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Individual Performance

Commitment and
Review Form for Master
This contained the KRAs, objectives,
timelines, percentage of rating, Prototype
performance indicators of the specific copy
duties and responsibilities of the position.
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region VI – Western Visayas
Cottage Road, Bacolod City


Name of Employee: Name of Rater:

Position: Position:
Review Period: Date of Review:
Wei Actual Results
ght Performance Indicators E E T Ave Ratin
KRAs Objectives MFOs Timeline Score*
per (Quality, Efficiency, Timeliness) g
Instructional 100 % of the required LPs/DLLs prepared and
Competence delivered were accurate, contextualized and within the
(45 %) Prepared daily logs and Daily Daily budget outlay prepared 2 hours before scheduled
visual aids related to the logs/LPs/Checklist of June2017 5 % delivery.
lesson Visual Aids to March
Instructional 75 % of all teacher-made summative/performance
Routine Evaluated Copy of Teacher Quarterly 5 % tests in the subjects and grade assigned by the SH
Activities teacher-made tests and Made Test were evaluated and recommended intervention based
interpret results Item Analysis Result, on the result of evaluation done and report submitted
recommendation before the quarterly exam.

Maintained Updated Accomplished a.SF 1 June 2017 5%

School Records of pupils b. SF 2 to March
a. SF 1 c. SF 3 2018
b. SF 2 d. SF 5 100 % of all required reports/student records were
c. SF 3 e. Class Record complete, accurate, up to date and done 5 working
d. SF 5 f. Form 138 days after the quarterly exam.
e. Class Record g. Form 137
f. Form 138 h. Test notebook
g. Form 137 i. Anecdotal Records
h. Test notebook j. Test Result
i. Anecdotal Records
j. Test Result
Accounted Improved performance
for Learning and other indicators on At least 75 % MPS and 75 % above proficiency level
Outcomes- the following: for all subjects taught and result sub mitted 7 days
30 % 1.3.1.NAT/Periodical Periodical Test 10 after the periodical exam.
Result/NAT April 2018 %

80 % of students can read with fluency in Filipino and

PHIL IRI- Pre and June 2017 5% English with at least 75 % comprehension achieved
1.3.2.Reading (Phil IRI) Post and Feb. with in 10 months.
80 % numerates with an average MPS of 75 in the 4
fundamental operations achieved within 10 months
1.3.3. Numeracy Math Inventory-Pre June 2017 5%
and Post and Feb.
5% Track pupils performance and designed intervention to
close the gaps 3 days before the conduct of the
1.3.4.Promotion Rate Report on Promotion March 2018 periodical tests to achieve at least 90 % promotion.
1.3.5 Average daily Summary of Daily 90 % of the attendance record are complete and
attendance Attendance duly Daily accurate and submitted 2 days after the last school
attested by the SH day of the month.

Supervision Assisted principal in Daily Monitoring Daily from 2% Teachers assessment results of teachers assigned by
-10 % instructional supervision Report June 2017 SH for supervision improved by 15 % over the
including supervision of to March baseline in 3 areas and changes was seen after 7
classes 2018 months.

Provision of Mentored co-teachers in TA Evaluation Plan June 2017 5% One TA Plan prepared for all teachers to be provided
Technical content and skills and Report to March with TA and such mentoring resulted to 80 %
Assistance difficulties 2018 improvement in identified content and skills.

Led and initiated programs Minutes of Meeting June 2017 5% Lead in the preparation of at least 3 programs/projects
and projects for the Attendance to March for the enrichment of the curriculum and its delivery
enrichment of curriculum Curriculum Agenda 2018 and resulted in at least 20 % of the issues and
including discussion of Report on Problems, problems including availability of localized materials
professional ideas, Issues and Concerns completed after 7 months.
problems, issues and
Trainorship Served as Designation/Invitatio May 2017 5% Performed at least 6 times of the combined roles and
10 % trainer/demonstration n and March have earned at least a satisfactory performance rating
teacher /facilitator in Copy of Certificate 2018 based on participants evaluation and summary report
school-based INSET /LAC Copy of Matrix submitted 5 weeks before EO SY
sessions showing role
Designed at least 3 capacity building
Assisted in designing Copy of Matrix May 2017 5% programs/activities supported with a TNA and group
capacity development showing role in CD and October outputs and submitted 3 weeks prior to the conduct
programs for teachers 2018 of the activity.
*Pr0fession Attended professional Training Passbook 5% 80 % of all required professional meetings, inset and
al Growth meetings, in-service Certificate of other related activities and has shown at least 15 %
and trainings and related Attendance improvement in the teaching-learning delivery after 7
Developmen activities for self-growth months.
t and advancement.
10 %

Conducted in-depth Copy/copies of 5% One classroom level action research on instructional

studies or action Action R problems proposed and selected and findings shared
researches on instructional in the school 3 working days after completion.

School and Got involved in school, Copies of Evaluation June 2015 2.5
Community community and civic- Sheet to March % Attended 80 % of all required school, community and
Involvement organization activities and 2016 civic organization activities and maintained
(5%) maintained harmonious harmonious relationship with teachers, colleagues,
relationships with local officials and earned a satisfactory rating and
superiors, students, local submitted to the scholl head 3 days before due date.
and public officials and co-

Punctuality Came to school and Logbook Daily 10

and attended required Attendance Sheet, % Not more than 7 times tardy and not more than 9
Attendance meetings, conferences, Daily Time Record times absent within 6 months and daily time record is
(10%) trainings, school activities submitted 3 days after EO the month.
including flag ceremonies

Core Competencies and Manifested the July to Dec 0 3 out of 6 Core competencies and 1 out of 3
Additional core competencies 2014 %- additional competencies rated as 4 before EO SY
Competencies and additional .
within the year.
*To get the score, the rating is multiplied by the weight assigned. ACCOMP

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Rater Ratee Approval