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Sample Mechatronics Lab Report

Jane D. Doe Deepin Powder Kam K. Leang

University of Nevada, Reno

ME 422/622 Mechatronics (Intro to Robotics), February 9, 2009

1 Introduction
The introduction briefly outlines the objectives of the experiment and why the experiment is important.
Also, the introduction includes an example or application of the information discussed in the experiment.
A brief summary of the results should also be presented. Keep this section brief and to the point.

2 Methods and Procedures

The objectives of this section are to: (i) discuss the hypothesis and/or relevant theoretical aspects of the
experiment, (ii) present the critical procedures of the experiment, and (iii) describe the experimental setup.
If figures and diagrams are required in your explanation, place them in the appendix and refer to them.
Include and explain equations; for example, this is an expression for the output of a hysteretic system,
v(t) = µ(α, β)dαdβ − µ(α, β)dαdβ = 2 µ(α, β)dαdβ − µ(α, β)dαdβ. (1)
P+ (t) P− (t) P+ (t) P

where µ(α, β) is the weighting function, and P denotes the Preisach plane. Explain the terms in the
equation. Equations should be appropriately numbered, as shown above, and reference should be made to
equations during the discussion. No results should be included in this section.

3 Results and Discussion

This is one of the most important sections. Please discuss and evaluate critically the experimental results
and what you have learned. The results should be compared to expected, theoretical, or published results.
Discrepancies should be noted, and reasons for the discrepancies explained. Furthermore, trends in the
results should be discussed. Answer questions about the experiment presented in the laboratory worksheet.
Make appropriate references to figures, diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, etc., in the appendix.

4 Conclusions
Briefly summarize the experiment and results. Explain what you have learned. If applicable, suggest
recommendations for future improvement.

5 Appendix
All your figures, tables, graphs, sample computer programs, raw data, and results are placed in this section.
Properly label all information, and if a derivation is included, please explain your logic and procedures.
Here is an example figure. Notice how it is appropriately labelled. A brief caption should be included
to describe the figure.

R α,β [u]

α u


Figure 1: A simple relay, with “up” switching value α and “down” switching value β. The input is denoted
by u, and the relay takes on two states: +1 and −1, depending on the state of the input u.

NOTE: The written part of the report, i.e., Introduction, Methods and Procedures,
Results, Discussion, and Conclusions, should not exceed two (2) pages!! Appendix
length is unlimited, however, it should be concise.

Lab Report Points Break Down:

F ormat 5
Introduction 10
M ethods and P rocedures 25
Results 5
Discussion and Conclusions 40
Appendix 15
− − − − − − − − − − − − −− −−
T OT AL 100