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Media Studies

Advanced GCE in Media Studies H409/03/04 Making media

Statement of Intent

Centre number Centre name

29085 Ludlow College

Candidate number Candidate name

1685 Charlie Gascoyne

Brief chosen:
Brief 4 music video.

How do you intend to use the four areas of the media theoretical framework to communicate meaning
and meet the requirements of your chosen brief? (approx. 400 words)

Product 1
​My intention is to produce a music video for the song “Trip like I do” by “The Crystal Method”. My bands
name will be Tripping eye balls. Whilst its humour’s being that which is stereotypically geared towards the
targeted audience of 16 to 25, whilst also indicating at the visual and psychedelic aspect of the band. I
intend for it to communicate a strong meaning to the audience and be engaging and sophisticated enough
for the intended AB demographic. The narrative itself follows a blind person who uses the song as a
means of escaping there disability, showing them being taken to a world in which they are able to see
whilst showing it to be a transformative escape for the protagonist as after they leave we see them leave
there shades on the table, creating an engaging enigma as to whether or not the protagonist can see. The
music video is relevant to the song through the songs sample “trip like I do” as it shows a psychedelic
trip caused by music. It represents two different demographics through the same person, as it shows
them with the ability to see as well as without it. The need for the audience of 16-25 is met by the style of
the music but also the age of the protagonist. The music video will start in in black and white in the
bedroom of the protagonist who will be presented as blind through the use of shades. They sit at a table
take a tape from their pocket and play it using the player on the table. They remove there shades revealing
the white of their eyes showing them to be blind and then closing them. We then cut to an in colour shot
of the protagonist waking up in a disabled car parking space with the ability to see. Then a shot that
emphasises him stepping out of it. The protagonist is then seen running from something in the woods
inter cut with shots of the protagonist in surreal shots more meant to communicate the transcendence of
their disability. We then get the awakening where the shot cuts to the bedroom. With the ambivalent
ending of never having seen his eyes. The link between the music video and music is further shown
through the rhythm of the matching of the cuts and the rhythm of the song. Visual effects were added in
to create a link between the electronic sound and the visuals. In relation to media theories I intend it to
CCS438 – Statement
have relevance of Intent
to postmodernism CCS/H409
in its optional viewpoint on reality as demostraighted through the
Oxford opting
Cambridge andinRSA and out using the music as an escape route. Two step flow is also observed to an
extent since the main representation for how we perceive the power of the music is the protagonists

Product 2

The website will be a convergence on a few fronts brand identity, the music and fan contact. Brand .
identity will be addressed through the décor of the site with its logo being a cassette outdated and
therefore personal. Thus establishing the site the music and the video as on the side of the listener and. a
transcendent experience. The band’s name is the title seen on the homepage as well as in the music
video. The décor of the site in general are photos of irises being relevant for the significance played in the
music video on eyes. The site will have a page on which the music will be hosted to compete with poor
quality pirating as well as a store through which merch and music can be sold. Since the group is .
independent it would need to find its own means of funding the website therefore advertising would be
used to cover the cost of the site. As well as links to social media to help people spread the group. .

CCS438 – Statement of Intent CCS/H409

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations

How do you intend to link your media products to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of
the digitally convergent nature of your media production? (approx. 100 words)

The two media products were essentially of a fictional band. The purpose of which is to essentially sell its
audience the advertising that will propagate itself whilst itself making money. The web-sight is what would
exist as an information and all things band related hub. This would then link to everything that the band
and the corporation its possibly owned by thinks they could sell.

This would appeases them a sense of identity that comes with it purpose peers and possibly an

My web-sight links to several implicit elements referred to in the video. It links to multiple opportunities to
exploit fans needs for this through the sale of merchandise. It also links to forums with which they can
meet with fans and others involved. Aswell as activism through the support and band sponsership of the .
psychedelic society.

CCS438 – Statement of Intent CCS/H409

Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations