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Department of CSE, GLBITM Greater Noida

SIH 2019
Team Details SIH Participation Details
S. No. Team Name Team Members Roll No. Mobile No E mail ID Mentor S.No. Category Technology Bucket Complexity Organizatio / Ministry Problem Title Problem ID Problem Type Description (only Problem Statement in max 50 words)

Ever growing number of vehicles and lack of sufficient number

of parking spaces causes traffic congestion . We suggest a cost
Jignesh Kumar 1619210116 9958249458 Jignesh78bmw@gmail.com
effective way to effectively utilize the existing parking spaces
Mahindra&Mahindra Parking Spot indicator
without creating new spaces for parking.
1 Software Smart vehicles Complicated (FarmEQ) in vicinity MA2 Industry Personnel
Every day we come across several sources of pollution. We
know nothing about whom and where to report. We suggest a
Pulkit Patel 1619210197 9891871917 pulkit.patel.pqc@gmail.com way to identify the sources of pollution in your area, get it
prioritized through people votes, escalate it to concerned
Sustainable authorities, keep atrack of the progress and notify on the
2 Software Environment Complex CDK Global(India) Pvt Ltd India Vs Pollution VM4 Industry Personnel actions taken.
Team 1 Tech Mr. Durgesh
Reformers Kumar There are different services which are linked to birth and death
Birth Death registration of an individual. We provide a solution that integrates these
Anurag Singh 1619210051 8826073180 anurag12delhi@gmail.com
Software-Mobile App integration with services together which would help the individuals as well as
3 Software Development Simple CDK Global(India) Pvt Ltd services VM2 Industry Personnel the government.
A cost effective parking solution to address the problems faced
by attendants in an organization with limited parking space.
Neha Saxena 1619210153 9560461796 nehasaxena742@gmail.com
Manipal Health Cost effective parking The system calculates the space requirement of the vehicle
4 Software Smart vehicles Complicated Enterprise solution AP2 Industry Personnel when it enters and put it in an optimal location.
Ishita Mittal 1619210112 9717450696 ishita.mittal.132@gmail.com
Gauri Gupta 1619210092 9958328687 gaurigupta.181098@gmail.com
Portal to know about
various National and
Ajitesh Kumar Singh 1619210024 8586899976 ajiteshkumar794@gmail.com
scholarships based on Portal to know about various National and
Software - Web App All India Council for merit, study field, International scholarships based on merit, study field, income
1 Software development Simple Technical Education income etc. AI4 Industry Personnel etc.
Households generate degradable (food) and non-degradable
(plastics, glass etc.) at a massive scale on a daily basis.
Team 2 Coding Mr. Durgesh Degradable waste can be readily made into compost with
2 simple tools while non-degradable waste could be collected
Pirates Aditi Upadhyay 1619210020 9560766901 aditi.upadhyay1998@gmail.com Kumar
and deposited at the regional centers who recycle the material.
An on-demand service would be helpful for the public to
manage their plastic waste conveniently. This reduces landfills
2 Software Waste Management Simple Cognizant Waste Management JY9 Industry Personnel to major extent.
Neha Gupta 1619210154 9717486965 nehaguptang.ng@gmail.com
Krishan Kumar Saini 1619210124 9625493564 sainishubh1699@gmail.com
Manyu Dhyani 1619210135 8826474836 manyudhyanipankaj@gmail.com
Abhishek Singh 1619210017 7619031165 abhisheksingh250498@gmail.com
Indian farmers face a lot of problems when it comes to buying
seeds & fertilizers from authorized channels at the right price.
Same applies to sell the farm produce at the right price so that
farming becomes a profitable occupation. The need of an hour is
Aryan Maurya 1719210075 9795644147 aryanmaurya1@outlook.com
to build an e-portal for farmers wherein they can buy seeds &
fertilizers at the optimal price. This portal should also allow
Agricultural And Rural consumers to bid/ask for the farm produce thus eradicating
1 Software Development Simple FIS E Farmer Ak4 middle man and benefiting both farmers and consumers.
Connect volunteer teachers (educated housewives, retired
persons or similar profile) and students anywhere in the world
through an online and live portal. This will be 24/7 open school
Team 3 Mr. Pawan where any student can join the classes on any subject at any
AAARMS Anubhav Vats 1719210061 8708823287 vatsanu1999@gmail.com Singh Mehra time from anywhere. There are many orphanages where kids
are not getting education and old age homes where educated
citizens are willing to share the knowledge but have no way to
Agricultural And Rural Live School For World share. This application will provide a platform for many such use
2 Software Development Complex Cognizant Class Free Education JY1 cases.
Aman Garg 1719210035 9457352377 amangarg12199@gmail.com
Rishabh Garg 1719210198 7302383783 rishabhgarg25699@gmail.com
Manik Goel 1719210150 9639413207 manikgoel59@gmail.com
Sonali Johri 1719210271 9149233458 sonalijohri10@yahoo.in
Pedestrian death rates are amongst the highest in India as
Jaywalking is very common. There is no system integrated
with vehicles to detect and prevent this. All safety features
currently focus on the occupants of the vehicle. Availability
DHEERAJ KUMAR SINGH 1619210084 7376347897 dheerajks1997@gmail.com of such a driver assistance system would significantly take
down instances of fatal accidents involving pedestrians. It
would identify when a jaywalker/bystander moves in the
Team 4 Mahindra & mahindra Pedestrian safety path of the vehicle and instantly deploy measures to evade
Dr. Sandeep
4 MACHLEARNER 1 Hardware Smart Vehicles Complex (FarmEQ) device in automobiles MA1 or brake.
S NIRAJ SINGH 1619210159 9810465114 singhn9282@gmail.com
AADITYA KUMAR 1619231001 8757475865 akgone38@gmail.com
ABHISHEK KUMAR 1619210015 9102004178 abhishek.sunny2010@gmail.com
ABHIJEET ANAND 1619231002 7856895835 anandabhijeet98@gmail.com
MANISHA KUMARI 1619210134 9718513565 Manisha700eet@gmail.com
During medical emergencies, common people always face
problems in deciding which hospital they should visit for
required treatment. They wander from one hospital to another
Mehul Shrey 1619210140 8804410800 shreymehul@ gmail.com in search of medical facility, medicines, blood supply, etc.
Hospital Finder will solve this problem by allowing people to
Software-Mobile App search for nearby hospitals on the basis of medical treatment,
Team 5 Mr. Pawan 1 Software Development Complex CDk Global Pvt(India) Ltd Hospital Finder VM5 Software specialist doctors, medicine/blood availability, etc.
SUDO_SANE Kumar Singh
Amit Kumar 1619210039 8368151234 amitkumar80a@gmail.com
Satyam Pandey 1619210228 9453498121 satyampandey773@gmail.com
Twinkle Kashyap 1619210284 8860606493 twinklekashyap1998@gmail.com
Vineet Shukla 1619210299 9670877470 veenushukla840@gmail.com
Vikrant Kumar 1619210297 8789610816 kumarvikrant911@gmail.com
Uplifting the Farmer
Mukul Kumar 1619210145 9015450786 samratmukulkumar@gmail.com Software-Mobile App Mahindra & Mahindra through Connected An app for getting the access to all information by farmer which
1 Software Development Complex (Farm Eq) Ecosystem MJ3 Industry Personnel can act as one stop shop.
Ministry of Statistics and
Team 6 The Diksha Singh 1619210086 9891042711 diksha0698@gmail.com Mr. Gaurav Software-Mobile App Programme Crowd Sourcing of the Need of an App to connect MP and resident at common
6 2 Software Development Complex Implementation work for MPs KK4 Central Ministry platform
Corporate Crew Rajput
Priyancy Sharma 1619210194 7834816161 priyancyvasistha98@gmail.com
Kunal Mudgal 1619210128 9917176198 7996Kunal@gmail.com
Ashutosh Pandey 1719210903 7800792455 ashutosh.3031999@gmail.com
Varun Agrawal 1619210291 9873136403 vrnvav97@rediffmail.com
A Web Application that will act as a communication platform
Naman Sharma 1619210151 7289860047 namansharma07@outlook.com
1 Software Smart communication Simple MSME -DI,chennai MSME DATABANK VR1 Central Ministry between MSME and PSU/PSEs
Need of a Web Application that will consist of all the desired
information about the advertisement rate/circulation of various
Sunil Rajput 1619210269 8448172692 sunilrajput098yahoo@gmail.com
newspapers and will notify about any release of news
Team 7 2 Software Miscellaneous Simple Ministry of railways Media Plans BB4 Industry Personnel
7 Mr. Ravi Tiwari concerning the Ministry of Railways.
Yashdeep 1619210312 9457663842 Yashdeep8151@gmail.com
Ishika Pachauri 1619210111 8512857697 iishika167@gmail.com
Arpit Jain 1619210053 8743890081 jainarpit907@gmail.com
Abdul Mabood 1619210005 8826720382 maboodasvj@gmail.com
During travelling on roads, the commuters come across
potholes/ accidents/ landslides/ other hazards that may lead to
accidents. Citizen feedback is a important feature that will
Sameeksha Gahlaut 1619210222 8909351671 sameeksha.work@gmail.com enable Govt. authorities to take timely action on road not
maintained. An application may hence be developed to capture
Software- Mobile Ministry of Road Citizen Feedback on GIS based images of potholes/ accidents/ landslides other
1 Software App Development Simple Transport Maintenace of Roads MO3 Central Ministry hazards by the citizens.
Timely response to medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest,
Team 8 Mr. Nitin snake bite, brain haemorrhage is very important for saving life.
8 It is desirable to develop A Medical Emergency App with
CoDelights Sondhi
PV Archana 1619210169 9810651409 pvarchana20.ap@gmail.com location–based information which can provide timely help and
also mobilize vital resources such as Ambulance, Doctors,
Healthcare and Department of Atomic Medical Emergency Hospital/Medical Centre etc.
2 Software Biomedical Devices Complicated Energy App RC5 Central Ministry
Vikas Yadav 1619210295 9354165920 sudama.yadav69@gmail.com
Himanshu Tyagi 1619210106 9911281699 himanshu1997tyagi@gmail.com
Vishal Katiyar 1619210302 8178268187 vishalkatiyar51@outlook.com
Ashutosh Singh 1619210058 7844973379 ashu.61969@gmail.com
The e-commerce companies find it very difficult to profit
since their are lot of return backs and cancellations in e-
commerce orders. Also even when orders are properly
accepted the customer may want to pay by EMI. Thus
their needs to be a system to create a credit and buying
profile of a customer. This has to be done in a way that it
does not create privacy issue for the customer. The
Sanket Verma 1619210255 9627081107 sanketverma14@gmail.com developer should use data from customers and try to use
technologies like big data/AI/statistical analysis to create a
profile of customer without compromising his or her
privacy. Then based on that the system should give
Team 9 Kill-A- Mr. G. Ananth Using technology to delivery benefits and EMI options to the user. So a
9 create a credit profile customer who has negative buying profile will not get Cash
Byte Kumar
Software - Mobile of e-commerce on Delivery option. Similarly customers with negative
1 Software App development Complicated PAYTM customers SJ2 Industry Personnel credit profile will not get EMI options.
Students Innovation is an open category in which teams
can propose a digital or product development solution to
Pranjal Agrahari 1619210183 9599419992 pranjala147@gmail.com
Software - address a real time issue faced by India under the
2 Software Miscellaneous Complex AICTE Miscellaneous AI24 Industry Personnel mentioned technology bucket.
Akshay Kumar Singh 1619210032 9953042209 akshayks98@gmail.com
Aditya Pandey 1619210023 8933057064 adityapnd45@gmail.com
Tushar Chauhan 1619210281 9457017700 tusharchauhan1410@gmail.com
Harshita Saxena 1619210099 9717663773 mkharshita5@gmail.com
Eco Drive Goal: Reduce carbon footprint of the travel Proposal:
Build a smartphone app that helps you to car/bike pool,
compare and compete with your friends on the carbon
footprint of the travel. Air pollution in India is a serious issue
with major contributors being vehicle emissions and traffic
congestions. Individuals and communities can play a more
Santosh Kumar 1719210219 9667442077 er.Santoshkumar1425@gmail.com
effective role in reducing the air pollution if they are aware of
their contributions to the same. Carbon footprint is one way of
quantifying the direct and indirect emissions. We propose
smartphone application (app) that can automatically track the
carbon footprint of the users by analysing the details of the
1 Software Software (Eco-Drive) Complex SAMSUNG R&D ECO-DRIVE SS2 INDUSTRY PERSONAL commute, such as mode of travel, distance, and duration
Team 10
10 Mr. Rishav Garg Minor Bridges are of small spans but still take a lot of time to
Zealous Coder
get constructed. Modular designs, however, allow Contractors
to construct them in less time with quality. Considering class of
loading and geotechnical data obtained from tests, an
Rohan Kumar Jha 1719210208 7042475076 yourohan.jha@gamil.com
Schema for modular application can facilitate the entire design of bridge i.e. from
construction of Bridges, foundation to superstructure in much less time. It shall enable a
Software (Modulo- MINISTRY OF ROAD from Foundation to designer to quickly design the bridge w.r.t. its suitability as per
2 Software Construction) Simple TRANSPORT& HIGHWAY Super Structure. MO6 GOVERMENT site conditions.
Ritik Kaushik 1719210201 9410622915 ritik20023@gmail.com
Rahul Khulbe 1719210193 9783022393 rahulkhulbe76@gmail.com
Saksham Vijayvergia 1719210216 9829380713 sakshamvijayvergia@gmail.com
Ojasvi Saxena 1719210179 8795442161 saxenaojasvi17@gmail.com
The hospital generates a huge amount of medical information
about a patient in the form of handwritten medical notes and
prescriptions which are scanned and stored as pdf. There is
Subham 1619210260 8802616474 subhamofficial98@gmail.com still no way to “read” those scanned documents and extrac
Healthcare & Analytics of Scanned t useful information from them. We need a software solution
Biomedical Devices Prescriptions and which can extract useful information from these scanned
Team 11 Tech Mr. Durgesh 1 Software Complex Hinduja Hospital Notes SI4 Industry Personnel documents.
Freak 404 Ayush Gupta 1619210070 8708275179 ayushguptawelcome01558@gmail.com Kumar
Riya Gupta 1619210213 7701898562 riyaguptawelcome@gmail.com
Himanshu 1719214862 9654404449 himanshushallya@gmail.com
Ayushi Mehta 1619210074 8433449334 ayushimehta2511@gmail.com
Abhishek Goswami 1519210004 7983344117 Abhishek123maths@gmail.com
Today, there is a total lack of information on where our
food is coming from, who is growing it and what is
being applied to it. A farm to fork traceability system
can help eliminate the complete lack of transparency
that exists starting with the creation of a farmer id
Vishwajeet Mishra 1619210304 9717415093 thevishwajeet007@gmail.com and profile, farm record that will contain what
chemicals and fertilisers he has used in addition
to location details and sale details of every transaction.
This will help diagnose the root cause of farm related
1 Software Agriculture Simple mahyco grow Farm to Fork traceability
of Farm Produce Industry Personnel problems.
The proliferation of counterfeit drugs is a serious
concern for all pharmaceutical companies. We need
to implement ways to integrate track and trace solutions
Astha Singh 1619210063 7570850250 asthasingh2445@gmail.com in production and supply chain. We should be able to
Team 12 Mr. Virendra identify such spurious drugs which are deliberately
TheCreators Pal Singh 2 software Life science simple Emcure Tracking spurious drugsSN2
& ensuring brand safety Industry Personnel or fraudulently mislabeled with respect to identity/source.
Every year Millions of units of consumer products are
transported from farms to factories to distributors to
retailers and finally the end consumer. To deliver
Quality and transparency, Organizations need to be
Akash Sharma 1619210027 9821496057 aksharma1998aksharma@gmail.com able to trace each product to its origin. The challenge
is to design a solution to track each of the millions of
units from point of origin to retailer. Traditional bar code
Hindustan Unilever based solutions becomes difficult to manage beyond the
3 Software Security & Surveillance
Complex Limited Track and Trace SupplyRR5
Chain Industry Personnel distributors. The design should need minimal human effort.
Shivangi Jawla 1619210244 7599538210 jawlashivangi02@gmail.com
Anubhav Rathi 1619210048 8512842280 anubhav2105@gmail.com
Pragya Singh 1619210065 9721601569 pragyaraghuvanshi15@gmail.com

Adarsh Singh 1719210018 8318029130 sanjay07@hotmail.com Sustainable To reduce the use of thermal paper(bill reciepts) and to keep a
1 Software Student innovation Simple AICTE Environment AI18 Central Ministry surveillance record over the cash counters.
Agricultural And Rural To improve the quality of agricultural business and to resolve
Surya Prakash Singh 1719210279 8651060079 sunlightchamp1@gmail.com
2 Software Development Simple FIS E Farmer Ak4 the argricultural issues faced by farmers on daily basis
Mr. Gaurav Uplifting the Farmer
13 Team 13 GLIDE
Hardik Aggarwal 1719210116 9810043808 hardikaggarwal2ha@yahoo.in Rajput Agricultural And Rural Mahindra & Mahindra through Connected To resolve the agricultural issues faced by farmers on daily basis
3 Software Development Simple (Farm Eq) Ecosystem MJ3 Industry Personnel and to improve the quality if agricultural business for them.
Karan Saxena 1719210141 7982129995 akshaysaxena9818@gmail.com
Divya Sabharwal 1719210109 9899240514 abc9899240515@gmail.com
Ira Shukla 1719210134 7303832620 varunshukla797@gmail.com
Monitoring and visualizing the live status of sewage
treatment plant in a Dashboard by posing it’srunning
status.The idea is to create a Dashboard web app
through which the workers or the concerned authority
Jayant Waldia 1619210115 7840056535 imjayantwaldia@gmail.com
member can easily visit/check, analyze and create a
Dash board/App conclusion about the overall functioning of the STP at
Software - Web App Ministry of Water to monitor STP any time based on the real-time data recorded from the
1 Software development Simple Resources running status. GG6 Industry Personnel Sewage Treatment Plant.
An Application for assessment for the status of
groundwater usage by Industries in a cluster. The idea
14 Team 14 Six Fix Dr. Vijai Kumar
is to create a web application through which the workers
Andri Singh 1619210041 7355202626 andrisingh27@gmail.com Distribution of or the concerned authority member can easily analyse
groundwater to create assessment about the overall groundwater
Software - Web App Ministry of Water intensive consumption by industries in different clusters. Based on
2 Software development Simple Resources industries. GG4 Industry Personnel the stats and data, regulatory decision can be made.
Ankit Tripathi 1619210045 8953225147 tripathiankit400@gmail.com
Nabeel Khan 1619210149 7011431015 nabeel2398@gmail.com
Ashwini Choudhary 1619210061 7011626440 choudharyashwini538@gmail.com
Akshit Dhasmana 1619210033 9910477218 dhasmanakshit@gmail.com
Timely response to medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest,
snake bite, brain
haemorrhage is very important for saving life. It is desirable to
develop A Medical Emergency
Mayank Tyagi 1619210137 9560952387 tmayank860@gmail.com
App with location–based information which can provide timely
help and also mobilize vital
Team 15 Team Mr. G. Ananth Healthcare and Medical Emergency resources such as Ambulance, Doctors, Hospital/Medical Centre
15 1 Software Biomedical Devices Complex Dept. of Atomic Energy App RC5 Central Ministry etc.
iNova Kumar
Yash Dwivedi 1619210307 7587100345 98yashd@gmail.com
Akshita Negi 1619210034 8368463029 negiakshita29@gmail.com
Utkarsh Singh 1619210288 9580555400 utkarshsingh2311@gmail.com
Nishant Rana 1619210161 8467092871 rananishant7087@gmail.com
Vivek Jaiswal 1619210305 8368721614 vivek.jaix11@gmail.com
Students Innovation is an open category in which teams can
propose a digital or product development solution to address
a real time issue faced by India under the mentioned
technology bucket. Please note: The solution has to address
Purnima Pandey 1719221032 9899794282 purnima0331@gmail.com an issue which according to you is of significance and can
impact our country positively. Teams cannot use the existing
problem statements available on the portal, under various
Team 16 Crac- Mr. Prem Sagar technology buckets, to submit a solution. In case this is done,
16 1 Software Smart vehicles simple student innovation Smart vehicles AI9 industry personnel the solution/ team will be disqualified.
down Sharma
Shivangi Gupta 1719210247 8860008879 shivangigupta354@gmail.com
Yashica Sharma 1719210315 9667363380 syashica12@gmail.com
Akshit Parashar 1619231011 8377879071 akshitparashar1997@gmail.com
Sankalp Sama 1719213093 7982570426 sansama16@gmail.com
Nidhi Yadav 1719210173 7065395584 nidhiteenaa@gmail.com
Pedestrian death rates are amongst the highest in India as
Jaywalking is very common. There is no system integrated with
vehicles to detect and prevent this. All safety features currently
focus on the occupants of the vehicle. Availability of such a
Vipin Sharma 1519210299 9990665922 Vipin.sharma2024@gmail.ccom
driver assistance system would significantly take down instances
of fatal accidents involving pedestrians. It would identify when a
Pedestrian Safety jaywalker/bystander moves in the path of the vehicle and
Team 17 Mr. Nitin 1 Hardware Smart vehicles complex Mahindra Rise Device in automobiles MA1 industry personnel instantly deploy measures to evade or brake.
PlaceHolders Sondhi
Priya 1519210189 7838150339 Priya24066@gmail.com 2
Ayushi Rohela 1519210071 7065734445 ayushirohela@gmail.com 3
Akshat Agrawal 1519210025 9582218921 Akshathash97@gmail.com
Ujjwal Anand 1519210285 8987518974 Ujjwalanand1997@gmail.com
Gagandeep Singh 1519210090 9871061965 Gaganmanku96@gmail.com
Students Innovation is an open category in which teams can
propose a digital or product development solution to address
Jatin Choudhary 1619210114 9410491934 Jatinch58@gmail.com a real time issue faced by India under the mentioned technology
Software - Healthcare bucket. Please note: The solution has to address an issue which
1 Software health & biomedical Simple student innovation & Biomedical Devices AI2 industry personnel according to you is of significance and can impact our country
positively. Teams cannot use the existing problem statements
Team 18 Pragya 1619210176 8006963948 Pragyamishra9014@gmail.com available on the portal, under various technology buckets, to
18 Mr. Rishav Garg 2
FoxyCoders submit a solution. In case this is done, the solution/ team will
Dolly Saraswat 1619210089 8800896384 Dollysaraswat1998@gmail.com 3 be disqualified.
Nisha Choudhary 1619210160 9643989516 nishacheers119@gmail.com
Hemant Dixit 1619210101 9599138069 Dixithemant02@gmail.com
Premveer Tomar 1619210191 7500730745 Montytomar78@gmail.com
software-Mobile App A mobile app for helping doctors plan their appointments,
Prabhat Kumar Upadhyay 1619210174 9818350870 prabhatyuvraj2074@gmail.com Development Manipal Health out patient &in patient care,handover of patients in case of
1 software simple enterprises Doctor App AP1 industry personnel leaves for seamless continuityof care
Hardik Rawat 1619210093 9958417276 hardikrawat3084@gmail.com
Team 19 Mrs. Sheetu
19 Priyam Ojha 1619210193 7503960572 priyamojha97@gmail.com
B_Unique Jain
Sunny Malik 1619210271 7599402913 sunnymalikkiwana@gmail.com
Shabnam Khatun 1619210233 8860221298 shabnamkhatun86@gmail.com
Abhishek Singh 1619210018 8368786921 abhisheksingcreative@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:04:12 Zhatab Saifi 1719210317 0 2nd A zhatabsaifi@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:54:59 Paras Mishra 1719210181 1 2nd C pkmishra76077@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:38:01 Shrishti prakash 1719213102 0 2nd c prakashshrishti9@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:37:10 Shivani Chauhan 1719210248 0 2nd D shivanichauhan721@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:52:29 Manish Sharma 1819210908 2 2nd E msharma96791@gmail.com
4/22/2019 19:04:56 Vivek Yadav 1719210311 2 2nd E viveky682@gmail.com
4/22/2019 22:41:12 Abhinav Kashyap 1719210008 0 2nd E kashyaap13@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:27:52 Shashank Kunwar 1719210235 0 2nd G shashankkunwar123@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:28:21 ASHISH RANJAN 1719210077 0 2nd G ashishranjan1211@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:53:39 Ankur Shukla 1719210054 0 2nd G ankrockskl@gmail.com
4/22/2019 21:30:00 Aman Agrawal 1719210036 0 2nd G amana2215@gmail.com
4/23/2019 8:54:59 Rishabh Garg 1719210198 (CS17017) 1 2nd Year A rishabhgarg25699@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:28:22 Aman 1719210041 0 2nd-g rawataman271999@gmail.com
4/23/2019 6:14:51 Shubhra 1619210253 0 3d shubhraagrawal64@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:43:52 Neeraj pratap singh 1519210151 1 3E raghavsingh4455@gmail.com
4/22/2019 21:11:03 Kanika Kushwaha 1719210140 0 3nd G kanikakushwaha.kk@gmail.com
4/22/2019 22:33:14 Akash 1619210027 1 3rd aksharma1998aksharma@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:43:24 Anurag Singh 1619210051 2 3rd A anurag12delhi@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:51:57 Aditi upadhyay 1619210020 1 3rd A aditi.upadhyay1998@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:56:07 Tushar Chauhan 1619210281 2 3rd A tusharjohnty@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:45:10 Akshay Kumar Singh 1619210032 2 3rd A akshayks98@gmail.com
4/22/2019 19:13:29 Sanket 1619210225 2 3rd A sanket2714@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:24:40 PRANJAL AGRAHRI 1619210183 2 3rd A pranjala147@gmail.com
4/22/2019 22:54:48 Pragya Agarwal 1619210177 0 3rd A pragyaagarwal2112149@gmail.com
4/22/2019 23:25:35 Saurabh Gupta 1619210232 2 3rd A saurabhgupta3530@gmail.com
4/23/2019 0:18:59 Harsh Raj 1619210095 1 3rd A harshr866@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:50:25 Abhishek Singh 1619210018 1 3rd B abhisheksinghcreative@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:50:27 astha singh 1619210063 2 3rd B asthasingh2445@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:03:51 Utkarsh Agrawal 1619210287 2 3rd B utkarsheduc@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:43:37 Vikas yadav 1619210295 2 3rd B vikash.contact9@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:53:57 Vartika Poddar 1619210290 1 3rd B vartikapoddar03@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:18:09 jignesh kumar 1619210116 1 3rd B jigneshkumar.jkr@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:54:24 Himanshu Tyagi 1619210106 2 3rd B himanshu1997tyagi@gmail.com
4/22/2019 19:41:14 Vishal Katiyar 1619210302 2 3rd B vishalkatiyar72@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:08:30 Anshuman Bhatt 1619210046 1 3rd B anshumanbhatt1997@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:53:04 Abheesht Srivastava 1619210008 1 3rd B abheesht.sri99@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:55:54 Poorvi chouhan 1619210173 0 3rd B poorvi1314@gmail.com
4/22/2019 21:20:59 VINAY KUMAR YADAV 1619210298 2 3rd B kyvinay@gmail.com
4/22/2019 22:36:05 Parth Singh 1619210172 2 3rd B parthsingh615@yahoo.in
4/22/2019 22:46:09 Paridhi Singhal 1619210171 1 3rd B singhalparidhi5@gmail.com
4/22/2019 22:59:18 Anubhav 1619210048 2 3rd B anubhav2105@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:35:09 Ayushi Mehta 1619210074 2 3rd C ayushimehta2511@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:35:21 Neha singh 1619210155 2 3rd C neha.suman998@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:36:12 Sumit kumar 1619210266 0 3rd C sumitkr6284@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:50:04 Nishant 1619210161 1 3rd C rananishant7087@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:51:37 Saumya Singh 1619210230 0 3rd C saumya.sweet.207@gmail.com
4/22/2019 22:00:48 Rajesh kumar yadav 1619210202 1 3rd C rajeshyadav21922@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:05:57 Ashish pal 1619210056 2 3rd D ashishpal778@gmail.com
4/22/2019 19:37:01 Sikta 1619210255 1 3rd D tripathisikta8948@gmail.com
4/22/2019 19:39:29 Ratnesh pandey 1619210207 1 3rd D ratan.glbian@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:07:25 Rashi Chaubey 1619210206 0 3rd D rashibhargav07@gmail.com
4/22/2019 21:54:54 Swati katiyar 1619210276 2 3rd D swatikatiyar572@gmail.com
4/23/2019 1:15:54 Shubham Jaiswal 1619210250 0 3rd D shubhujais280@gmail.com
4/23/2019 2:10:11 Samarth vaish 1619210221 2 3rd D vaishsamarth001@gmail.com
4/23/2019 5:48:59 Nishant Mishra 1619210164 1 3rd D nishantsir57@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:37:09 MD MOTAHHARUL HAQUE 1719210906 1 3rd E mdmotahharul.haque@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:18:23 Soni Priya 1719210910 2 3rd E s.singh7884@gmail.com
4/23/2019 0:34:55 Maharishi Rana 1519210123 2 3rd E maharishi576@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:59:15 Moh Aalim 1619210141 0 3rd F Aalim.kota@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:14:01 Vishwajeet 1619210304 2 3rd F thevishwajeet007@gmail.com
4/22/2019 18:25:33 Shivangi Jawla 1619210244 2 3rd F jawlashivangi02@gmail.com
4/22/2019 20:22:56 AYUSH DUTTA 1619210072 2 3rd year sec-B ayushedge@gmail.com
4/22/2019 19:55:49 Sonika chandola 1619210258 0 3rd yr sec -D sonikachandola19@gmail.com
4/22/2019 17:32:38 Aakash Gandhi 1619210001 2 3rd- A aakashgandhi1279@gmail.com
4/22/2019 16:55:39 Nabeel Khan 1619210149 1 C nabeel2398@gmail.com
Timestamp Your Name Your Roll number No. of Solved Questions. Your year and section (ex:- 3rd A) Email Address
4/22/2019 16:31:25 Anurag Singh 1619210051 2
4/22/2019 16:32:05 fswf fdgfd 1
4/23/2019 17:20:50 Vishruti Malviya 1619210303 1 3rd A vishrutimalviya98@gmail.com
4/23/2019 17:21:05 Shivangi Srivastava 1619210245 1 3rd B srivastavashivangi@yahoo.com
4/23/2019 19:17:33 Astha Sharma 1619210062 0 3rd A aastha.sharma21@rediffmail.com
4/23/2019 20:31:48 Prateek Chaudhary 1719210188 0 2nd G chaudhary.prateek29@gmail.com
4/23/2019 21:21:48 sandeep dhaka 1619210223 2 3rd F sandeepdhaka2000@gmail.com
4/24/2019 8:43:31 Priyam ojha 1619210193 0 3rd B priyamojha97@gmail.com
4/24/2019 11:51:46 MUSKAN RAJPUT 1619210148 0 3rd C rajputmuskan.gn@gmail.com
4/24/2019 15:46:16 Priyanshu Gupta 1619210195 0 3rd A priyanshu3gupta@gmail.com
4/29/2019 16:55:40 Pulkit Patel 1619210197 1 3rd B pulkit.patel.pqc@gmail.com