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MD Jabed Murshed
International relations
WSB University

Globalisation is the process of spreading, expanding, or growing businesses or
other activities operating internationally. Be it economic, technological, political,
social, cultural or business related issues. It's like creating a single world culture or
a global village.
If we consider Internet and the smart devices we can imagine how close we are in
this world! (When ever I miss my parents I just make a video call and talk to them
instantly that's an important part of globalisation for me)
Like everything else globalisation also have Some pros and cons. They will be
defined as follows.
Economic globalisation, today sitting in my room I'm buying things online from
China to Poland. For the developing countries it a very helpful tools for their
growth. Because because of globalisation today the world is in hands. Business
opportunities are open all around the world. People are growing their businesses
day by day due to globalisation. It like standing in a flat open surface and looking
all around the world for what do you want or what can you give to the world. And
the market become a global market for everyone. So foreign trade is one of the
profitable way for developing countries and demanding for developed countries
as their work is done in a low price.
And the small companies or firms grow their businesses.
Out of all positive impacts there are some negative consequences mainly for
developed countries, job insecurity.
When we look for technical globalisation it's a very vast revolution ie, mobile
phones, Internet, computers, cars planes and so on. Even smart watches, smart
TV those are just like magic. Globalisation made possible some terms like those
were unimaginable 15 years back. Video calling, live video streaming. Everyone's
best guide "google" "youtube" "wikipedia" etc.
And it depends on the person to person how do they use the stuffs properly or
not! Using them in a wrong way makes them get the
wrong rewards. So better we use them in the right way for the right use to get the
right rewardings.
Political globalisation, india's recent election, I'm sitting in home and observing
election campaigns and giving my views and ideas on the parties! US sanctions on
Iran didn't got much world's support. These are the matter which reached to me
due to this globalisation.
Well a lot to write but let's look for some wrong consequences, ie Iraq invasion
Tony Blair, while executing Saddam Hussein he was happy to announce the
freedom of Iraqi people. But later on he apologise and took the responsibility of
Iraq war! He said due to to wrong intelligence information this was done. This was
a short example. We can now see the situation with our eyes the situation before
and after the execution of Saddam Hussein. There are many more cases like
Afghanistan. While living in Oman I met an Afghan man for one day, I ask him
about the reality of the situation in Afghanistan. He said "we don't fight for
anything we fight to save our families, our tribes and our honour, these white
soldiers just came to invade us not to save us. They are to savers they are killers".
Libya during the time of Gaddafi and now. Politics and world politicians just
playing with this country. UN appointed a government but khalifa haftar former
commander of the libyan army fighting against the UN appointed government to
get control of the country with a big force and power of army. Question is how he
is doing many countries supporting him like recently revealed news about UAE
and Haftar relations. UAE helped him with night fighter jet to carry on night
operations. Well fine they are fighting but in the middle civilians are facing the
consequences of this rat race of power!
Coming to social and cultural globalisation it is one of the main category of
globalisation, which involves nothing but the people. It is the sharing of
knowledge, ideas, values, foods, clothes etc. Like after coming here in poland I
have got a lot of international friends from many countries and the international
day in the university introduced me to their cultural and social life and let me
introduce mine to them it's really a very important part of a human life to change
him or herself for the good. Sometimes we are so rude to our thoughts that we
think we are the only one but after meeting and knowing others cultures
traditions it makes us feel more open and close to the world as one community in
a global village! And there are always something to learn from everyone. Be it bad
or good, it depends on the person what he chooses!
Business globalisation, one of the most influential part of globalisation! Actually in
my view this is the root to all globalisation because nothing happens for free or no
reason. Everything happens have a reason and a value and a profit that drives
people to do it. Though it's my personal statement but actually business plays a
big role in globalisation. For the growth of economy business brings the profit. For
the to happens cultural expansion or cultural visit sharing of ideas everything
happens. For the business interests political issues play the role. And so on.
Bangladesh once US called it a bottomless basket, today it plays an important role
in US's garments market by its high quality and cheap garments industry. Even the
the uniforms of the US army is made in Bangladesh! All these happens beacuse of
the globalisation. Many more, the Apple's main headquarter in california selling
it's most famous iPhone all over the world. You can see in your hand Mr professor
your beloved iPhone 5! Actually I love it too. And online shopping platforms are
the most influencing in today's world even I buy most of my stuffs online because
I'm not closed in one country or a place, whole world is my shopping mall that's
the goodness. Well within a big bunch of positiveness there are some negative
part pollution, climate change global warming are killing us. This makes people
Wealthy but the lifestyle it created is taking back all the wealth it gives to us.
That's really to be considered.
Well last to the least in conclusion I would say that everything has some pros and
cons but rather looking at the bad sides and bad effect let's omit them and being
a citizen of the global village let's work together to get the best out of this
globalisation and create a beautiful and peaceful world for us and our future

Thank you for your time.