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Ravinder kumar,
Vill- Abholi, PO-Ottu, Tech-Rania,
Distt-Sirsa, Haryana

With reference to your application and subsequent interview, we have

pleasure in offering you an appointment on the following terms and

1. You will be designated as “ Draftman- Design”

2. Location :- Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
3. The break up of your monthly salary would be as mentioned

4. In all matters, including those specifically not covered by this

appointment letter such as Provident Fund, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus,
Leave Facilities etc. You will be governed by such rules &
regulations as may be applicable to personnel of your category in
the company, as modified from time to time.

5. You will be on probation for a period of six month. 15 days notice

from either side is requ ired du ring th e pro bation period fo r
termination o f serv ice. Howev er, subsequent to confirmation, this
appointment is terminable by either the company or yourself after
giving One month notice or payment of Basic salary in lieu
thereof without assigning any reason on either side. Employees will
automatically confirm in the services unless extension letter of
probation period not issued on completion of probation period.

6. You will have the responsibility for efficient, satisfactory and

economical operations in the areas of responsibility that may be
assigned to you inform time to time.

7. You will act within the framework of the organizational structure,

policies and directions laid down by the management from time to time.

8. All increments will be at the sole discretion of the management

depending upon your satisfactory services and progress of work
assigned to you.
9. Company personnel are wholetinie employees and are not permitted to
undertake any business, work or public office on payment or
otherwise, except with the prior-written permission of the management.

10.You will not divulge to any unauthorized person, nor use for any
purpose, other than the company's during the period of your
appointment with us, or thereafter, any information concerning the
company's (or its associates) operations, plans know-how etc. that you
may come to have known as an employee of the company.

11. Unauthorised absence without prior sanction of leave whether or not

overstaying sanctioned leave period, for a period of eight days or more
will result in automatic striking off your name from the rolls of the
company, without any reference to you, amounting to loss of lien of
employment, and expiry/termination of the contract of appointment.

12. You will conform to the company's expected standards of discipline

regarding which specific rules/orders may be laid down from time to
time, or understood by convention as company norms. Commission of
any misconduct, listed as illustration (and not being exhaustive in
themselves) in the shop & Establishment Act/Rules and/or misconduct
listed in the model standing orders of the industrial Employment (Standing
Orders) Act I 9 4 6 a n d / o r a s p e r s i m i l a r A c t / R u l e s
applicable to
industrial/commercial/establishments/factories covered by such act, at
your place of posting, will be breach of discipline

13. Your appointment is being made on the basis of your

particulars such as qualifications etc. as given in your application
for employment and in case any information as given by you is
found false or incorrect your appointment will be deemed void ab
initio and liable for termination without any notice or salary in lieu of

14. You will automatically retire from the services of the company on
reaching the age of 60 years. The company may in its sole discretion
grant you extension of service for such period or periods as it may
deemed fit and necessary.

15. Your employment with this company will continue subject to your being
found and remaining medically (both physically and mentally) fit.

16. This appointment will take effect from the date you join the
organization which should not be later than 01s t April, 2017.
We welcome you to the organization and look forward to a long and
happy association

I have read this letter and fully understand the terms & conditions of
my service. I accept the same without reservation.

Signature :