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//-----Aptitude test----//

1. 2 trains, one travlling from mumbai to delhi at 60kmph started at 6pm, another
at 90kmph from mumbai to delhi started at 9 pm, third one from delhi to mumbai
started at 9pm....all three met some where in between, to distance between two
places is 1260km. fin speed of third train. (ANS - 120)

2. Milk water mixture of 3:1, what portion should be replaced with water to make it
50:50.(ANS _ 1/3rd)

3. setting arrangement question.

4. robability question. whats the probability of getting even no. greater than 2 at
the roll of single dice. (ANS - 1/3)

5. 8 pipes in a tank. filler pipe can fill tank in 8 hrs and emptier one empty it
in 6 hrs. how many filler pipes out of 8 if fully filled tank got empty in 6 hrs,
all pipe opened togther.

6. first day of 1999 is sunday. whats last?

7. Pipe one fills a tank in 15 hr another fills in 20 hr (time could have been
different) and 3rd empty in X hr. if all work together tell the max value of X for
which tank will never be full. (easy :P)

8. 13.1.13 is special because date*month =year find the year in this century which
have max no of such dates. (I think answer is 24) NOW the HARD q comes

9. 9 student have either back or white cap on them (cant talk to each other) black
>white>1 teacher gave them 20 min no one answer then teacher gave them 10 min no
one answered then teacher gave them 5 min all of them gave the answer. (gave many
hints before I could answer)

10. You have 2 ball of each A,B,C colors and each color have 1 light and 1 heavy
ball. all light are same weight same goes for heavy. using balance (Scale) min time
how u find weight type of each ball. (first time for me gave me lots of hints a lot
then it was like he solved it for me it was already past 00:00 of night now)

11. There on a island there are 13 A,15 B,17 C animal if two of different type
combine 3rd one is created . can there can be a time when only one kind of animal
remains? (again he gave a lot of hints till i was able to solve it)

12. There are 3 doors 1 of them have money other 2 have nothing if first we let u
choose 1 door and then open one of the other u didn�t choose and show u it have
nothing behind u. Now i will let u change what u choose will u change ur choice and
choose the one door which is left or stick with your door.

//-----Programming Questions ----//

1. input - {1,3,4,5,1,2,3,9,8,0}
outpuut - 1,1 7,2 5,1 6,3 9,1 8,1 0,1
that is if some consecutive number is there, sum them up and prinout with count,
else like first one, number and 1.

2. int[] searchAllOccurences(String parent, String seach) - write this program to

search all occurence of search string in parent string.like
parent - testest
search - test
output - {0,3}

3. Check that the number can be divided by the sum of its digit. (Easy as it can

4. A girl counting on her left hand�s fingers, u need to tell on which finger she
will stop for a giving number. Counting was like 1-thumb, 2-index finger , 3-middle
finger, 4-ring finger,5-little finger then 6-ring, 7-middle , 8-index, 9 thumb , 10
-index and so on ..(easy like hell )

5. Gcd of two numbers ( again ..:) )

6. Remove duplicate from a sorted linked list . (was easy and as linked list was
already sorted so it become more easy)

7. given an array using in-place operation u have to put odd number in odd indexes
and even number in even indexes. Assume array of even length and half of it will be
even numbers (seems easy but as u cannot use another array and the order of number
should not be change it was a good question took me while to implement the solution
i think of)

8. Given an array of size (b-a+1) with number from a to b in sorted form. One
number is two times. You have to find out the missing number.

9. Given a sorted 2D array, find a number in a it. I knew the question but don�t
remember even a single solution. I tried a binary search in a 2D array but failed
with it then gave a solution which choose direction and move in it. my solution was
not that efficient but i did what i can .

10. Given a binary tree, make a linked-list out of the leaf node of that tree. easy
did this one in 5 min .

11. Given 2D array with weight in each box, u have to move find minimum weight
(total weight & gt=0) in the shortest path (path can be a long one but weight
should be minimum) between 2 point given to you.

12. http://www.spoj.com/problems/ACODE/

13. Given a number m,u have to print the maximum value after 1 swap.
e.g. m=5482 prints 8452 .you can use only one swap for any two numbers .

14. Tees Mar Khan (problem name) :-given a matrix , you have to rob maximum value .
you have to start at topmost left corner and reach to last corner. you can move
either right or down.if any house is robbed then u can�t robbed next right or down
house (i.e. adjacent house).you can rob diagonally located house

15. The subsection DEBUGGER expects you to understand the given code and fix the
bugs.the problem is Sudoku Checker

16. API coding related with trie. u have to complete some functions .I don�t
remember the question.
Test was of three hours.