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Denver Sheriff Department

Internal Affairs Bureau

5440 Roslyn Street, Suite 303
Denver, CO 80216
p: 720-865-3888
f: 720-865-3996

Isaiah Arguello

Re: DSD Case Number S2015-0007

Dear Mr. Arguello,

The Denver Sheriff Department Internal Affairs Bureau has completed its review of Case No.
S2015-0007 in which you made the following allegation:

You alleged that on 12/18/2014 while incarcerated at the Downtown Detention Center you
were subjected to inappropriate force and harassment by DSD deputies.

DSD IAB has reviewed the complaint and after careful consideration of the facts, this case in
regards to the deputies that responded to the initial use of force on you by the 2 pod deputies
has been declined for further action. The actions of the 2 pod deputies will be reviewed by the
DSD Conduct Review Office.

A thorough investigation, to include video review and interviews did not reveal any evidence to
corroborate your allegations that you were subjected to taunting and harassment by the
deputies during the incident. There was not any evidence that you were struck inside your cell
by deputies. In fact, your own statements in regards to this allegation were inconsistent. As
such, we are unable to substantiate those allegations.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the findings made in the case. The outcome of this
investigation was made after careful consideration of all the evidence, statements, and
circumstances surrounding this incident. Your complaint against the Denver Sheriff Department
has been investigated thoroughly.

We regret you had a negative experience in connection with this incident. If you have any
questions, please contact this office Monday through Friday at 720-865-3888.


Major J. Blair February 1, 2016

DSD Administrator Date
Internal Affairs Bureau
Conduct Review Office