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 Instituto Superior “DARDO ROCHA”

 TEACHER: Carol Ebel

 TRAINEE: Fernández, María Elisabet

 School: E.E.P. N° 942: “Clorindo Omar Blanco”

The present institution is a public school, is situated in 3200, Juan Bautista Alberdi Avenue, in Resistencia.
They have beginner level of English and only have two English class weekly. They do not present problems
of misbehaviour.

 Number of lesson: 1

 Date: …… /……. /……..

 Time: 40’

 Course: 7th grade

 Age of students: 11 – 12

 N° of students: 25

 Teaching point
 Language exponent: Vocabulary
 Lexical items: Colours – Fruits and Vegetables

 Previous knowledge: Verb- to be

 Aim:
 By the end of the class, student will be able to identify the new vocabulary.
 By the end of the class, students will be able to integrate and practice what they learnt
about colours as well as fruits and vegetables.

 Anticipate problems:
 Students cannot know how to order adjectives

 Students cannot recognise the new vocabulary

 Possible solutions:
 Teacher makes a chart to show some examples of fruits and vegetables
with their respective colours ( eg.: carrot – orange)

 Teacher presents more pictures as example.


Warm-up 10 min.
To get Trainee teacher greets
students’ students and talk about the
attention new topic to be developed
Presentation as an introduction, by
asking what fruits and
vegetables do you know
as well as well as some

Trainee teacher would

present the new
vocabulary related to fruits
and vegetables as well as
colours. So teacher stick
Content on the board different
explanation pictures of fruits and
Students will vegetables accompanied
15 min.
be exposed with pictures with the
to the new written name and colour as
Eliciting lexical items. an example.

- Trainee teacher says each
new word in order to fix
pronunciation of these new
words then students repeat

Students will Trainee teacher uses a

be able to word search to be use in
recognize the the vocabulary, with
Detailed given pictures and Students Photocopies 15 min.
presentation Eliciting vocabulary afterward have to label
each word with the
correlative puzzle piece.