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-Dominion Dungeon Business Proposal- 

Write a business proposal. It must be a minimum of one 

page. It must contain all of the information listed below. 
Every item needs a detailed explanation. 
1. Name of your business. 
Speedy Chill! 
(Keep it Cool!)☀ 
2. Hours you will be open.  
Mon-Fri: 8 a.m- 9 p.m 
Sat-Sun: 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. 
3. What do you do? (Fix, sell, build, feed, serve, help?) 
The Speedy Chill is a portable container for car usage 
or any place with extreme heat. You can keep any items 
in there for protection from the hot heat. It keeps the 
items cool and prevents from damage. Some items you 
could keep in the Keep It Cool is lip balm, crayons, even 
a cell phone. 
4. Location of the business. Is it a small, rural 
community or a large, urban community? Where in 
Columbus will you be located? Actually choose a 
location. Explain why that location would be good for 
your business.  
It would be located in the suburban to urban area. In 
Columbus, it would be located ideally in major retail 
locations such as Target, Walmart, etc. This would be 
good for our business because these areas have a lot f 
business and our product is not big enough to open our 
own store location. 
5. Identify the competition in your business area and 
The competition in our business area are other car 
cooling systems in major retail locations. 
6. How many employees will you need? What specific 
positions will these employees hold? 
Manufacturing Employees- 40 
Retail Employees- 10-15 
Marketing and Management Employees- 10-15 
7. Why do you think your business will succeed? 
I think that our business will succeed because this is a 
common problem in places with high heat and I think 
that our product will sell well because I think that a lot 
of people could use it. 
8. Graphics to help convey your ideas - could be photos, 
organization charts, maps for your location, etc.  

This is a good idea because a lunchbox conveys the 
same purpose as to keeping things cool and fresh. 

This idea shows that the Speedy Chill can come in many 
different sizes and designs. 

This is also an idea because car coolers are coolers used 
in cars but the Speedy Chill is not specifically used for 

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