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Racism is an issue that has been going on ever since slavery started in the 1600’s.

possible, way before the 1600’s. Racism is the discrimination against a group considered or
looked at by society as, “the minority”. An example would be the discrimination against African
Americans for their color of their skin or where one may come from. Racism is usually done by
those who feel like they are superior over another race, or who are just pure obnoxious and
blind to the thought that they are doing wrong by putting another down. There have been many
famous racist people such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Thomas Jefferson and vice versa. But
in this essay, the racist person who is going to be talked about is Abraham Lincoln. He did not
care much about saving the discriminated, and he was very cocky, feeling his race was the
superior one.

A year after Abraham Lincoln became president, the Civil War between the Union and
Confederate states began. Lincoln’s only goal during the Civil War and his time of presidency
was to try and preserve the Union. He did not care how he had to do it, so long as it was saved.
In the document ​Lincoln’s Letter to Abolitionist Horace Greeley, 1862​, the text states that
Lincoln would save the Union no matter if slaves were free or not. Abraham Lincoln quotes; “If I
could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all
slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also
do that.“ What this quote means is that Lincoln does not care about the freedom of slaves. Only
about the Union being kept. Another example to back the claim of Lincoln being racist would be,
in document ( J ) about the illustration in ​Frank Leslie’s illustrated newspaper, v12 no.308​ ( 1861
Oct 12.) which states that Lincoln rejected Fremont’s proclamation of “declaring Missouri’s
slaves “ forever free ” “. The reason for this is because, Lincoln did not want to risk losing any
members of the Union due to “bold political actions” that some members of the Union would not
agree on.

Abraham Lincoln felt very powerful. It wasn’t due to the fact that he was president, or
may have had a lot of money, but it was due to him believing his race ( white ) were the superior
race. In document B, the text states that Lincoln was “in favor of the race to which” he belonged
to. Him, believing it was the “superior position”. Document B also states that he had no “purpose
directly or indirectly to interfere with the institution of slavery.” What both of these quotes mean
is that Lincoln did not want to get involved in the abolition of slavery and that he believed his
race was above everyone else’s. Another example of Lincoln being racist was that in the
document about ​Lincoln’s campaign speech on Race, 1858​, Lincoln states that he was never “in
favor of bringing the equality of white and black races”. Meaning Lincoln never even thought
about the idea of equality between whites and blacks. Showing that he does not care about the
situation of blacks not being equal to whites. Lincoln also states in the document that he was
also never in favor “of making voters of the free negroes”. This meaning that Lincoln did not
want African Americans to have a voice ( politically wise). And once again, in this document
Lincoln states that he is in favor of his race which he thinks of as the “superior position”.
Although it is claimed that Abraham Lincoln was a racist person, it can be argued that
Abraham Lincoln was, in fact , not racist. In the document ​Abraham Lincoln to A.G Hodges,
April 4, 1864, ​the text states that Lincoln claimed himself as being against slavery. That he was
“ naturally anti-slavery.” Meaning that Lincoln’s nature was against the idea of slavery.
Document A, also supports the counterclaim by the document stating that Lincoln believed that
the “Negro was born his equal.” And that the negro is “endowed with equality by the almighty.”
These quotes meaning that the african-american is born with all equality like the whites, and
that they are gifted with their God-given rights of equalness.

Think back to this question, “Is Abraham Lincoln racist?”. Yes, Abraham Lincoln did not
have any concerns as to what would happen to an african-american and he did not bother
taking risk for the african-american to try and help them gain their freedom. He only thought
about what he considered would be “best” for the United States of America and not best for
everyone in the United States. Including any minority group.