had fallen to less than 10%, down in the region. We’ve seen 24 new
Civic Engineers worked alongside remodelling substantially from 30% at the start businesses occupying previously empty
landscape architects Planit-ie and of Altrincham of the decade. Crime and anti-social premises, creating nearly 90 jobs.”
Trafford Borough Council on a behaviour also fell. Although some 270 The judges said: “Civic Engineers
programme of public realm works town centre incidents were recorded in June to presented an excellent scheme focused
designed to enhance the streets. October 2016, this was down from 319 on the need for a community to be
Phase one of the scheme linked in the same period the previous year. transformed. Its regeneration of
a regenerated market with a new Altringham into a thriving place to

transport interchange. Natural stone work, live and visit was centred on the
paving was used, trees were planted concept of putting people first.
and contemporary street furniture
was introduced including benches and Civic Engineers “Focusing on people, with
an integrated social value and
cycle racks.
Phase two involved improvements
presented an infrastructure plan, Civic Engineers
has transformed the town for the
to the town’s main traffic
thoroughfare, Stamford New
excellent scheme better of pedestrians, motorists and
those using public transport.”
Road. Civic Engineers says changes focused on the need
to the main route have changed l Judges were Arup director David
driver attitudes, reduced speed and for a community to be Caiden, ICE director Nathan Baker
significantly improved links to a key and New Civil Engineer news editor
transport interchange. transformed Rob Horgan.

48 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

has transformed the
town for the better of
pedestrians, motorists
and those using public


H I G H LY C O M M E N D E D CGL country, the city is keen to manage water

Wi l l s Bro s En gi n e e ri n g Has been involved with the huge Barking resources sustainably to support continued
Wills Bros played a key role in delivery of the Riverside scheme, helping turn a brownfield growth. HR Wallingford was part of a team
Inverness West Link in the Scottish Highlands, site into a community of 10,800 homes with developing a smart water management system
completed in December 2017. The scheme schools, roads, a railway station and a bus and to improve water efficiency across the city.
involved the construction of a new 2.2 km river transport interchange. CGL established a
single carriageway relief road outside the town, viable remediation plan for the 180ha former Wa terma n
and the design and construction of a 170m power station site. Upwards of 500,000m3 of Provided engineering and environmental
bridge across the River Ness. soil will be reused onsite. consultancy services on the 187ha Graven Hill
Wills Bros was also contracted to develop scheme in Oxfordshire. The firm played a key
world class sports pitches and facilities on Cl anc y Consu lting role in securing outline planning permission
behalf of the local rugby club, which lost land Provided civil and structural engineering for up to 1,900 self-build homes, and a village
through the development. design for the sensitive conversion of five centre. It is now working closely on detailed
Victorian hospital buildings into 168 homes. designs for the site.
FINALISTS Retaining the historic buildings while ensuring
Br yd en Wo o d Te chn o l o gy affordable homes were able to meet Code WSP
Developed a chassis-based platform system for Sustainable Homes Level 4 standards was Proposed a “cost effective and pragmatic”
for a residential project in Russia. The set-up, a major challenge. Each home has access to plan to build above rail lines in and around
which included a structural skeleton and an private outdoor space. London. WSP believes this space could provide
MEP network, was customisable to create 250,000 homes for the capital. At Principal
different buildings but retained a large HR Wa llingford Place, the firm is working on a 50-storey
proportion of repeatable elements. Client Led the water workstream within a £16M residential tower and 60,000m2 of office space
feedback was positive and the system – is being project to develop Milton Keynes as a smart in a scheme that spans over six rail tracks at
developed for the UK housing market. city. Located in one of the driest parts of the Liverpool Street Station.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 49
World View
Excellence in Water

Winner: GHD

For water, add


GHD is leading the design of a shaft. This also reduced the working
significant upgrade of a 100 year old area substantially, facilitating planning
pipeline bringing clean water to a major KEY FACT permission, as well as minimising
city in the UK. The firm designed three the requirement for cut-and-fill
new tunnel sections, along with their 100 years old operations.
connections to the existing conduit, Only one 72-hour shutdown was
to ensure continuous supply across Age of water needed to form the connection.
national borders for generations ahead. pipeline being Flows were turned into the new
GHD developed a staged excavation tunnel in early 2017, improving the
beneath the existing asset, removing resilience of the city’s drinking water
the need for internal propping and supply.
allowing installation of a protective GHD is employee owned and
concrete wrap without a shutdown. says its staff are empowered to
By combining cast insitu and share knowledge, collaborate, and
benched precast concrete units, the create lasting community benefit in
company removed the need for large partnership with its clients. 
and costly prefabricated lightweight The firm says that by going “on
steel sections. the journey” with clients through the
It delivered significant savings by entire life cycle of their water projects,
combining the tunnel boring machine it aims to deliver solutions with a
drive pits and connection cofferdams lasting benefit for communities. 
to remove two deep shafts. Judges praised evidence of
The near-vertical reinforced soil wall widespread community engagement to
was the largest of its kind built in the help with cultural attitudes to support
UK. project objectives.
The team developed a way to divert “They were passionate engineers
flows while the aqueduct was in service. and developed the client brief in an
This involved removing the temporary innovative way,” said the judges. “They
roof, placing precast concrete utilised professional registration for
diversion blocks and removing the stop development of people internally.
logs before placing the precast roof. Good example of horizontal innovation
Tunnel boring machine launch for incorporation into their brief.”
methodology was simplified by l Judges were Tideway chairman Sir
combining the TBM drive pit and Neville Simms, Environment Agency
the connection cofferdam in to one, national commercial manager Brian
removing the need for a separate Francis and IRSE chief executive
12m diameter, 10m deep secant piled designate Blane Judd.

50 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8


owned and says its HIGHLY COMMENDED
an interception, storage and
conveyance system that will
CH2M (now Jacobs) is the
staff are empowered Worked on solutions to
minimise losses to the water
improve water quality in Lake
programme manager for the
£4bn, Tideway tunnel
to share knowledge, infrastructure in Medellin,
Colombia, where some entire
The scheme covers an
area of 270 km2 and will
project. It says its
procurement and commercial
collaborate, and neighbourhoods were at risk reduce the frequency expertise resulted in savings
of total loss of supplies. The of sewer discharges and urban of up to 20% of the cost of
create lasting project will have a positive run-offs. It included 27km of phase 2 works. Jacobs was
impact on the lives of over 6.3m diameter tunnel as well praised by the client for its
community benefit 11,700 families from peripheral as 14 large diameter storage strategy and its use of know-
neighbourhoods that were shafts. how on the project
at risk of being excluded UK hydraulics specialists to transform the river and
completely from a fresh water developed a system to leave a legacy for future
supply. physically model air release at generations.
The firm set up community shafts, using a partial vacuum
working groups involving to achieve the same pressure London Bridge Associates
neighbourhood leaders to change ratio and air pocket Provided specialist and expert
help communicate the need expansion in the model and engineers in construction and
to use water efficiently and prototype. logistics planning to support
respect the new water supply its client’s work to develop
infrastructure that has been FCC Construcción and implement the Tideway
installed. Worked on the Castrovido dam Tunnel project. Helped ensure
Community leaders in Spain, a major construction the environmental impact
expressed satisfaction and and engineering challenge. The was accurately assessed and
highlighted the positive impact dam will generate a reservoir construction impacts were
of the scheme. with storage capacity of minimised. Tideway chief
44Mm3 and an area of 214ha, executive Andy Mitchell said
FINALISTS equivalent to 212 football London Bridge Associates did
Arup pitches. an “excellent job of balancing
Created a strategy to improve stakeholder needs with the
water supply protection for HR Wallingford commercial aspects of the
more than 1M people in Wales Led the development of new regulated business”.
and safeguard a similar number projections of water availability
against failure of an existing for the UK to enable the Stantec
treatment works. government to assess the Developed three programmes
The 30-year ambition aims relative severity of impacts to help the Seychelles
to reduce Welsh Water’s under a range of scenarios. Water Authority improve
carbon emissions by more than This was the first national its efficiency, demand
80% and halve the amount of assessment of climate-related management and resilience
time customers are without risks by the UK Government, in the face of the significant
water each year. Arup drew on and informed the second threat apparent from climate
global experience of resilience UK Climate Change Risk change and sea level rise.
planning to identify customer- Assessment. The firm’s The firm’s water demand
specific target areas such projections extend to management programme
as affordability, vulnerable the 2080s, significantly formulated strategies to
circumstances and working in further than the typical manage water demand that
communities. horizon currently adopted were communicated through a
for UK water resource targeted awareness campaign
Black & Veatch planning, providing an insight and promotion of bylaws to
The consultant is designing into the pressures likely to be increase use of water-saving
the City of Toronto Wet faced by the industry in the devices, rainwater harvesting
Weather Flow Tunnel Scheme, longer-term. and household storage.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 51
World View
Excellence in Climate Resilience

Winner: Royal HaskoningDHV

Getting under
the skin of
flood defences

The £180M Moray Flood Alleviation major works to trunk roads; and team to deliver flood alleviation and
Programme provided resilience to relocation of businesses and homes. complement the environment. My
3,000 homes and 600 businesses KEY FACT Some of the new flood defences measure of success was the scheme
in four communities in north-east were tested before they were should be invisible and prevent
Scotland. £180M completed, when the tail end of flooding. Not only was the challenge
Royal HaskoningDHV was appointed Hurricane Bertha hit in August 2014. met, it was delivered ahead of
to provide a range of services as a Value of The consultant says more than half programme and under budget.”
consultant on the 15 year project, Moray Flood of Moray Council’s investment was The judges praised the firm’s
which was completed last year. effectively repaid within a decade of “very clear ethos of future proof
The firm has 6,000 staff working the first elements being completed. considerations in projects across the
on projects in 150 countries. It says Programme The project also has major social whole company, with particular focus
it embeds people into project teams and environmental benefits, including on climate resilience”.
to help them “live and breathe” the a cycle path and work to improve They said there was “clear evidence
schemes. It also aims to apply “global amenities including parks, playing of cutting edge thinking and practice”
solutions to local situations”. fields, wetlands and water courses. and hailed “excellence” in the Moray
The Moray scheme was a response Moray Council project sponsor Flood Alleviation programme.
to floods that affected thousands Peter Haslam said: “I challenged the “Adding value to local communities
of properties and caused millions of was at the centre of their design and

pounds worth of damage during the delivery, with infectious passion and
1990s and early 2000s. It covered five enthusiasm during the presentation
flood alleviation schemes in four towns that made clear they are living and
with investment from Moray Council
and the Scottish Government.
Not only was breathing what they are saying.”

The programme was based on

designs to make room for the river –
the challenge l Judges were Environment
Agency coastal risk management
the construction of set-back defences;
demolition and rebuilding of bridges to
met, it was delivered director Alison Baptiste, Heriot
Watt University professor of civil
open up water courses; construction ahead of programme engineering systems Paul Jowitt and
of dams to create flood water storage Mott MacDonald global sustainability
reservoirs; building a pumping station; and under budget leader Davide Stronati.

52 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Very clear
ethos of future
proof considerations
in projects across the
whole company


FINALISTS and public realm, helping reduce surface water JB A Consu lting
Arc a d i s flood risk. In January 2017, JBA and consortium
Part of the winning team in a US Government- partners began a three-year project to assess
run competition following super storm Sandy, Fl o od line Consu lting geophysical and atmospheric hazards, aiming
which damaged more than 300,000 homes The consultant has developed plans for two to adapt climate and hazard prediction models
in New York in 2012. The protection scheme flood-resilient “can-float” properties on land to tropical conditions and improve forecasting,
chosen, known as the Dryline, is a protective beside a flood prone river. The homes will rise emergency planning and response capacity in
system around Manhattan. In collaboration with and fall with flood water. The Environment Kuala Lumpur whose population is projected to
the City of New York and local communities, Agency has approved the scheme and Floodline grow by 30% to almost 10M by 2030.
Arcadis will design flood protection solutions says the houses can be insured and mortgaged
that merge into the urban fabric for 200,000 like conventional homes. R P S Grou p
residents and 21,000 businesses. Design RPS’ Bongo River Trees Restoration project in
features will incorporate architectural HR Wa llingford Ghana, completed last year, drew in engineers
floodwalls, bridging berms, embankments, HR Wallingford is helping the Malaysian and professional staff alongside charity
moveable floodgates and interior drainage government’s Department of Irrigation and volunteers and village groups to undertake a
improvements. Drainage develop an effective, integrated flood 75ha land restoration project. The semi-barren
forecasting and river monitoring system. The rural landscape was transformed, with almost
Ci v i c En gi n eer s consultant has developed two systems for west 100,000 trees and shrubs planted along with a
Worked with landscape architects J&L Gibbons coast rivers, and is working on three for the range of other works.
to produce sustainable urban drainage systems east coast. Fully automated systems are driven
guidance for Transport for London. Responding by a combination of live, telemetered gauged Wa terc o Consu lta nts
to the Mayor of London’s Climate Change data from the government’s own database, as Commissioned to develop its smart flood
Strategy, this demonstrates how SuDS can be well as spatial rainfall radar information and management concept through to project
seamlessly integrated into London’s streetscape rainfall forecasts. appraisal review at four sites in north Wales.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 53
World View
Excellence in Alternative Energy

Winner: Robert Bird Group Care has

Minimising been taken to

ensure all materials
are recyclable and

the footprint the turbines leave

no lasting impact
on the environment
after 25 years

Robert Bird Group played a key role Design of ballast blocks and foundation
in Phase 1A of the ambitious MeyGen tripods was selected to ease transport
tidal power project to create the KEY FACT from the fabrication facilities to
world’s first grid-connected tidal the port, with only final assembly
turbine scheme in Scottish waters. 25 years undertaken at quayside.
RBG conceived and developed the Judges described this as an
gravity base design for the under sea Period after “excellent entry” that provided a
turbines. They had to resist long-term which the strong case study in first principles
dynamic forces in extreme marine design, including an explanation of how
conditions including highly turbulent the project was pushing the boundaries
currents and storm surge conditions. will have no of high turbulence current modelling
The site in the Pentland Firth between lasting impact and structural simulation.
the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea They added that lessons from the
was chosen for its strong tidal stream, on the scheme were being shared with the
with its irregular seabed creating environment wider industry and even fed into a
eddies and vortices on various scales. new design code that will apply as an
The firm says proving effective industry standard.
foundation design is a key requirement “Carbon use has been a major
for the tidal power industry as it seeks consideration on the project,” the
to fulfil its promise of aiding the move judges said.
to a more sustainable energy mix in the “Care has been taken to ensure
future. all materials are recyclable and the
The MeyGen scheme is turbines leave no lasting impact on the
environmentally responsible in a environment after 25 years.
number of ways. Being entirely below “The clients were clearly happy with
the sea surface, visual impacts are Robert Bird Group’s work.
minimised. The gravity base concept Overall, a fantastic project showing
also means the structures can simply clear innovation and leadership in
be lifted off the seabed once their alternative energy.”
operational life is over, allowing
embodied steel to be recycled while l Judges were UK Power Networks
the ocean is returned to its natural director of programme and
state. procurement Nirmal Kotecha, Jacobs
The steel support structure and head of innovation Adrian Harrison
ballast blocks were fabricated close to and New Civil Engineer technical
site to reduce transportation impact. reporter Fiona McIntyre.

54 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

FINALISTS wind farms, tidal arrays cope with difficult ground

Bec kett Ra nkine and new-nuclear projects. conditions. The wind farm
The firm partnered in a JBA is using the system has the capability to save
research project to address to support construction of more than 400,000t
the cost of foundations the 116-turbine Rampion of carbon per year. On a
for offshore wind and offshore wind farm off the broader scale, Sweco has
wave energy schemes Sussex coast, where initial contributed to 3.6GW of
by advancing a concept foundation construction installed renewable capacity
that could achieve a 20% was heavily delayed by bad over the last eight years.
reduction renewable weather. ForeCoast Marine
energy costs. The Offshore predicted a 20 month Wa lters
Platform for Energy construction programme to Its Mynydd Bwllfa wind
Conversion comprises a within three days. Costain farm project involved the
large floating structure, principal risk consultant installation of nine wind
fabricated in reinforced Andy Poole said the system turbines, each 125m high,
concrete modules, designed was “a game changer in the on an environmentally
to support multiple wind way we plan and manage sensitive site in Wales.
and wave devices and also weather”. As landowner, developer
aquaculture facilities. and design-and-build
The project is exploring Mott Ma cDona ld contractor, Walters
the deployment of such Developing the technical conceived the project
systems in developing island specification and business and will operate and
states and isolated coastal case for an innovative maintain the facility for
communities that currently 600MW solar-pumped the next 25 years. It
face high electricity costs. storage project on the coast maintained consultation and
of northern Chile’s Atacama stakeholder engagement
IDOM Desert. When the sun is throughout. Walters
Designed the hydro-wind shining, half the power from provides more than
power plant on El Hierro in the 1650ha solar plant will 100MW of clean electricity
the Canary Islands with the be used to pump water from capacity at seven sites
aim of supplying all of the the sea to 650m above across Wales, enough to
island’s electrical energy sea level. When released, offset the carbon emissions
from renewable sources and this water will generate of its huge plant fleet.
helping conserve an area hydropower to meet
declared a World Biosphere daytime peaks and night- W YG
Reserve. Power is supplied time power demand. Mott The consultant was
to the network from wind MacDonald says the hybrid commissioned by Vestas to
turbines with surpluses used scheme will be competitive investigate the optimum
to pump water to create a on cost with conventional solution for transporting
reserve to drive the hydro- alternatives. 66 turbines to Stronelairg
turbines if wind is lacking. wind farm on the shore of
It is estimated that this Sw ec o U K Loch Ness. The longest
system will save the annual Provided a range of component was the length
consumption of 40,000 consultancy services for of four buses. WYG
oil barrels and cut out the Galway Wind Farm, which assessed each stage of the
emission of 18,700 tonnes has the capacity to generate journey and worked with
of CO2. enough green energy developer SSE Renewables
for 90,000 homes. The to design the mitigation
JB A Consu lting 169MW generating project works required. It reduced
Developed ForeCoast is a combination of four the need for expensive land
Marine to facilitate windfarms and Sweco had to deals and intrusive road
installation, operation and design five different types works and slashed costs and
maintenance of offshore of turbine foundation to timescales.

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 55
The Gold List

AKTII Costain i-Transport

Alun Griffiths Curtins Jackson Civil Engineering
Anthony D Bates Partnership Davies Maguire Jacobs
Arcadis Design ID Consulting JBA Consulting
Arch Henderson Design2e Jenkins and Potter
Ardent Consulting Engineers Dougall Baillie Associates JNP Group Consulting Engineers
Arup Dr Sauer & Partners John Sisk & Son
Awcock Ward Partnership Dunelm Geotechnical JPP Consulting
Barhale Eastwood & Partners Kier
BDP Edenvale Young Associates London Bridge Associates
Beckett Rankine Engenuiti Mace
Black & Veatch Engineeria Midland Metro Alliance
Breheny Civil Engineering FCC Construccion MJ Rooney Construction
Bryden Wood Technology FJD Consulting Mott MacDonald
BWB Group Floodline Consulting Opus International Consultants
C Spencer Foundation Piling Patrick Parsons
Caley Water GHD Pell Frischmann
CampbellReith Glanville Consultants Peter Brett Associates
Capita Property and Infrastructure Hartigan Pick Everard
Cass Hayward Hewson Consulting Engineers Pinnacle Consulting Engineers
CGL HR Wallingford PJA
Civic Engineers Hydrock Plandescil
Clancy Consulting IDOM Project Centre
Clarkebond Igloo Ramboll
Converge Interserve Construction Robert Bird Group

56 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8

Top 10

Royal HaskoningDHV
RPS Group 01 Arcadis
RSK Group
Sanderson Watts Associates
02 Arup
Stuart Michael Associates 03 Jacobs
Sweco UK
Taylor & Boyd
04 Mace
Thomas Consulting
Thornton Tomasetti
Van Elle 05 Ramboll
Waldeck Consulting
06 Sweco UK
Waterco Consultants
Webb Yates Engineers 07 Mott MacDonald
Wentworth House Partnership
Westlakes Engineering
08 Costain
Whitby Wood
Wills Bros Civil Engineering
Wood 09 WSP
10 Black & Veatch

N C E 100 G O L D B O O K 20 18 57

Judging Panel
Tahir Ahmad Jonathan Chapman David Hancock Andrew McNaughton Elizabeth Rikard
BIM specialist, Crossrail Senior skills advisor, Construction director, Technical director, Finance director and chief
— Environment Agency Infrastructure and Projects HS2 Ltd engineer, Highwire Height
Simon Alford — Authority, Cabinet Office — Safety Engineers 
Director, AHMM Darren Colderwood Benita Mehra —
— Development director Adrian Harrison President, Women’s David Riley
Roger Bailey Heathrow Airport Head of innovation, Engineering Society (WES) Head of carbon and energy,
Asset management — utilities, Jacobs  — Anglian Water
director, Tideway Ian Corder — Paul Morris —
— Cost and carbon manager, Anil Iyer Head of innovation, Kevin Shelton
Nathan Baker Environment Agency Chief operating officer, Tideway Head of risk and value
Director, ICE — Association for Consultancy — management, Network Rail
— Adrian Coy & Engineering Chris Newsome Sir Neville Simms
Alison Baptiste Local authorities director, — executive director, chairman, Tideway
Director, flood and Aecom and former vice Paul Jowitt Anglian Water —
coastal risk management, president, ICE Professor of civil — Paula Stannett
Environment Agency — engineering systems, Heriot Douglas Oakervee Chief people officer
— Sarah Eager Watt University Chairman, Docel and ICE Heathrow Airport Ltd
Lewis Blackwell Innovation lead – smart — Special Representative for —
Executive director, Building infrastructure, Innovate UK Blane Judd China Davide Stronati
Centre — Chief executive, EngTech — Global sustainability leader,
— Joanne Ellman Brown Now Nelson Ogunshakin Mott MacDonald
Denise Bower PMO director, — Chief executive, —
Executive director, Major Heathrow Airport Jon Kerbey Association for Consultancy Jon Sturgess
Projects — Head of management & Engineering Programme manager
Association Jaap Flikweert systems, HS2 Ltd — (design) – building and civil
— Director, water governance — Shaun Pidcock design groups, Network
Keith Bowers and strategy, Royal Nirmal Kotecha Programme director, Rail
Profession head: tunnels HaskoningDHV Director of capital Highways England —
London Underground — programme and — Christine Townley,
— Brian Francis procurement, UK Power Lisa Pinney Freelance consultant –
Kevin Bowsher National commercial Networks Chief executive, Coal young people and skills
Diversity and inclusion manager, Environment — Authority; trustee, —
manager, Network Rail Agency David Leam Infrastructure Stonewall Keith Waller
— — director, London First — Senior advisor,
Maggie Brown Geoff French — Nicholas Pollard Infrastructure & Projects
Innovation manager, EDF Past-president, ICE John Lorimer Chief executive, Cory Authority
Energy – Hinkley Point C — Chair, BIM Academy Riverside Energy —
— Chris Gage — — Briony Wickenden
Mike Brown Digital lead - industrial Alexi Marmot David Porter Head of training, Civil
Commissioner, Transport products UKI global Vice-dean teaching and Director, NI Rivers Agency Engineering Contractors
for London business services, IBM learning, University — Association
— — College London Alasdair Reisner —
David Caiden Peter Hall — Chief executive, Civil Simon Wright
Director, Arup Member engagement Michelle McDowell Engineering Contractors Programme director,
manager, Employers Chair, civil and structural Association Crossrail
Network for Equality & engineering, BDP

58 N C E 10 0 G O L D B O O K 2 0 1 8
The NCE100 Gold Book

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Greg Pitcher

Mark Hansford

Chief sub editor:

Andy Bolton

James McCarthy

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