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May 2019

Independent Baptist Missionaries to Taguig City, Philippines sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA

Praise Reports:
1. Praise the Lord for saving souls! Sister Mar-
cia and Sister Loht were able to lead Mar-
rianne and Jellianne to faith in Christ.
2. Praise God for His ongoing work in the
hearts of believers. Mark and Mariel trust-
ed in the Lord back in March, and they are
proving faithful and attending our services.
3. Praise Him for answered prayers. It is a joy
to be in church services and to hear of victo- Marcia Jellianne Marianne Loht
ries in the lives of faithful disciples as they
We are rejoicing that
learn about prayer, put it into practice, and
testify about it. both parents of Mark
and Mariel attended
4. Praise the Lord for safety. Another mayoral an afternoon service
election is out of the way and only a few
and were led to the
hundred upset voters (in our area) rallied
Lord. Pray for the
“peacefully” (less than a mile from our
spiritual growth of
meeting place).
The Apolinar family. Mariel Joe Mark WT
5. God is good! Marcia’s permanent residence
visa has been temporarily granted. We will Faithful Attenders
need to go back to Immigration in January
and amend it so that it becomes more per-
6. Praise the Lord for a good Mother’s Day
Sunday. Please pray for the “mothers” in (Photo: above) Mother’s Day Sunday went
our attendance that need saved. well. The photo above captured the moms
Prayer Requests: who were in our AM service. The PM ser-

 Pray for safety as we minister in evangelism Perfect Attenders vice saw Bro. Dante’s mom pray and gain
assurance of salvation!
and as we gather for worship.
(Photo: top and bottom left) It was a joy to honor our perfect and faithful
 Pray for the prosperous journey of Bro.
Sunday School Children. The “perfect” attenders have not missed a Sunday in
Levi and Sis. Juliana Armacost. They are
four months! The “faithful” attenders only missed one or two. Pray that we
siblings and Bible College students that will
can get another space (next door, Lord willing) that will house the boys class,
be coming and helping us for three Sundays
in June. and facilitate a nursery and Jr. Church, and many other uses. We are current-
ly working with the property owner and it looks like we may be able to ac-
 Pray for souls to be saved. We have seen quire it in July but please pray for a favorable response.
children, teens, & adults come to know the
Lord. What an exciting ministry indeed! (Photo: right) Joseph handing out Tagalog John-Romans. It
Our heart’s desire is to see more saved, bap- is wonderful to see him zealously serving the Lord. God has
tized, and added to the establishing of the blessed and multiplied our Saturday gospel literature dis-
work here in Tuktukan, Taguig City. tribution team! Thank you for your love and prayers!

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