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Life Without Meat

By: Areli Garcia

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What does it do to What would we do

your body? with the animals?
• Dr. Neal Barnard at George • Farmers will breed animals that
Washington University stated after they know they can sell so if they
doing research that leaving meat to can’t sell then then they won’t
eat at a plant-based diet would breed them. As there is an increase
have you losing weight without in vegans, the breeding of animals
having to count calories. will decrease proportionally. With
• Your skin might improve as long as this we wouldn’t have to face the
you are still getting all your fact that we would have to release
nutrients from fruits and veggies. the animals into the wild or take
them to slaughterhouses.
• Meat eaters: Leads to some
diseases and illnesses including
heart disease, certain types of
cancer, type 2 diabetes, strokes.
Why vegans/ vegetarians
• Personal choice or morality
• Not a necessity (American Dietetic Association with
don’t eat meat? over a hundred thousand certified practitioners
stated that a vegan diet is healthy, safe, and
nutritionally adequate for all stages of life.)
• Taste
• Healthy
• https://youtu.be/byTxzzztRBU
What I’ve learned
• You can’t fully be a vegan.
• Plants aren’t conscious, they don’t have a brain central nervous
system or pain receptors, but yet they are still alive.
• When someone states that they are vegan, they are suddenly looked
at differently. There’s perceptions.
• Meat production requires a lot of water.
• There’s value that people put into the life of animals.
• Some say it’s more expensive to eat healthy , but others say that it
just takes planning or that the convenience is less.
• In most areas where people live longer, they are either vegetarians or
vegans and most of the people eat beans which also helps.