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I/you/he/she/it/we/they +Will +a bare infinitive

I will work. I won't work. Will I work?

Who will work? Where will I work?

Complete the sentences with will/won't and Match the sentences with the uses of will. Write
the verbs in brackets. a, b, c.
1 Your case is very heavy. I__________it for a what someone thinks about the future
you(carry). b an offer to do something
2 Sam________to the party tonight. (come) c a decision
3 Ann_________ coffee. She doesn't like it. (not 1 The summer will be hot this year.
4 Can you repair this clock? OK, I___________ 2 I'm very bored. I'll phone Paul.
it tomorrow. (do). 3 Don't cry Tom. We will take you to the
5 It's very warm outside. I_______ a sweatshirt zoo.
today. (not wear)
4 My younger sister will probably study in
Choose the true answer for you. Spain.
1 Will you go to the park tomorrow?
Yes, I will. No, I won't. 5 I'll have the red dress, please.
2 Will it be cold tomorrow? 6 Are you hot? I'll open the window.
Yes, it will. No, it won't.
3 Will you visit your friend this weekend? 7 I will travel to different countries.
Yes, I will. No, I won't. 8 We'll help you to do your homework.
4 Will you be twelve next year?
Yes, I will. No, I won't. 9 I will live in my home town.
5 Will you call your friend tomorrow?
10 I'm thirsty. Oh. I'll bring you a glass of
Yes, I will. No, I won't.

Make the following sentences negative. Rewrite the text in the Future
1 The weather is changing. It will be warm Simple tense.
2 Sam will be in the office today._____________ The long, hot days of summer end. There isn't much
3 I think John Brown will be glad to meet us this sunshine during the day and the nights are not
weekend.______________________________ warm. The days grow shorter and the air becomes
4 Dinner will be ready at six o'clock cooler.
tonight.___________________________________ The flowers don't bloom and the leaves cannot
5 There will be some new students in the make enough chlorophyll to keep them green. Then
class._____________________________________ the other colours in the leaves begin to show. Leaves
Change the sentences into questions. become yellow, orange, red and purple and later they
1 Kate will be at home this evening. drop from the trees.
Who________________________________? The season of autumn comes. It lasts for three
2 I'm sure you'll enjoy the film. months.
What_______________________________? But people don't stay at home. At weekends they
3 We will need your help with that work often go for walks in the parks. Children like to stay
tomorrow. When_______________________? outdoors and play football and other games. They
4 He will go to the theatre with his know that winter is on its way, so they
parents. Where _______________? don't want to miss this wonderful time of
the year – Autumn.