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Unit 1 test: Speaking

Your teacher will choose two activities. Photo description

About you 4 Look at the two photos and describe them.

1 Talk about the rules in your school, future

career plans and big changes in your life.
• What are the rules in your school?
• What job would you like in the future?
• What personal qualities do you need for
that job?
• How can you prepare for that job?
• What big changes have you experienced in
your life? Photo A
• What did you learn from the experience? • What can you see?
• What is he / she doing?
• What’s this person’s job?
Role play
• What qualities do you need for this job?
2 Look at the dialogue. A friend is telling you
some bad news. Use your own words to
complete the dialogue. Then practise it with
your partner.
A: How was your holiday in Brazil?
B: It was fun, but the beginning was terrible
because I lost my luggage.
A: How __________ !
B: I know! Photo B
A: What did you do? • What can you see?
B: I contacted the airline and they returned it. • What are they doing?
A: How did you __________ when it happened? • What’s this person’s job?
B: I was very relieved. • What qualities do you need for this job?
A: That sounds __________ . What was the rest of
your holiday __________ ? 5 EXTENSION Talk about the two photos.
B: I really liked it. Brazil is beautiful. • Which job would you prefer to do? Why?
• Think of a good friend. Which of these careers
3 EXTENSION You meet a friend unexpectedly. do you recommend? What advice can you give
One of you has some news. Use the prompts,
him / her to start off?
words and phrases to help you.
excited exciting happy I really liked it.
Oh really? surprising That sounds … .
A Greet B.
B Express surprise at seeing A.
A Ask how B is.
B Tell A your news.
A React to B’s news. Ask a question.
B Answer and give more information.
A React to the additional information.
B Ask A a question.
A Answer.