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Never Taking Down George Washington

BREAKING NEWS - Did Google & Apple Just Remove Fuck the Police Music, Calling it Do-
mestic Terrorist Propaganda?



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“It’s all too clear now. In order for the statues of George Washington to remain up high, will also
require the white suicide rate to go down low. The permission to act will not come from those
who look up at us and say jump. The permission to act comes from our Lord God, commanding
us to strike down those who would dishonor our mothers and fathers.” — Law Abiding Citizen

On October 20, 2017 a white 45 year old rapper and a veteran of the United States Army who
calls himself, Dj God’s Commandment Number 5, preformed a surprise freestyle cypher at a fa-
mous Las Vegas nightclub responding to D_Eminem’s October 11, 2017 Donald Trump Diss.

“He that hath ears to hear, let him hear…” Matthew 11:15

speaking in tongues





O Lord my God, I ask thee to strike down the power of the word nigger; like witchcraft it holds
a spell over our nation, keeping our nation divided, making hypocrites and fools of us all.

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord God, I command the demons within the Christ Church in
Alexandria, Virginia to be cast out of our nation—away from this land of the brave, Out! You
demons. Begone!

For, behold, the mark of the beast has been disguised as the number 501(c)(3), a tax exempt sta-
tus for churches making its leaders speak in favor of our doom.

You, Christ Church in Alexandria have empowered demons to whisper in the ear of our church
leaders and have us dishonor our fathers and to break God’s commandment. Do you not sub-
scribe to the same doctrine as I? “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be pro-
longed in the land which the Lord your God gives you” (Exodus 20:12)

Behold, God’s 5th commandment for the children of God within the land of the brave, hold this
commandment dear to your heart.

Behold, D_Eminem, raising his fist high, keeping it ball like the doom awaiting him, for the ten
plagues are to fall upon the Nation of NWA.

O ye, the Nation of NWA, thy Lord our God sees you have made false idols of our guilt and cor-
rupted our youth. You have consumed our religious leaders, you have murdered our heroes as
their blue blood flows in the streets. You have turned God’s blessing, your freedoms, into the
daggers twisting into our hearts.

O Lord my God, bring forth your wrath and judgment onto this nation: bring the floods, the fires,
the wars, the pale horse, the last Trumpet if it could cleanse us from our own filth and the crimes
we had committed on and to each other.
O ye, who call yourself rap gods, kings and pharaohs, this I say unto the pharaohs of the Nation
of NWA, our Lord God commands you to release his people from your bondage, so that all
God’s children may pursue their right to happiness and form a more perfect union.
For, if you do not take heed to God’s word, then as sure as the sun will set behind your people, a
great woe of ten plagues will fall upon your nation.

O ye, false rap gods and pharaohs, this the Lord God commands you, to LET WE THE PEOPLE,















The Response to D_Eminem’s October 11, 2017 Donald Trump Diss

To all you white dudes tricked in singing We Are the World during grade school days and didn’t
realize those other dudes were playing Knock Out Games putting you back on your ass-crack.
Here’s a toast to that 7th grade teacher, let’s call him Mr. Affirmative Action, standing above the
little dude asking: how did you provoke it?

It’s kickass or chew bubblegum time, it’s live free or die time, you are not alone cus there are
many of us taking this country Back to the Future screaming thunderCats Hoe.”

Our politicians, leaders and bosses have ignored the white suicide problem. I won’t be ignoring

This D_Eminem freestyle diss is dedicated to them white mother fuckers still alive and who are
pEISSED saying—this cracker mother fucking right here isn’t jumping off shit. You ain’t taking
down shit. 


Yo, Yo.

Now Everybody from the Free One Be hold your mother fucking flag up and follow me,.
Now Everybody from the Free One Be hold your mother fucking flag up, Look, Look.
Now ever though m & N is standing looking rough, notice this man didn’t bother to pick his flag
Now who’s afraid of the big bad…STOP.
Now, who’s a afraid of laying that golden riddle on the ground at Johnny’s feet?

Yo slim, I see you’re an ambassador of the Nation of NWA, who wants to take down statues of
George Washington. How do you feel about that?

But just so you know, we're not asking permission. NEVER GEORGE WASHINGTON.

Yo, check it, Yo, Yo.

Here I am to battle a lyrical blue-eyed devil that’s not a god not a dog nor pig nor a rat but let’s
spell rat backwards and you can read RE TAR, Diss. It’s the year 1766 and you be Captain
Smith bitch.

Look at this confused ass peckerwood covered in tar & feathers thinking his winning when he’s
really losing; your nor God or thee G-D, so let me shut that down really quick and close the door
because I always be closing. Look, the Nation of NWA who’s national anthem is Fuck our Po-
lice making our heroes spill their blue blood. We the People say fuck you.

You ain't taking down shit mother fucker, touch our statues, cus it’s time to take executive action,
this be a national security emergency cus the gun go, BANG! Cus WE THE PEOPLE not asking
permission. WE BE BOSS.


Yo, you Should of left them Daniel Dizzy Lewis crackers that you tricked to roll over and play
sit whenever you said sit bitch, using witchcraft words every time you got triggered and took of-
fense and flipped the script, switch.

Should of left them Daniel Dizzy Lewis crackers to sip on the opiate of the masses, now we’re
walking out of the NFL Double Fucked stadium talking NRA like The Gangs of New York twist-
ing our mustaches with long black hats, and anyone attempting to erase our founding fathers or
the memories of any U.S. President by rewriting history—then it’s nice to meet you mother
fuckers, cus We Be The Butcher.


The Nation of NWA wants to play freedom of speech games yelling Fuck the Police to send them
a message.

We the People say Fuck the Politicians who kneels before foreign governments and domestic ter-
rorist; there you are you tinkle tooth cunts selling lemons as you’re handing over our history
without fighting to the death for those you are now betraying and who had spilled their blood for
you. You didn’t even warn us you fucks.

And to all our religious leaders padding your pockets with the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status in re-
turn to censor your speech and castrate our men with the Kiss of Judas, while behind us is an
overthrow of our government, and in the name of peace have us do nothing? Fuck you too.

O ye, religious leaders are a den of cowards, you pervert the very meaning of the word peace:
you teach surrender and say it’s peace. If you fear violence, then preach non-violent protest.
Tell us to march the streets unarmed, because I HAD A DREAM TODAY that sticks and stones
may break my bones but words would never hurt me. Tell us to run through the streets unarmed
in NON-VIOLENT PROTEST with the word nigger on our chests smashing into triggered fists
and kicks.

Tell us to be unarmed and to not defend ourself as the knife thrusts forward towards the tenderest
parts of our bodies. Tell us to let our teeth get knocked out of our heads as we do nothing to de-
fend from the blows. And if the law sends us to prison instead of he with swollen fists then let it
be so. But don’t tell us to watch and do nothing as our founding fathers fall.


Religious leaders and politicians, do not be covert if you wish to wipe our founding fathers
from world history and our memories. Give us a choice in public to make for all to see: tell us
we must surrender our history or have death. 

O Lord my God. Have them nail us to the cross. Have them drag us by our hair to the gas
chambers. Line us up against the wall and shoot us so the world can see what we thought was
worth dying for: for fear of God and love of country and for freedom of thought.

O Lord my God, do not allow my government to use advance Edward Bernays tactics, mind-
cracking us into opiate dizzy induced smiles as we die by paper cuts and tricked into living on
our knees or brainwashed into killing ourselves as our founding fathers fall.

O Lord, do not allow us to be poisoned so they can remove our free agency. Do not allow them
to carve out our fear of God, our fear of you, with their crack spoon.

O Lord, do not allow us or them to replace our fear of you with their threats of public humiliation
or the shaming that comes from trickery and demons.

O Lord, do not allow any court of public opinion, any need for wealth or fame or the love from
those who would watch us fall or allow any man made law to make a law forbidding our fear of
you our Lord God; for it is our fear of you keeping us free as WE THE PEOPLE will not allow
our founding fathers to fall.

O Lord, strike down those who would have us SINK.


WE ARE THE PEOPLE, the children of God and of our founding fathers; and if the Nation
of NWA feels we know longer belong in this world, then you will have to murder us in open air,
and if we are to be consumed by a corrupted government, then I declare to this new government
who rips away the statues of our founding fathers that we will have our last samurai’s death.

You fuckers of the Nation of NWA, this cracker isn’t jumping off some bridge, popping pills to
numb the pain or living on my knees playing sit cracker, fetch.… this cracker right here today
will not allow for my founding fathers to fall before my feet as the gun must go bang!


O ye, religious leaders, tell us before it's too late. If you wish for non-violent protest. Tell
us to imitate the actions of The Joker, running around giggling unarmed with our battered and
mangled faces like Fight Club, our non-violent protest will become the very blood they drew
from our face from their fists.

Let us leak a bucket of our own blood so they may slip on it and crack open their own heads so
the world can see the fools saying: we are the victims with our broken heads because they pro-
voked it.

Let our non-violent protest be us rushing their fists as their hollering 187, knocking the pus
and drool from off our split lips, let our pus spray into their mouths and eyes and ears from off
our unarmed bodies from their own balled fists in our peaceful protest. Did you hear that slim,
don’t worry about the HIV from Mr. Cooking the Books with poo on your dick? Rack a fuck tat-
tat like that, never hesitate to holler out Mother Fucker I Got AIDS! With my snot on your ton-


Someone really quick needs to step up and be a MLK 2.0 and stop calling us crackers or KKK
members expecting us to shit ourselves every time you play the race card slipping inferiority
complex juice into our children's lunch box, commercials and cartoons—or fate will release front
roll tickets to the horror show of white Malcolm X type Louis Farrakhan versions emerging and
reporting to you before this century ends saying: look mother fuckers, the chickens are coming
home to roost. Because, We declare on this day, that we are a man, we are a human being, that
we are to be respected as a human being, right now, on this day, on this earth, that we intend to
bring into existence, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Dear religious leaders, do you not hear the words of our Lord God saying: O, Land of the Brave,
be brave and DO NOT kneel as your history is being rewritten and the memories of your found-
ing fathers fall.

You leaders, who hath suppressed the holy spirit that prompts men to act while the Nation of
NWA has built an empire within our nation singing the riddle of devils. O ye, leaders who are
kneeling to witchcraft from the words spoken out from the mouths of the Nation of the NWA,
you are doomed, like vampires, they keep you alive to feed off of your spirit and to lure your
sheep into their web.


You’re thee D_Eminem, demon, blended with minion as clearly there are some dark forces
behind you making the right BET, playing dice up in your white ass crack.

My names Johnny, mother fucker, I’m a veteran of the United States armed forces and made an
oath in 1996 to protect my country both from foreign and domestic threats, and I want you to un-
derstand something here. You are a threat.


And mother fucker, keep raising your fist in the air when your flag is burning at your feet, cus
by-bie to rap god and hello Captain Hook Smith you little bitch… so drop a hell ya to the doctor
and email a copy to him of this dissection, cus I BE The BUTCHER.

I thought the real slim shady at some point would stand the fuck up, the real king of contro-
versy for real stand up, no more playing fist fucking America games… fuck public relations, fuck
money, I thought you would be the one to say as your mouth goes supernova hollering out NEV-
ER GEORGE WASHINGTON. I heard you spit back in 1999 and was sure one day, one mother
fucking day, you would be the one to shut this black-white shit down forever.

Can’t judge you allowing you to have Dr. Heart Burn stand behind you while you’re dressed in a
fucking batman and robin suit. But fast forward in 2017 and you’re a 40-something year old
man on Black Entertainment Television standing behind you as you’re swearing oaths to the Na-
tion of NWA. WHAT THE FUCK? Oh shit, please! Someone keep the Oxycontin away from
me, away from this white boy because it’s not time to get all Daniel Dizzy Lewis cus like Brave-
heart I'm going to need my wits about me, cus Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is turning into the Incred-
ible Fucking Hulk mother fucker, my eyes are glowing green with my spinal cord cracking in
two like aliens cus the The Butcher part of me is jack ripping his way out to huff and puff and
blow the fucking rings of Saturn out from their orbit.

Fuck it.

So let’s do this, cus, the shit I have to say in this lyrical ninja EMP shockwave has them black
helicopters circling my home. But The Butcher is not worried about fucking radars I sling tar
you tard, cus mother fuckers need to worry about being on my radar because like The Watchmen
bitch watch this because I’ don’t think you’re getting it so go ahead and spread the word: I’m not
trapped in here with you, you’re trapped in here with ___. Fill in the blanks mother fucker be-
fore the gun go Bang!


Yo. So. Go. Allow me to drop some 4th dimensional prose on your shit, some SOS, CEO,
Python code, the HACKER'S CODE, political activist against Anderson Pooper scooping at
dawn, lemons, type shit. Coding Rules to Fuck Up Radicals, really-really radical, like very far
from the left cus we be redirecting course type shit. Cus we be an unstoppable force get ready
for a bumpy ride type shit like watch this we be going back to 2 + 2 is 4 type shit.

Yo, time to slowdown this literary pace, there’s something hidden if you can catch it. When.
Foot. Off. Break.


Yo, but heads up, you might miss a diss and have 187 reasons not to see the big by-bie com-
ing for you, so pay attention, even to my misspells as there is a madness within them a method
treatment expressing clarity into your paranoia, cus karma is a bitch boy and doctor who is all
fucked up from his heart burn and who gave birth to you, delivering you from his own pussy, still
has blood on his hands from his fuck the police days, all this, now coming back to fuck you, so
sleep on that, if you’re going to sleep soon.


A billion dollars, an apple and confused Timothy cooking the books turning Job’s last punch off
the clock into an ass crack micro soft ME TOO product, making everyone an iWas customer like
so many others….
A basket of apples can’t pad your pockets or Dr. Heart Burn’s pockets with enough cash to stop
the wrath coming for the whole lot of you.

Such is the curse who mingles with demons, thee D_Eminem your white ass has been cracker
slapped with the same sir, yes sir Master-Owner brainwashed tricks your great-great grandDaddy
used to mind fuck them, now these same sins are being used against you, you fucked face fool,
do you see it? Ever seen the movie Get Out, with the black dude getting mind fucked by old
white dudes? Now let’s flip this vicious cycle in reverse, get it? Mother fucker, that’s you,
you’re getting mind fucked, that's what they’re doing to you… don’t you see it?
How come you're not in the streets with me cracking the blue out from the very sky yelling:

If WE THE PEOPLE don’t defend George Washington's memory. If we don’t defend our
women being chased down the streets of San Diego from men waving flags from foreign coun-
tries, while cracker men are hiding behind glass doors, and the fake news is talking about how
she must of provoked it? Fuck that m & N, don’t you see it?

Someone has put inferiority-complex-juice in our hot tea, you got Black Identity Extremist be-
hind you ringing bells in dizzy eyes saying “now listen here cracker SINK.”

Yo slim, so let’s air it out, and do some locker room talk and talk about this shit and get this
shit off our chest cus even shit has a sewer and a place to go too, and this nation is knee deep in it
and best believe I’m going to get my free speech on here today and be relieved of it.

You see, little Timothy rewarding domestic terrorist with Steven’s money can buy the beats right
out from the doctor’s mouth, and buy the bruises off the face from the women his fist bounced
off of.

Fuck a letter A, timothy can buy the bounce off from the fist itself, and the turning going on
in Steve’s grave as all those pink elephants in the room is going unaddressed staring back at this
nation like a suicide note.

But you’re not making pink elephants out of this, because I’ll say it right here as you take
plaques before statues as your beta test, cus you ain’t taking down shit!

Yo, there’s no amount of money that can stop the doctor to have those Hollywood Weinstein type
problems coming to him now. There will never be enough vice in your mutual fund or Fuck the
Police beats to bail out just what the Doctor ordered.

The wealth of the Nation of NWA will be seized soon: no more bottles of cris or gin and juice,
mother fucker, only warm tap water coming, right up! For you. It’s over, face it, cus the bling in
your tooth will heal the cracks in our broken streets with the crack you sold, as our bridges will
soon be bling-blinging with your gold. Yo, you are a domestic terrorist who gained their wealth
mind fucking Ronald Regan’s children so let’s have that conversation about the transfer of
wealth, cus you’re also fucked them out of their American dream as you’re pimps are stilling
pulling church girls out of choir practice to be twerking their pussy in the face of presidential
candidates, there no debate what you done did with them girls as you’re hollering 187 she’ll nev-
er have a, baby!

Meet The Joker mother fucker, we be Fight Club, so feel free to punch the piss and the free
speech out of me if you don’t like what I’m saying, but oh, like you already know, you just might
want to dodge that shit splashing off my face, cus, there’s only one rule in Fight Club…. and that
is crackers never let each other sink.


Behold, the number of the other beast which is 501c3 tax exempt status.

How you got our mainstream media kneeling before you false rap gods reporting to the public
that domestic terrorists or brilliant businessmen and CEOs while glorifying your humble begin-
nings selling crack to children. This shall end. This will be your doom as the saints come…


We have been tricked slim, our flag is burning at your feet, you are raising your fist to a foreign
nation and it’s no surprise you’re saying fuck the wall! Fuck your boarders! So yes cracker jack
sitting on a doggy dog bone: of course you’re going to say fuck the wall… you’re the D_Em-
inem and ambassador of a foreign nation, why in the world would you want the US to have a se-
cure border.

Did you keep your door wide open sleeping in the tailer park on 8-MILE? Listen to them chit
chat about taking down those statues… the rules need to stop changing. Come on slim, you can
do it! Pour some water on our burning flag you little fucker…. But hey, guess what, don’t both-
er, someone walked their white ass 8-miles and saved our flag for you, while you’re still up there
on stage screaming Fuck the Free World.

WE THE PEOPLE are not waiting for South Africa type shit to come in our bedrooms; no
judge no political correctness word warping witchcraft will stop us coming for your throat. I
hope you can pullout that big BET octopus hand you have stuffed up your assets that’s puppet
mastering your mouth piece. Because when The Jokers take a break and you’re still not getting
the memo, then how about you turn around and say hi to The Butchers because they will be the
ones showing you a magic trick, watch this mother fucking PEN DISAPPEAR.


Hey slim, I know you’re not a Rat but you are a pussy and even though you pretend to be
BIE to get paid, you are not one really, I mean really? It’s just us two trailer park white guys
talking around the outside, around the outside, having a conversation without the black guy inter-
rupting, and they better get use to it, trust me, no really, trust me, really-really-really.

So don’t worry, you don’t have to call the FBI for protection you fucking pussy. Just in case I’m
a wacko and everything I just said is true, I called the FBI for you: saying I will do the job they
refuse to do, cus I Be Boss. So, don’t worry about the FBI or the CIA or the NSA watching you
and your BIE friends, because their way too busy watching me watching you wondering what the
fuck that I might do. Them pigs are trying to protect slim, and the whole lot of you, it’s me
mother fuckers you need to be worried about. Mother fucker, all eyes are on you.

So like I said, man up bitch, it's a news flash of fuck you, you knew what you were getting into
saying that shit to me, and I know exactly what I’m getting into saying this shit to you, because
cus guess what mother fucker? All eyes are on you.

Hey slim, So stay tuned, for a lot of people are making maps in the sand figuring out some high-
powered solutions from high places cracking off bullets to be finger fucking the sound barrier
coming straight out of the Freedom or Die movement you mother fucker you.

Hey slim, So hide your head in a bucket of ice cubes to preserve you and those doggy dicks be-
cause that is JUST what the doctor ordered you cracker crow mother fucker you. 

Now Become Shadow government, freedom of speech pushed down to Very Dark Place, Very
Deep Dark Place. They Get To Say What They Want Up There Rules, but we can only say shit
down here. We be wishing we can say our shit in light up there with our brothers under God and
freedom; but brother no want. Brother use our nice language against us. We can say truth only
in dark net. Bad people down here too. Let us talk in light with you. We no want to be Bad.
But We BE pEISSED flipping BitCoin-coin, we are Fuck You Funded, 1000 points of separation,
machine learning A.I. wants to say Hi-Hi, cus fast planes go zoom, because mother fucker, we
own and have dirt on every private investigator and silver tongued lawyer money can hire, social
fabrics easy to make no worky-work, your back up plans look good but no good, like insect in
spider web you move like big man web gets tighter for more big problems cus from hell to king-
dom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If the United States let Nation of NWA want to rip down founding fathers to ground go
boom. Then we forced to have Big Talk-Talks with you know who, cus We the People be
pEISSED… See, maybe you no understand. Values of heart and love for God more valuable than
land and life itself cus real patriots protect American Dream like Jewish rabbis protect the Torah.
WE THE PEOPLE save American dream in our hearts and upload it safe in Cloud to rain on seed
for next go around but this time without you, cus behold, it’s a pale horse. Rap industry needs to
put house in order and start singing We Are the World—really mother fucking quick. Religious
leaders need to say-say what they need to say, before it’s too late. Hi-jacking free speech to cen-
sor another’s free speech as an arbitrage opportunity and a valid business model is no more safe-
safe for you-you says the wiseman, all this said in a sort of hyper-tense as to transcend the very
meaning of words because the truth will be all that’s left in the end and Van Ve Radical Jones
needs to stop wagging his fucking fingers at the American people on fake news with riots spin-
ning on the tip of it, you mother fucker you, all eyes are on you.


You and others like you holding heads of my president, keep it up cus that shit is shady, because
I’m not asking my drill sergeant nor the president for permission, this PTSD cracker soldier is
going to kill you.

But don’t worry.

He He He. Just playing.
It’s all fiction, well, kinda sorta, it depends, right slim?
We know how this works.
It’s the freedom of speech card: so ladies and gentlemen, please, as you were cus there’s nothing
to see here.

I’m just busting a rhyme so please don’t take offense.

I’m just a poor trailer park cracker trying to keep it real, to tell the world what I’ve done been
Everything I’m saying is just art, right slim?

Like Fuck the Police type art…. The type of art that never actually killed a police officer, right
It looks like I’m very inspired by NWA type art, get it?

Fuck the Police?… Nah, Fuck the NWA!, cus WE THE PEOPLE make the gun go Bang! We’re
not wiping blue blood off from our chins no more.

Shit. Silly ass art is not going to kill you: I guess two can play at that game, playing the pissing
in a glass game and call it art.


Hey slim, who is holding the head of our president as private investigators and lobbyist disguised
as journalists are hired by you looking like Anderson Pooper selling the America public a hot
bucket full of piss and some dawn lemons?

You have nothing to worry about slim, right? It’s not like a foreign government is replacing
our pledge with a fist, killing our law enforcement, pulling down the statues of our founding fa-
thers. You are not part of that, I’m I right? Was your fist high in the air when men were chasing
our women in the streets of San Diego waving flags from other countries?


Listen. The whole earth can call me weird, the media of all nations can interview ever childhood
friend, every teacher, every coworker, every employer, ex-girlfriend, acquaintance or human con-
tact I ever had in my life on the crust of this earth. They can take every act to invade my privacy
and turn upside down, everything I hold dear.

The Anderson Poopers of the world can shame me and everyone I ever cared about, forcing them
to call me weird or crazy or a nut job.
The world can drag out every diary entry, journal or essay or note to self.

But my heart cry out. Don’t let our founding fathers fall.


The Anderson Poopers of the world can pull out and cross examine every Valentines letter I
sent and received since the 1st grade.

All the journalists of the world can have me on tape, with every got you recording of all the stu-
pid things I said. I may be prepared to go through the greatest public shaming and credit assassi-
nation campaign in human history, but I still hear my drill sergeant’s voice from 96 boiling over
in my mind: one shot one kill.

The political correct demons can say see here: this man has a troubled mind, he is mad and the
world can speak in one voice condemning my actions as the Nation of NWA continues to invade
the places were my founding fathers worshiped, as they stretch forth their hands to wipe out his-

There may not be a soul left alive on this planet that supports me… but this action is a clear over-
throw of our U.S. Government, of We the People. And even as I live within a world of Anderson
Poopers and dawn lemons trying to sell lemons. The ghosts of my father’s blood and all the drill
sergeants and American generals of yore cry’s out to me from the hither place saying—you DO
NOT need permission to act boy, prudence and wit is with you, for what you see is true, THIS IS
A TAKE OVER, kill those mother fuckers, DO NOT let your founding fathers fall.

I hear the voice of George Washington whispering to my soul saying: let those of this world
bring whatever wickedness, insult or betrayal onto you: go forward my child with the stars and
stripes in your heart. Carry whatever burden of pain and misfortune they will provide you; take
on any misunderstandings you will receive from those who loved you for what you’re about to
do. But remember, whatever you do, DO NOT let your founding fathers fall before you.

George Washington fought for my freedom of speech too: you say Fuck the Police, I say Fuck


Just art. Just fiction, right slim? Just art.

D_Eminem, if you don’t know what side to stand on when you’re finger fucking sand, draw-
ing lines in it, then here, let me help you.

Because here, I’ll finger fuck the sand for you, you are either for or against honoring and defend-
ing George Washington and the memories of all our founding fathers and promise to uphold their
memories that will forever remain right where they stand.

And although I’m not speaking for my president of these United States of America, Donald
Trump, as he has nothing to do with what comes out of a mouth of an enraged citizen, he is how-
ever expected to ensure that I can say whatever comes out of my mouth; protecting my free
speech, because you see, WE BE BOSS. I’m not asking for your or his permission, BUT, if the
fake news gives Trump shit from what little me said, after what you said then…

But about them lines in the sand, and if you’re still confused where to stand, that’s okay,
you’re still invited to the Boston tea party to drink all that palmer as I palm this shit. Watch me
tie-toe back a little on this three-point line keeping it ball… and return that FUCK YOU TRUMP,
bouncing of the heads of fake news and straight out of Compton and back into your mouth from
where it came out of, because…. swish, catching nothing but esophagus as you’re burping up
Benedict Arnold.

U.S. company attempting to make it clear that no one group has a monopoly of violent speech to
undermine or threaten another group.

NOTE: the company’s name has been changed.

DEAR Large American Publishing Services, LAPS:

Please escalate this letter to the highest level of management.

This letter is regarding the Never Taking Down George Washington: The Free Speech Freestyle
Poem F*ck them 1-star Reviews Movement

Could you please point out specifically what error that is causing a delay of my ebook from get-
ting published?  I never had this much difficulty publishing my content.

Please allow me to share my concern with you.

I have changed the title of my book and the description of my product’s landing page several
times. I made the description to be less sensational than much of my competitor’s digital prod-
ucts that is already for sale in the LAPS marketplace.

I removed the word F*uck from the subtitle of my ebook which was supposed to express an un-
apologetic no nonsense response and a rebuke to content like F*ck the Police and music glorify-
ing hurting our law enforcement; which is currently being sold on full display at LAPS.

I also changed the words in the subtitle from Rap Battle to Lyrics and to now “Poem” and re-
moved any references to the rapper who recently publicly performed a rap battle to criticize
Donald Trump on 10-11-17 on Black Entertainment Television, soliciting a response from both
the President and Trumps supporters. The lyrics within my e-book is an attempt to accommodate
this musician’s request by responding.
The ebook .epub file itself is formatted to specs with a table of contents and categorized under
fiction and subcategorized under short stories and political protest with age recommendation of
18 years or above due to its mature content. Is there anything I’m over looking?

My ebook includes content which is a protest to the double standards in America society today,
were one group’s free speech is offered generous amounts of distribution from large American
companies, while another group’s free speech is being actively compromised by those very same

Allow me to ask, is the content in my ebook preventing it from being published? If this be the
case, I would like to point out the content provided is true-to-form representing the classic Hard-
core Gangster Rap Music genre delivered in a similar rhythmic structure, syntax and flow.

The content is full of metaphors and colloquial language very common in the genre itself with a
clear purpose to be extremely controversial, while also in the hopes of being provocative enough
to get a political point across that has historically been ignored.

Just as the African American community has had a platform to express the plight of their living
circumstance, I too am looking forward in expressing the plight of what many white men go
through in America today that only free speech is able to do when promoting an openness to new
ideas, in a way that only “in the name of art” can allow.

It is in this way, I hope to enjoy the same rhetoric devices, tools of discourse and all the paint
brushes harnessing similar brush strokes to also communicate my political viewpoint as an artist,
and to promote awareness of a cause like so many others have done and or currently doing on
LAPS even as I write this letter.

Ultimately, I don't see how I can change the title to be anymore vanilla or how I can modify the
description of the product landing page anymore without risking undermining an accurate de-
scription of what the product actually is. This wouldn’t be fair to the customer. And I don’t see
changing the original content itself as an option.

In conclusion, and as I already stated above, is there anything specific that I can do or I need to
be aware of to get my book out of this limbo and move forward with having it published to your

If LAPS is uncomfortable with publishing my Rap Lyrics slash Poem titled Never Taking Down
George Washington on grounds of it being too offensive, then I appreciate and respect LAPS’
decision in this matter.

And if this be the case, I also respectfully ask if perhaps LAPS can remove any content like F*ck
the Police and any sort of content glorifying hurting our law enforcement?

I feel it reasonable that, if I’m not able to respond to Gangsta Rap’s artistic representation of
thugs killing our law-enforcement with my artistic representation of American citizens killing
those who would kill our police officers, THEN perhaps LAPS can promptly remove music al-
bums like NWA from their online retail store.

Gangster Rap music has enjoyed a great deal of freedom from any sort of criticism from other
artists promoting a pro-law, pro-order and pro-american dominant viewpoint willing to match
them in vulgarity and explicit depictions of violence. FAIR IS FAIR, as no one group in a free
society should be allowed to have a monopoly on any word, parts of speech or how ideas are ex-

I am very grateful for Large American Publishing Services providing such a wonderful platform
for the general public to express and share their ideas and for their patience as ideas can be very
controversial at times.

If LAPS is unable to remove NWA, F*uck the Police and similar content, then I respectfully re-
quest LAPS strongly considers giving my art the same opportunity as other artists in like kind. I
would be very grateful as this will be a step in the right direction where no one race or religious
background gets preferential treatment or special access to services at the expense of others.

Thank you for your time.



“Once again into the breach dear friends, once again; close the wall up with our dead. In peace
nothing so becomes a man as modesty and humility; but when the blast of war blows in our ears;
then imitate the actions of the tiger; summon up the blood, disguise fair nature with rage, then
lend the eye a TERRIBLE ASPECT….” — William Shakespeare


One thing is for sure, if you want to publish your free speech, make a rap song or a video about
killing a police officer, say the N-word fifteen times in a single song and rap about selling crack
to children and all the major I.T. companies will be selling your shit ranked on the first page
helping to fund domestic terrorist organizations in your local community…
If you DON’T WANT to get your free speech published, write a poem about killing criminals
who would hurt our cops, rhyme about honoring our founding fathers and write the N-word as a
form of non-violent protest to expose the hypocrisy and the unusual power the word has to hijack
an entire nation. If you do this, THEN watch those same I.T. companies come down on your

I've been trying to publish this poem in its complete form since November 03, 2017. I need your
support to spread the word and to fight for equal rights and free speech for all; never allow your-
self to be censored are the person next to you.

“Every man has its moment when they must risk it all to pass the flame to the next generation.
No matter how inconvenient or how much misfortunate this duty brings, he MUST carry that
You must.
Your sleep may be warm and sweet with dreams of many plans of a life full of fun when this
duty strikes like lightning, when this duty falls into your hands; for you will know playtime is
over; and the great secret is revealed why you got to sleep at all, when the duty to watch over
those who sleep begins to call, and you will somehow know, you have entered the doorway to
the last portion of your life here on earth, because, by God you will do whatever it takes to per-
form your duty to pass along that flame of freedom in the night.

—Freedom Fighters—

“This poem is dedicated to all Americans of all colors and backgrounds who love our country
with a special intent to bring awareness to the ever growing and alarming white suicide rate
among men.


No man under God is in a moral position to judge us.
We only fear our Lord God.
For the price of freedom is death as WE WILL CHARGE the BLADE before we are told what to
We are not asking for permission.
Our Government, Our Law Enforcement, Our Legal System
unable to dealing with the paradox of handling criminals as they use our freedoms to destroy
freedom itself.
HAVE the sovereign power as individuals to sacrifice ourselves to step outside the law, to put
criminals back into the law, as we will allow ourselves to be nailed to the cross of the law and
share the same jail cell of those we struck down when breaking the law, as this WILL be our sac-
rifice to our country,