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Name: AHMAD OUABED Date: May 4, 2019

Course/Section: W191 Lab. No.: 3

Abowd and Beale’s Framework

Photo of the device:

Source: https://www.t3.com/reviews/ps4-slim-review-it-s-the-same-gaming-platform-youre-use-to-

1. Purpose: the console is a feature that allows advanced users or developers

access to special features and an area to issue commands. If available, the
console is usually accessed by pressing the tilde key while the game or program
is running.

2. Controls: Using the simple geometric shapes of a green triangle, a red circle, a
blue cross, and a pink square ( , , , ) to label its action buttons rather
than traditionally used letters or numbers, the PlayStation Controller established
a trademark which would be incorporated heavily into the PlayStation brand.
Name: AHMAD OUABED Date: May 4, 2019
Course/Section: W191 Lab. No.: 3

3. Feedback: The dual shock controller has many buttons and the response
depends on the game and app that the person interacts with. The controller
vibrates if the game is a bit violent and sound effects will be heard. The best
thing is that the haptic feedback of the controller is arguably the best because it’s
really accurate.

 Describe the cue that the user needs to act?

- The interface of the Sony’s play station will alert the user by using pop up
graphics or animation using the screen. With this, the user is updated and
therefore acts upon the games demands.

 What is the goal of the action that the user performs?

- The goal of the action of the user is to interact successfully with the
interface by using the controller. The controller acts as the connection
between the user and the systems software in order to have a successful
interaction and entertainment.

 How does the user articulate the action in terms of the interface?
- The user is able to articulate by using the controller. The user presses the
button that the interface needs and then the action takes place. Moreover,
the user can also interact by using the controller’s joystick.

 How does the output of the system change in response to the action?
- The output of the system changes by users using the controller. Let’s say
that the game is about racing so the user using the joystick for his car to
move and maneuver it properly.