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Semester: First Semester

No. of Hours/Semester: 80 hours

Prerequisites (If needed)

Grade: 11/12
Core Subject Title: Media and Information Literacy

Core Subject Description: The course introduces the learners to basic understanding of media and information as channels of communication and tools for the development of individuals and societies. It
also aims to develop students to be creative and critical thinkers as well as responsible users and competent producers of media and information.

Culminating Performance Standard: The learner demonstrates understanding of media and information literacy (MIL) and MIL related concepts.

Performance Standards Learning Competencies Highest Enabling Strategy

Highest Thinking to Use in Developing the
Skill to Assess Highest Thinking Skill to
Content Assess
Standards BEYOND BEYOND Assessment
MINIMUM MINIMUM RBT Technique Teaching
Level W Q Strategy
PC Strategy

The learners:
1. Organize set of
1.Introduction pictures that
to Media and exhibits a cultural
The learner
Information application or U Applying Enabl Connections
demonstrates The learners: Brainstorming
Literacy symbols of ing
understanding compare and contrast
of media and astronomical Task:
the Es Collaborative
a.Media bodies to be
information models/descriptions Colla
Literacy literacy (MIL) of the universe by
U formed as a sa Discussion
collage ge
b. and MIL related Eudoxus, Aristotle, y
2. Compose a with
Information concepts. Aristarchus, Ptolemy, Experiential
paragraph Refle
Literacy and Copernicus Learning
explanation on ction
c. Technology how these U Analyzin Communicati
Literacy symbols affects g on
your cultural
Performance Task: As creative editor of the Teens Crossroads on-line Magazine it is the first time for the company to release a web photo gallery which you were
tasked to design that details the day-to-day applications of Astronomy, Mechanics, Optics and Relativity which will be released to the netizens. The digital media should
include applications drawn from the concepts so as to provide the netizens Physics’ hacks on how to have better and deeper understanding about the world around us.
The output to be published online should be informative and accurate, creative, clear and organized.

Literal Performance Task: The learners demonstrate understanding of interaction between science and technology and social, cultural, political and economic contexts.